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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MORYA

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Statement:for many years. I seek also to help the Master Morya and the Master Kut Humi whenever opportunityAstrology, 623:of the Hierarchy [623] are the Masters Morya and K. H., the two working in the closest relation andDiscipleship1, 53:the specifically focused activity of the Masters Morya and Kut Humi and myself, their servant andDiscipleship1, 226:of the head of all esoteric groups, the Master Morya. This you will not be able to do for some timeDiscipleship1, 227:Hierarchy, focused for you through the Master Morya, and stepped down to you through me, yourDiscipleship1, 621:working under the Master of that ray, the Master Morya, I would suggest that you ponder on the factDiscipleship1, 622:the ray of occultism. Your Master, the Master Morya, is the head of all esoteric organizations inDiscipleship1, 624:myself. The pressure of work on the Masters Morya and K.H. is such that some of us are lifting whatDiscipleship1, 730:chaos. The disciples, therefore, of the Master Morya, of the Master Kut Humi and of the MasterDiscipleship1, 744:that they are disciples. This is what the Master Morya has called the "smug recollection of theDiscipleship2, 33:on into the Ashram of his Master, the Master Morya. He is now preoccupied with the work of breakingDiscipleship2, 68:5. The danger of "Imperil," as the Master Morya has called it. This is somewhat erroneouslyDiscipleship2, 135:of the sixth initiation, such as tile Masters Morya and Kut Humi. Lately the Master R. has takenDiscipleship2, 331:the harm done to the Ashram of the Master Morya by H.P.B. in his earlier incarnation as Cagliostro,Discipleship2, 516:Close to my heart you stand and close to that of Morya. Talk to F.B., for you and he and I areDiscipleship2, 516:for you and he and I are close, and close to Morya. Your field of service needs a certain note ofDiscipleship2, 516:as does F.B., to the Ashram of the Master Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram on account ofDiscipleship2, 593:disciples. The discussion was between the Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., and MasterDiscipleship2, 595:as do all first ray workers and as the Master Morya. First ray workers provide the substance withDiscipleship2, 595:ray lines as taught in the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any other formDiscipleship2, 596:work. Next comes the Ashram of the Master Morya; the reason for this is that the whole procedure isDiscipleship2, 596:from Shamballa and the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with that dynamic center.Externalisation, 15:with such Masters of the Wisdom as the Master Morya or the Master K.H., form one school and areExternalisation, 504:engaged in the work of preparation. The Master Morya, the Master K.H. and the Master Jesus are theExternalisation, 505:IV - Stages in the Externalization The Master Morya is at this time acting as the inspirer of theExternalisation, 644:consciousness of humanity. Next comes the Master Morya and His Ashram, because the whole procedureExternalisation, 659:on earth are the Master K.H., the Master Morya, the Master R., the Master Who started the laborExternalisation, 662:Ashram or group center through which the Master Morya works is also exceedingly busy. It is obviousExternalisation, 663:in very close cooperation with the Master Morya, and also with the Manu (one of the three Heads ofExternalisation, 663:three - the Christ, the Manu and the Master Morya - create a triangle of energies into which (andExternalisation, 663:disciples working in the Ashram of the Master Morya are primarily occupied with the expression ofExternalisation, 669:linked to the first ray Ashram of the Master Morya, through the work of Men of Goodwill and throughHealing, 70:of worry and irritation (called by the Master Morya "imperil") are many and must be considered. WhyInitiation, 53:two Masters, the Master Jupiter, and the Master Morya. Both of them have taken more than the fifthInitiation, 54:peoples into an ultimate synthesis. The Master Morya, who is one of the best known of the EasternPsychology2, 80:of this can be seen in the work of the Master Morya, Who is the center, the magnetic attractiveRays, 241:it works through the Manu and the Master Morya; it is that which veils the central mystery whichRays, 373:Ashram, is related to Shamballa, that the Master Morya is the Head of all truly esoteric schools.Rays, 380:are all concerned with the Plan. The Master Morya is the Head of all esoteric schools which trulyRays, 549:use of this energy brings about what the Master Morya has called "habits of residence which imperilRays, 586:of view of economics. The Ashram of the Master Morya, as He seeks to find, influence and direct the
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