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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOSTLY

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Atom, 47:own standpoint, and the outer happenings, are mostly interesting just in so far as they concernAutobiography, 39:and forming part of a vast, orderly crowd - mostly oriental but with a large sprinkling ofBethlehem, 119:the thought life which more or less (although mostly less) governs our daily undertakings. We shallBethlehem, 178:in the same book: "The number of pagan deities (mostly virgin-born and done to death in some way orDiscipleship1, 262:handicaps. That which hinders you now is mostly old habits of thought and speech and these too mustDiscipleship2, 637:they then present opportunity for action, but mostly for action connected with the personality; orEducation, 40:the feeling nature, consciously sometimes, but mostly unconsciously. Their attitude to each other,Externalisation, 481:of the world have made - consciously, but mostly unconsciously - long preparation. They have,Fire, 46:thus an admixture of astral and mental matter, mostly astral), and largely due to reflex elementalFire, 766:and nearly all the smoke is gone, for flame is mostly seen. The cave itself is lighted up, thoughFire, 857:most lengthy of the records. These records are mostly used by the Lord of the World and His pupilsFire, 871:activity and intelligence of substance) is that mostly dealt with, and the man has to learn theFire, 931:as the "alchemists" of the mineral kingdom are mostly concerned with the action of fire, theseFire, 953:mental matter only. The energy exerted by men is mostly kama-manasic or desire coupled with lowerFire, 984:in occultism and no doubt our word magic is mostly indebted to that source for its presentHealing, 486:substance. Only disciples and initiates who live mostly in their minds find themselves, afterHealing, 494:physical brain and the swirl of etheric forces (mostly somewhat disorganized in the case of theHercules, 123:tolerance, the true nature of tolerance, which mostly as practised has a tinge of superiority andInitiation, 69:assist in this work. These Halls of Records are mostly on the lowest levels of the mental plane andInitiation, 167:activity and intelligence of substance) is that mostly dealt with, and the man has to learn theIntellect, 224:effects. At the beginning, visualization is mostly a matter of experimental faith. We know thatMagic, 113:subplane astral matter, and a mental vehicle mostly on the fifth subplane, the ego will center hisMagic, 328:is limited by their fanaticism. They belong mostly to the older generation and the hope for themMagic, 474:all greed. Look out and up. Because thy life is mostly centered on the plane of concrete life, thyMeditation, 128:be undertaken. The work will have to be done mostly from the mental plane by those who can functionPatanjali, 16:is to be gained. In the west the idea has mostly been held that the mind is that part of the humanPsychology1, 279:events of major importance are taking place, mostly unrealized and unobserved by the majority ofPsychology2, 554:trouble and nervous disorders, its power is mostly seen in its [555] pronounced psychologicalPsychology2, 665:Members of the New Group of World Servers learn mostly through the ear and through that carefulPsychology2, 710:Some study of the psychology of the mystics (mostly those of the Middle Ages and therefore of theRays, 169:rays) Who work in particular with humanity, are mostly to be found upon the buddhic levels of theRays, 553:action Humanity is today occupying itself - mostly unconsciously. The major creative agents are the
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