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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOTIVE

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Problems, 156:God immanent, even when they do so with selfish motive and with an unwholesome emphasis upon thePsychology1, 89:expanding through those forms, - the rays of motive, aspiration and sacrifice. Rays pre-eminentlyPsychology1, 188:and to attack, no matter how sincere their motive. Range yourself on the side of the workers forPsychology1, 287:between men and women are equally depicted. The motive and the [288] relation are emphasized. ButPsychology1, 299:the New Age and into the world of [299] right motive and right action. Man has to learn and deeplyPsychology1, 323:his surroundings. In this there is really good motive, but principally the man is governed by aPsychology1, 324:The tie is not strong enough to hold, and the motive is too selfish to resist the pull. I refer toPsychology1, 324:need. In true esotericism, there is no such motive as "killing the personality," or of discipliningPsychology1, 324:that it becomes a dead poor thing. The true motive is to train the threefold lower nature, thePsychology1, 359:the wonder of their achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest toPsychology1, 359:and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, - all of whichPsychology1, 363:training themselves in the technique of occult motive and in the methods of the trained magicianPsychology1, 397:it to the service of God. Their unrecognized motive was love of riches and a desire to hold safePsychology2, 40:desire, Intelligent use of force with wrong motive, Intense material and mental activity, ThePsychology2, 86:differing motives which impel people of good motive and intention and of high principle intoPsychology2, 100:conditions of other people, first from a selfish motive (the avoiding of personal distress at thePsychology2, 109:dear to many people), nor misunderstanding of motive will hinder their cooperation with each otherPsychology2, 121:ideal is right and true and meritorious, but the motive behind it all is entirely wrong. ServicePsychology2, 157:of Repulse into play. One is the quality of his motive. Only the desire to serve is adequate toPsychology2, 160:the personality. He must see to it that his motive is love for all beings, and not desire for hisPsychology2, 181:greater courage, clearer vision, finer purity of motive, and deeper love, and yet avoid the dangerPsychology2, 328:those upon the downward arc in objective and motive and in scope, and are essentially sublimationsPsychology2, 349:in order to evoke its integrating power. His motive, however, being purely selfish and material inPsychology2, 352:and then again controlling." At first, his motive is that of selfish, separative achievement, andPsychology2, 373:seems to leave him destitute of incentive, of motive, of sensation, of appreciation by others andPsychology2, 377:black magic. He is glamored by the beauty of his motive, and deceived by the acquired potency ofPsychology2, 382:at the same time the realized integrity of the motive which, if correctly apprehended, should bePsychology2, 382:which, if correctly apprehended, should be The motive of a realized objective of soul control inPsychology2, 383:reaction to its sensed pull or call. [383] The motive of service, in response to a sentientPsychology2, 383:a sentient realization of humanity's need. The motive of cooperation with the Plan, in response toPsychology2, 389:will be apparent at this point how important is motive, for it determines the line of activity andPsychology2, 444:a man who is ambitious for power, but with right motive, because he is truly idealistic; who willPsychology2, 541:in the heart. This remains true even when the motive or motives are mixed and undesirable, orPsychology2, 603:sadistic effort with a supposed spiritual motive, (such as was seen in the Inquisition) and certainPsychology2, 617:one who is criticized. Where there is purity of motive, true love and a large measure ofRays, 28:Love is essentially a word for the underlying motive of creation. Motive, however, presupposesRays, 28:a word for the underlying motive of creation. Motive, however, presupposes purpose leading toRays, 28:of the incarnating Monad there comes a time when motive (heart and soul) becomes spirituallyRays, 28:by pure reason, which will steadily supersede motive, merging eventually into the will aspect ofRays, 33:should be one of right spiritual motive - the motive being the intelligent fulfilment of the willRays, 33:should be one of right spiritual motive - the motive being the intelligent fulfilment of the willRays, 155:this the black adept also possesses), purity of motive (which the black adept can likewise have, ifRays, 155:black adept can likewise have, if by purity of motive you mean single-hearted and one-pointedRays, 210:"ashramic acquiescence," but the all-impelling motive of world need. So the disciple begins to ridRays, 295:spiritually for himself (and this with sound motive) has now become that which must be expressed inRays, 299:of an existent unity, based upon oneness of motive, of recognition, of orientation (towards theRays, 349:wisdom, and which actuates and clarifies the motive which brings loving magnetic attraction intoRays, 484:for spiritual advancement (with pure motive), and who are oriented unswervingly towards the soul,Rays, 500:forward by extreme effort; but - given right motive and the effort to develop simultaneously a goodRays, 575:and lack of discrimination - complete purity of motive. Nevertheless, the changes brought about byRays, 635:always, "I must arise and go to my Father." The motive given to the Prodigal Son in the GospelRays, 709:for further vision, provided always that his motive is likewise selfless. The second group ofRays, 749:into an acceptance of the Zionist position - the motive being oil and mineral riches. But theReappearance, 171:the practice of an organized life. But today the motive shifts from the concept of personalReappearance, 171:relations - a broader objective. There we have a motive which is not self-centered but which rangesReappearance, 172:have - first of all - to provide them with a motive so magnetic in its appeal that they mustReappearance, 174:and "fighting a war to end war," the main motive was self protection and self-preservation, theTelepathy, 39:or a group) must be strenuously guarded as to motive and method; any group endeavor which involvesTelepathy, 39:you have what is called "black magic." Right motive may protect the group from any serious resultsTelepathy, 40:obedience to the above three injunctions as to motive, technique and method. [41] Telepathy, 101:of separation. In this case, however, the motive prompting observation is not self-interest, butTelepathy, 102:what might be called "vertical impression." This motive, being very largely self-centeredness,
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