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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOTHER

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Astrology, 39:They are the longing of the Father for the Mother. Hence do they suffer, burn, and long through theAstrology, 96:ancient books that "the heat of the earth, the mother, and the sting of the scorpion are theAstrology, 97:The heat of earth, the fiery temper of the mother, destroyed the form, released the soul and so theAstrology, 100:Who is the mediator between Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter. Mercury, therefore, leads Aries toAstrology, 130:Sagittarius, which is governed esoterically by Mother Earth, produces those conditions whereby theAstrology, 130:of Venus, of Virgo, the Virgin, and of Mother Earth - two planets and one constellation - and allAstrology, 130:The Earth on which we live, called often "Mother Earth." The Fish-goddesses of the sign Pisces.Astrology, 182:spiritual aspiration. Disciples. Virgo - The mother of the Christ Child. Gestation. Pisces - TheAstrology, 201:of the Great Bear." They are connected with the Mother aspect which nurtures the infant Christ.Astrology, 217:result of the sex relation. Father-spirit and Mother-matter when brought together produce the Son.Astrology, 219:create and influence certain aspects of the Mother principle, which nourish and feed the life ofAstrology, 227:influence of the material aspect of Virgo, the Mother, or there will be evidenced a slowly emergingAstrology, 227:that hidden spiritual life of which the Virgin Mother is the foreordained custodian. As progress isAstrology, 231:turned finally in favor of that which the Virgin-Mother has hidden from expression for aeons. ThisAstrology, 252:great and supreme importance to each other; the mother protects the germ of the Christ life; matterAstrology, 252:In all the great world religions, the Virgin Mother appears and this a study of any book uponAstrology, 252:Atlantean root name which was applied to the mother principle in those far off times. This VirginAstrology, 253:and personality which in Virgo becomes the mother of the Christ child. Eve is the symbol of theAstrology, 254:aspects - Eve, Isis and Mary. She is the Virgin Mother, providing that which is needed for theAstrology, 255:as yet possible. Virgo is, therefore, the cosmic mother because she represents cosmically theAstrology, 256:result of the relationship of Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter, must be brought to the birth.Astrology, 262:also for the womb of form and for the nurturing mother, guarding the Christ principle within herAstrology, 263:or intermediary, between the Father and the Mother, between Spirit and Matter, and yet is theAstrology, 266:- Constitute the triangle of the Mother or matter aspect, conditioned by intelligent activity. TheyAstrology, 272:Father, the "undying One," and with the eternal Mother; that is, with spirit and matter. This isAstrology, 272:and matter (Aries), soul and body (Gemini), the mother and the child (Virgo), the Word and theAstrology, 274:dark time wherein the personality becomes the Mother in the stage of gestation, through the periodAstrology, 278:between Virgo and Pisces (between the Virgin Mother and the Fish Goddesses) is well known, for theyAstrology, 278:Pisces - Salvation - Mutable Cross. Virgo - the Mother - Mutable Cross. One point of interestAstrology, 279:Cross. The personality is prepared to be the mother of the Christ. If we consider the two solarAstrology, 280:with the third aspect of divinity, with the mother principle and is believed to be the director ofAstrology, 281:Mercury is exalted in this sign because the mother is necessarily ruled by her son, the Son of MindAstrology, 282:of Spirit into [282] the womb of the virgin mother is preserved for us in the astrological factAstrology, 284:from the Virgin Herself and she says: "I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am." PonderAstrology, 285:both divine aspects - matter and Spirit, the mother and the Christ. Astrology, 298:of the Moon" which is, as you know, the mother, symbolically speaking, of the form nature andAstrology, 312:It is allied with material nature, and with the mother of forms, just as the other gate, Capricorn,Astrology, 321:the symbols of a close relationship between the Mother of all Forms and the God of the Waters, thatAstrology, 322:life. The initiate is no longer ruled by the Mother of Forms or by the God of [323] the Waters.Astrology, 323:the "waters break and are carried away," the Mother gives birth to the Son and that individualAstrology, 333:The creative force The Christ activity The Mother The Protector The Light 7. Libra, Keynote: LibraAstrology, 338:Virgin matter attracts the soul and the divine Mother becomes more important than the son. The lifeAstrology, 349:the Cross was formed. "He heard the cry of the Mother (Virgo), of the Seeker (Sagittarius), and ofAstrology, 380:ready to reveal itself through the death of the Mother, the form, then and not till then is theAstrology, 380:proceeds towards Virgo and "being both the Mother and the Child enters into the House of Labor."Astrology, 388:it is the mystery of the relation of Father, Mother and Child. The birth of the Christ-child uponAstrology, 399:which the man must ever reckon. The Moon is the Mother of the form and in this case veils or hidesAstrology, 399:of form-building, the dual functions of Father-Mother. This is a point for astrologers to remember.Astrology, 430:Son - carrying light from Sirius. The eye of the Mother - carrying light from the Pleiades. and itAstrology, 433:on high is on the way, sent by the Father to the Mother.' Upon his way unto