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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOTIVATE

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Astrology, 140:future upon the Fixed Cross will condition and motivate gradually and steadily all his activities.Destiny, 85:only most briefly touch upon the energies which motivate and condition the Italian empire and theDiscipleship1, 256:earlier years and new relations and new forces motivate your days. See to it that enough of the oldDiscipleship1, 632:negate the holding of these attitudes but which motivate and universalize them. Through theseDiscipleship2, 143:purposes and ideas which, at any given period, motivate the hierarchical work and condition theDiscipleship2, 155:1. The ideas, purposes and intentions which motivate the Hierarchy and which are transmitted to youDiscipleship2, 287:of humanity, and his "fixed determination" must motivate his ensuing activity. c. Under this Law ofDiscipleship2, 396:the various energies (which empower his life and motivate his actions) come, and to familiarizeExternalisation, 57:of the incoming forces which will determine and motivate the culture of the time. Taking theExternalisation, 150:this process of spiritual invocation which will motivate the new and coming world religion. This isExternalisation, 580:be such that certain fundamental ideals will motivate business, being forced upon business byExternalisation, 585:this love will condition all they do and will motivate their every effort. From the standpoint ofGlamour, 150:[150] Such are the forces of maya which actuate, motivate and energize the life of the ordinaryHealing, 330:aspect of soul life which enables the soul to motivate and force into incarnation and activity theHealing, 589:underlie the entire evolutionary process and motivate its inevitable consummation. Atma-buddhi, asMagic, 48:of usefulness; the vital life that can guide and motivate the machine is likewise present, and manMagic, 472:he learns to build rightly and correctly to motivate that which he has built he will become aMagic, 543:they are highly developed intellectually and can motivate mental substance or mind stuff in such aPsychology1, 216:effect. All of them function, qualify and motivate, but one or other will have a more vital effectPsychology2, 284:activity of God. Seeking to impress, impel and motivate this group of four energies is the energyRays, 676:economic material decisions which control and motivate the individual, the group or the nation.Telepathy, 25:which demonstrate as forces with the power to motivate: 1. The force of love with its negative
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