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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOTHER

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Fire, 625:man is called by his father's name and not his mother's. When man has dominated the deva essencesFire, 636:and causes reproduction. They form the purely mother aspect. These three groups are subdividedFire, 650:or Spirit-matter; with the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality, and with the sumFire, 671:old Commentary again: "When Father approaches Mother, that which will be taketh form. The union ofFire, 685:life vibration emanates from the soul of the mother (the correspondence to the Pleroma or universalFire, 734:concerns the relation of the Holy Spirit to the Mother in the production of the Son, and then theFire, 734:the Son, and then the relation of the Son to the Mother. If the ideas formulated in this treatiseFire, 828:Holy Ghost - Intelligence over-shadowing Matter, Mother. The Lord of Cosmic Will - First Ray. TheFire, 833:- Father. Fire by friction - negative energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiant energy - Sun or Son.Fire, 838:A dull red glow slumbered within the Heart of Mother. Its warmth was scarcely felt. The first andFire, 838:down. For one brief second They thought upon the Mother, and as They thought the third caught fire.Fire, 839:of forms, and myriads in the three. The Heart of Mother contracts, and expands with these sixtyFire, 875:importance of the material aspect, that of the Mother, the feminine aspect, The withdrawal into aFire, 875:consciousness, Emancipation of the Son from his Mother, or the liberation of the soul at maturityFire, 875:are One," He said. (Bible. John XIV, 8.) The Mother, or the negative aspect, builds and nourishes,Fire, 876:The Son, the combined energy of Father and of Mother, embodies both types and all the dual sets ofFire, 876:which is the basis of both the activity of Mother and the Life of the Son. The Son in very deedFire, 876:of the Son. The Son in very deed "becomes His Mother's husband," as say the ancient Scriptures.Fire, 882:Deals with the feminine aspect, or the matter (mother) aspect. The basis of black magic. TrueFire, 887:and in their totality they form the great Mother. I would call to the attention of all students theFire, 900:2.) and the ordered lawful activity of the Great Mother as she performs her work of body-buildingFire, 900:subplane will become apparent, and the Great Mother will be seen actively engaged, under theFire, 900:moisture which make manifestation possible. The Mother is the greatest of the devas, and closelyFire, 903:the line of least resistance, for they are the mother aspect, the feminine side of manifestation,Fire, 916:of the mystery of the Holy Spirit and the Mother. In this realization, and its extension to includeFire, 916:germ of life in the waiting acquiescent Virgin Mother or matter (causing her to awaken and toFire, 916:a way incomprehensible to modern thinkers, the Mother, or the divine Aspirant to the mysteries ofFire, 918:three planes. It has dealt principally with the Mother, with the negative receptive matter, and isFire, 918:aspect, or of the energy which enables that Mother to fulfil her function, and to carry on herFire, 924:They occultly mediate between the Father and the Mother on each plane, whether cosmic or systemic.Fire, 937:radiate. These three, the Sun, the Moon, and the Mother, produce that which pursues a tiny cycle,Fire, 944:to the Son the real "bios" or life, while the Mother warms, builds, and nourishes the body. TheFire, 966:The constellation of Taurus was called the Mother of Revelation and the interpreter of the divineFire, 1010:- Son. Third eye - Activity aspect - Matter - Mother. The third eye is the director of energy orFire, 1019:here to the occult teaching that Father and Mother, or Spirit and Matter, when brought intoFire, 1019:in the true interpretation of the three terms: Mother - Matter - Moisture (or the waters). InFire, 1019:three vibratory spheres: The dense physical - Mother - Matter, The etheric - Matter - Holy Spirit,Fire, 1068:by adaptation. The Father of it is the sun, the mother of it is the moon; the wind carries it inFire, 1068:moon; the wind carries it in its belly and the Mother of it is the earth. This is the Father of allFire, 1084:cannot escape from the encircling arms of the mother. When the wheels of the fourth dimension, ofFire, 1084:devour each other, and turn and rend their mother, then will the cosmic wheel be ready for a fasterFire, 1093:The language of the prism, of which "the seven mother colors have each seven sons," that is to say,Fire, 1093:these letters each septenary is absorbed by the mother color, as each of the seven mother colors isFire, 1093:by the mother color, as each of the seven mother colors is absorbed finally in the white ray,Fire, 1113:old and dying form, and refused to leave their Mother. They chose to pass into dissolution withFire, 1113:of the incarnating Sons of Mind who had left the Mother for the Father. The greater gulf wasFire, 1122:at times "the reflection of the Jewel in the Mother's forehead." The eighteen centers on the threeFire, 1136:to be found on the astral plane, even though the Mother group soul is found on the mental plane.Fire, 1138:kingdom - Tamasic - Plane devas - Saturn. Mother, Brahma aspect. [1139] Fire, 1139:the vibration of Brahma, the third aspect, the mother or matter aspect. Their appearance,Fire, 1169:of The Soul and the Spirit. The Son with his Mother (or the Soul with the physical substance). TheFire, 1186:Essence. Molecular Substance. Lunar Force. The Mother's Heat. ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus. Plane Deva.Fire, 1188:which is the great purpose of what we call "Mother Nature"; this she does, working under the Law ofFire, 1197:They are the longing of the Father for the Mother. Hence do they suffer, burn, and long through theFire, 1214:each other the relative position of Father-Mother. The purely human energy serves as the balancingFire, 1258:our solar system via that "...sevenfold brooding Mother, the silver constellation, whose voice isFire, 1274:grows dim. The ocean passes into quietude. The Mother slumbers and forgets her Son. The Father tooFire, 1278:meets His brother, becomes the Son, contacts the Mother, and is Himself the Father. All is One, andFire, 1281:deem too high for words to grasp; That which the Mother deems her Lord and God, That is the One WhoFire, 1282:as He passes on His WAY. To Him be glory as the Mother, Father, Son, as the One Who hath existed inGlamour, 220:and the "Glorification of the Virgin Mary" - the Mother Aspect in relation to divinity. They areGlamour, 230:will supersede the Cross of matter and of the Mother aspect. Its likeness to the swastika isHealing, 45:column Will Energy Universal life Kundalini The Mother of the World [46] Healing, 148:center - Active Intelligence. The eye of the Mother - the personality - HUMANITY. The third aspectHealing, 155:(as the Bible expresses it), the Mother, the Virgin Mary. The para-thyroids are symbolic of MaryHealing, 158:spirit and matter, of the Father aspect and the Mother aspect. This is a great mystery which onlyHealing, 184:every living form the work of the Father, of the Mother and of the Son is carried on.Healing, 228:entered the pristine cleanliness of the ancient mother. Deep in the soil the evil lies, emergingHealing, 228:and only fire and suffering can cleanse the mother of the evil which her children have given untoHealing, 281:conception, and therefore that the father or the mother is responsible for the transmission. SuchHealing, 362:IV - Some Questions Answered On the Phrase "Mother of the World" The various ways in which theHealing, 362:us in many of the world religions as a virgin mother and in the Christian religion as the VirginHealing, 362:enables Deity to manifest. Nature itself, the mother of all forms. The moon also, who is the symbolHealing, 362:in female form who is then called the "World Mother." Such an individual has never existed in ourHealing, 363:which period of time Lilith symbolized the World Mother, until Eve took her place. Healing, 427:of relationship between Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter the son comes into being, and during theHealing, 427:on his life processes within the aura of the mother, identified with her yet forever seeking toHealing, 427:slowly to offset the possessive attitude of the mother, until finally the hold of matter, or of theHealing, 427:until finally the hold of matter, or of the mother, over her son (the soul) is finally broken. TheHealing, 427:from the guardianship and clinging hands of the mother, comes to know the Father. I am talking toHealing, 465:responsive to the life of dense matter, to the mother aspect, and which are definitely upon theHealing, 501:to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that formHealing, 535:to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that formHealing, 595:as the Old Commentary expresses it. The [595] mother is lost to sight because the Christ-ChildHealing, 608:the moon, the symbol of form, called often the "mother of the form." The emanation coming from theHealing, 610:matter. As the Old Commentary expresses it: "the Mother (substance-matter) is saved by the birth ofHealing, 678:to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that formHealing, 680:to the call which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. Even whilst we realize from theHealing, 680:and to involve the prompt obedience of the Mother (the personality) to the Son (the soul). WithoutHealing, 680:I know, recapitulating when I point out that the Mother aspect is the material aspect and the soulHealing, 681:under the influence and control of the Mother, and who need to be trained to see. In the other, youHealing, 685:of this is the instinctual care of a mother for her offspring or the relation of male and female.Hercules, 14:except that, in myself, I know I am his son. My mother is an earthly one. I know her well and sheHercules, 17:told that he had a divine father and an earthly mother and so, as with all sons of God, we find theHercules, 17:human being has to solve. Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter meet together in man, and the work of theHercules, 17:is to withdraw himself from the bonds of the mother and thus respond to the love of the Father.Hercules, 35:Woman and Child and as we shall later see, mother-matter is the nurturer of the infant Christ, theHercules, 52:the positive spirit aspect and the negative mother-matter? Let the soul be single in its purposeHercules, 52:is to be that of husband or wife, father or mother, brother or sister, friend or companion. ThroughHercules, Known:earth. Hence when in touch with the earth, his mother, he was invincible.] In his search for the
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