this nether star weAstrology, 433:takes a nature which is his today. Son of the Mother, born from the tomb and showing after birthAstrology, 433:the place of earth and iron. Again he knows His mother. And thus the little one upon the littlestAstrology, 466:opposites is clearer to him. The relation of the Mother-aspect (as embodied in the Pleiades) and ofAstrology, 470:into manifestation is the force of Virgo (the mother or custodian of the Christ-consciousness)Astrology, 511:can be applied to all of them) that Taurus, the mother of illumination, and Venus, the endower ofAstrology, 549:it is also the exoteric ruler of Virgo, the Mother of the Christ-Child, or the form and that whichAstrology, 565:of light." Taurus is, as you have heard, the Mother of Illumination, and [566] the "eye of theAstrology, 582:material, world conditions; it shows itself in mother love, in love among friends, but seldom asAstrology, 582:utterance of the Christ was spoken to His mother (the symbol of the substance aspect of divinity)Astrology, 627:of opposites. Here we have, as you know, the Mother of the Christ Child and the fostering processAstrology, 627:related to Virgo and its lowest aspect is mother love with its instinctual care of that which mustAstrology, 627:to process and to the sustaining life of the Mother (matter) which, throughout the gestationAstrology, 627:- the death of the relationships between the Mother and the Child because the moment comes when theAstrology, 627:but primarily to the sustaining will of the Mother, plus the dynamic will of the Christ Child. HereAstrology, 629:distinguish in your minds between matter or the Mother and substance or the "Holy SpiritAstrology, 629:substance or the "Holy Spirit over-shadowing the Mother"; it is with this latter we are concerned,Astrology, 654:Leo - I am That and That am I. Virgo - I am the Mother and the Child, I God. I matter am. Libra - IAstrology, 656:Great Bear was the constellation...called the Mother of the Revolutions, and the Dragon with sevenAutobiography, 2:Episcopal Church in California and the mother of three girls. This varied experience of living andAutobiography, 15:and was at one time Dean of Cape Colony. His mother was the guardian, appointed by the Courts ofAutobiography, 16:for some reason, over mine. He probably felt my mother would be alive if having two children hadAutobiography, 16:was Frederic Foster La Trobe-Bateman and my mother was Alice Hollinshead. Both were of very oldAutobiography, 16:centuries, even antedating the Crusades, and my mother's forebears being descended fromAutobiography, 19:the Victorian era. Through [19] my grandfather's mother (whose maiden name was La Trobe), I comeAutobiography, 19:startled looking. I have no recollection of my mother for she died at the age of 29, when I wasAutobiography, 20:and in it was the only portrait I ever had of my mother. In 1928, after carting it all over theAutobiography, 23:A. Bailey - Chapter I After we left Canada, my mother got seriously ill and we went to Davos,Autobiography, 47:their confidence and liking because I am their mother. I personally love them for themselves andAutobiography, 52:Christian monks who tried to render into their mother tongue these ancient writings. I realize allAutobiography, 75:Lady." The majority of the boys called me just "Mother," probably because I was so young. MyAutobiography, 78:tracts today. One was called, "Why the Bee Stung Mother" (and I never found out why) and the otherAutobiography, 78:One, in Lucknow, died cursing God and his mother and railing against life, and the other was aAutobiography, 109:its massive silver fittings which had been my mother's had been stolen and Dorothy, being about aAutobiography, 116:the baby for me to care for and would I put the mother to bed and take care of her too? Of course IAutobiography, 123:between this humdrum life of a housekeeper and a mother, poultry keeper and gardener and my richAutobiography, 134:4004 B.C. I had been too busy living and being a mother to have had time to read the current booksAutobiography, 136:with my own conscience regarding my duty as a mother and as a housekeeper. I had watched a woman ofAutobiography, 136:told them that I was there as consultant and as mother, but that having given them practicallyAutobiography, 157:looked out of the window and called out, "Oh! Mother, if you would only keep your back to peopleAutobiography, 175:now I have just been Alice Bailey, socialite, mother and church worker; my time has been my own;Autobiography, 184:which engrosses the attention of the average mother was changing into emotional demands. This cycleAutobiography, 184:exalted idea of what the relationship between mother and children should be. They had no suchAutobiography, 187:day why she was not doing her homework, "Well, mother," she said, "I have calculated [188] that asAutobiography, 200:difficult to forgive in the Victorian father and mother. Today we are suffering from the reactionAutobiography, 202:the next generation and I would like to have the mother and father of today (and here I amAutobiography, 204:I have always felt that the psychology was good. Mother was always aware where her girls were, whoAutobiography, 215:and keep their mouths shut, and the average mother knows nothing about her son's affairs. The nextBethlehem, 43:(that is King of Peace). Being without father or mother or ancestry, having neither beginning ofBethlehem, 47:the Birth at Bethlehem, His words to His mother were, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father'sBethlehem, 57:the appearance again and again of the Virgin Mother (whose name is frequently a variation of the
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