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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOTIVE

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Externalisation, 666:is dependent upon Intelligence, plus right motive and service. When these three factors are presentExternalisation, 699:to all around Them the significance of right motive, the beauty of selfless service and a vividFire, 74:The Ray of Love-Wisdom is the quality of basic motive that utilizes the intelligent organization ofFire, 240:to manifestation. It is the fundamental motive itself or the great will to be. Man is a product ofFire, 541:his own desires for the sake of his group. His motive is still somewhat a blind one, and stillFire, 594:on all the planes. Love was the impelling motive for manifestation, and love it is that keeps allFire, 615:[615] of his own, incited thereto by selfish motive. The Brothers of Light cooperate with theFire, 668:sex impulse, instinct, or the driving urge and motive which demonstrates later on the physicalFire, 889:creation according to the underlying desire, motive, or purpose. It is essential that we endeavorFire, 970:the idea, and having with care discriminated the motive underlying the idea, thus ascertaining itsFire, 975:as the aspirant grows in knowledge and purity of motive, the triangle of energy will have the heartFire, 985:The distinction between the two exists in both motive and method, and might be summed up asFire, 985:summed up as follows: The white magician has for motive that which will be of benefit to the groupFire, 993:magic enter upon this pursuit fortified by pure motive, clean bodies, and high aspiration, they areFire, 993:a man is strengthened in his endeavor by right motive, he is liable to be led astray by theFire, 1005:vital force. He, therefore, sees to it that the motive or desire lying back of the "idea," nowFire, 1006:Logos downward, and according to its nature and motive so the work of evolution is assisted orFire, 1020:force. The magician, through desire (or strong motive), increases the vitality of the form until itGlamour, 52:curiously, based upon right success and right motive. Hence the specious nature of the problem. ItGlamour, 122:The glamor of creative work - without true motive. The glamor of good intentions, which areGlamour, 149:I would ask you: What is your major actuating motive? For, whatever it may be, it conditions andGlamour, 150:value of breathing exercises consists. The motive is soul control, and though the methods employedGlamour, 254:to the OM, but the effects are dependent upon motive and inner fixed intention. The oriental,Healing, 103:say the following group mantram: "With purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart, we offerHealing, 108:which is the will of good intention and motive, will come the healing of diseases of theHealing, 117:colored his life and thoughts and which gave motive to all he sought to do, was his true self, theHealing, 206:reality [206] emphasizing and dealing with the motive which impels the healer to ply his healingHealing, 348:it. Hence the necessity for careful analysis of motive and of objectives. [349] Healing, 350:earlier scientific activities which are right in motive but which are only a symbol, on the outerHealing, 647:of great purity and of completely selfless motive can attract these angels, and when they do, theHealing, 670:negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that theHealing, 670:motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motiveHealing, 670:the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimesHercules, 70:character, and they are conscious of purity of motive, a willingness to fulfil the requirements,Hercules, 133:also exist and they have claims upon him. The motive of service thus takes root in his life, aHercules, 146:inclination to make comfort a central motive in life. Money. The accumulation of money is a masterHercules, 161:I should not say. I am not going to have for my motive my own liberation. A caution: don't be good,Initiation, 76:that depression, an over-morbid investigation of motive, and undue sensitiveness to the criticismInitiation, 77:occurs but what is in the plan, and where the motive and sole aspiration of the heart are towardsInitiation, 102:tread the same path, actuated ever by the same motive, - that of service and brotherhood, notInitiation, 159:maleficent agency, according to the underlying motive or purpose of the man, and will carry out hisInitiation, 160:who has spiritual intuition, purity of life and motive, altruistic intention, and a sternInitiation, 183:as a type of meditation. In the purification of motive lying back of this application will come,Initiation, 193:not whether he takes initiation or not. Selfish motive must not enter in. Only those applicationsInitiation, 193:the energy engendered through pure altruistic motive are transmitted by him to the recording angelInitiation, 198:powerful will, scientifically applied, right motive, purified in the fires. An adept is a creatorIntellect, 32:on, this possibility must become the conscious motive of life. Hitherto it has not yet played thatIntellect, 112:been studied, the quality animating it and the motive or cause of the manifestation of the form hasIntellect, 267:daily living and to the influence of the pure motive of Service. Magic, 65:be an endeavor to arrive at absolute purity of motive. The ability to enter the silence of the highMagic, 119:to the question of selfish or unselfish motive, and, as you know, motives vary as time speeds byMagic, 129:calm poise that comes from an unselfish life motive and forget the selfish satisfaction that mightMagic, 163:or it may result in disease. Pure thought, right motive and loving desire are the true correctivesMagic, 167:train himself for service, and the analysis of motive when truthfully undertaken, serves amazinglyMagic, 168:service to others is carried out with the right motive, and is beginning to count and make itsMagic, 197:be actuated by personality attraction, and the motive of reward. Until there is this awakening inMagic, 200:the first and essential requisite. Right motive. Service. Meditation. A technical study of theMagic, 203:Five - The Awakening of the Centers 2. Right motive. The Master of the Wisdom, we are told, is theMagic, 203:he only has the right to answer is: What is the motive governing my aspiration and my endeavor? WhyMagic, 203:invoke my soul? The development of right motive is a progressive effort, and constantly one shiftsMagic, 203:one's way, and constantly a newer and higher motive emerges. Again, let me illustrate: An aspirantMagic, 204:in the great Will. 3. Service. A study of right motive leads naturally to right service, and oftenMagic, 205:Meditation is dangerous where there is wrong motive, such as desire for personal growth and forMagic, 257:last analysis, purity is largely a question of motive. If the incentive to action of any kind inMagic, 258:is permanently established, and purity of motive has become a habit of the mind. [259] Magic, 259:left-hand path, because selfishness has been the motive, and self-interest the dominant factor.Magic, 259:to heavenly things. Hence purity of motive and the instinct for service, which latter keynote isMagic, 267:and hence the training of the aspirant in right motive as a preparatory step to true occult work.Magic, 343:to attain. They are as follows: Consecration of motive. Utter fearlessness. The cultivation of theMagic, 396:in all schools of true esotericism is laid on motive. People who are strongly individual and areMagic, 473:its purpose, ascertain its goal, and verify the motive. For thee, the aspirant on the way of life,Magic, 474:the stored-up, selfish purpose. See to thy motive, and seek to use those words which blend thyMagic, 475:mental body so clear and so powerful that right motive will control and true work in building willMagic, 487:out of karma, or have its basis in a good motive wrongly construed. You add not to the talk, you doMagic, 504:it as a member of a group to a group? Is my motive an egoic impulse, or am I prompted by emotion,Magic, 512:constantly a right orientation, purity of motive and of life, a stabilized and receptive emotionalMagic, 519:ends. The difference is not only that of motive, but also of alignment and the radius of theMagic, 558:on the subjective side of experience. Mixed motive is universal. Pure motive is rare and where itMagic, 558:of experience. Mixed motive is universal. Pure motive is rare and where it exists there is everMagic, 558:there is ever success and achievement. Such pure motive can be entirely selfish and personal, orMeditation, 43:care and anxiety is based primarily on selfish motive. You fear further pain, you shrink fromMeditation, 85:and perfect comprehension through love is the motive power, with the faculty of reason added. ThenMeditation, 123:or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles. The motive is ever the greater helping of the race. TheMeditation, 149:animating love which will give to him sufficient motive for all that he attempts. I have attemptedMeditation, 178:world that only those of pure life and unselfish motive can successfully reach the deva evolution,Meditation, 193:power is not theirs. Only when united purity of motive and an unselfish adherence to the good ofMeditation, 251:All they need to do is to transmute the motive underlying their work, and their achievement willMeditation, 343:service three things are of moment: The motive. The method. The attitude following action. WithMeditation, 348:up, and is adjusting that force according to the motive. He does not suffer from pride over what heMeditation, 349:has naught to say. To sum it all up: The motive may be epitomized in these few words: The sacrificePatanjali, 14:acts are wise (occultly understood) and whose motive is group development. Therefore that reactionPatanjali, 39:The energies producing concretion and the motive power of thought as it produces effects on thePatanjali, 90:all forms, controls all forces and is the motive power of all groups. This knowledge concernsPatanjali, 174:evolving humanity to the state where the [174] motive for life comes to be simply the fulfilment ofPatanjali, 285:Karma, for the act has been done from a selfless motive and carried out with complete detachment.Patanjali, 285:effects. Through strict attention to the motive underlying every act of the present life hePatanjali, 395:images which occupy his attention and form the motive power of his life are formulated by [396]Problems, 59:world the entire problem of leadership and of motive. Education will, therefore, be given in theProblems, 68:British rule is justice for all; the underlying motive of the U.S.S.R. is right living conditions,Problems, 81:effects than is believed. The frankly selfish motive of self-preservation. The release of atomic
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