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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOUNT

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Astrology, 82:light is seen and... " The three crosses on Mount Golgotha were Biblical symbols of these threeAstrology, 108:his usual procedure, having earned the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, the powerAstrology, 127:preparing to transfer off the Mutable Cross and mount the Fixed Cross. He comes, therefore, ThroughAstrology, 158:heights takes place. The attempt today to climb Mount Everest is amazingly symbolic, and it isAstrology, 160:of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a majorAstrology, 161:their unfoldment wherein they are ready to [161] mount the Cardinal Cross and take some of theAstrology, 163:taken the third initiation and can consciously mount the Cardinal Cross, he is then released fromAstrology, 167:all to do with Capricorn. Moses, the Lawgiver on Mount Sinai, is Saturn in Capricorn imposing theAstrology, 167:on those words "a karmic clearing house." The Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament isAstrology, 187:into another way of life and with ardor firm to mount another Cross," as the Old Commentary putsAstrology, 283:time in its history, humanity is beginning to mount the Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversingAstrology, 554:the man upon the Mutable Cross. He does not "mount this Cross of Right Direction" in a technicalAstrology, 568:for me to remind you at this point that on Mount Golgotha, these three Crosses are portrayed: TheAstrology, 626:by divine attraction. This enables "spirit to mount upon the shoulders of matter," as H. P. B.Autobiography, 232:the anger of Moses when he descended from the mount of the Lord and found them falling down beforeBethlehem, 4:the ethical teaching of the [4] Sermon on the Mount are frequently emphasized by many who refuse toBethlehem, 9:The Baptism in Jordan. The Transfiguration on Mount Carmel. The Crucifixion on Mount Golgotha. TheBethlehem, 9:on Mount Carmel. The Crucifixion on Mount Golgotha. The Resurrection and Ascension. TheirBethlehem, 35:of the final resurrection, via the steep path of Mount Golgotha. In his innermost nature he mustBethlehem, 40:from the Birth at Bethlehem to the Crucifixion Mount is a hard and a difficult one, but it isBethlehem, 106:the world as Man. Standing upon the top of the Mount of Transfiguration, He faced the World as God.Bethlehem, 110:Christ to pass on to His world service and the Mount of Transfiguration. One of the finest thinkersBethlehem, 144:typified in the appearance with Him upon the Mount of Transfiguration of Moses and Elias, theBethlehem, 144:impossible. The "shalt not" of God, spoken from Mount Sinai through Moses, with its negativeBethlehem, 144:and light which Christ radiated upon the mount of Transfiguration. The past met in Him and wasBethlehem, 146:momentous day when we, too, shall stand upon the Mount of Transfiguration, revealing the glory ofBethlehem, 149:astonished gaze of His three friends upon the Mount of Transfiguration. In one of the ancientBethlehem, 151:light to shine forth. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his countenance was so irradiated thatBethlehem, 158:after the Transfiguration can we dare to climb Mount Golgotha. Only when we have achievedBethlehem, 166:far harder moment for Him than the publicity on Mount Golgotha. But in these more subtle tests theBethlehem, 170:Christ, and who aims eventually at climbing the Mount of Transfiguration, service leads inevitablyBethlehem, 170:and which carried Him in triumph from the Mount of Transfiguration down into the valley of duty andBethlehem, 175:small views. The wonder of the happening on Mount Calvary has been unveiled through the illuminedBethlehem, 178:feet, and with arms extended, to the rocks of Mount Caucasus. Bacchus or Dionysus, born of theBethlehem, 200:the "fellowship of His sufferings" means that we mount the Cross with Him and share constantly inBethlehem, 201:they must go - from the cave of Birth to the mount of Transfiguration, and on to the agony of theBethlehem, 220:utter aloneness which is the reward of those who mount the Cross on Golgotha. Bethlehem, 237:heart of the earth,' and thereafter the heavenly mount, where he put on the perfected bliss body,Bethlehem, 266:to Calvary. But it took Him eventually to the Mount of Ascension. He has shown us what results fromBethlehem, 282:Jordan, whilst a few are valiantly climbing the Mount of Transfiguration. One here and there may beDestiny, 36:control and that spirit should learn to "mount on the shoulders of matter" as the Ancient WisdomDiscipleship1, 463:and only the soul sees things as they are. Mount, therefore, to the soul. I would like here toDiscipleship1, 464:for the past few months in an emotional vortex. Mount up, my brother, into the light and intoDiscipleship1, 477:to them, and the wall of separation continues to mount higher and higher. I always speak to thoseDiscipleship1, 510:moments also of distress or of imminent failure mount to your tower and steadfast stand. The towerDiscipleship1, 510:you will literally slip out of the glamor as you mount your tower and pass into the clear light ofDiscipleship1, 519:tower pierces the world of souls and, when you mount the steps which lead there, you will findDiscipleship1, 561:nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon theDiscipleship1, 561:I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I forego peace; I forfeitDiscipleship1, 563:employed. Do you not know that the minutes mount into hours, as the disciple wrestles with himselfDiscipleship1, 688:yourself by climbing arduously and earnestly the Mount of Vision and (from that eminence which youDiscipleship2, 380:and atmic) are all symbolized for us upon the Mount of Crucifixion. There are also far deeperDiscipleship2, 652:can be seen. That pinnacle can be turned into a mount of initiation. You have passed the threeEducation, 104:me in the social order and how far am I able to mount in the social scale and so better myself?Externalisation, 125:in a reversed form of which the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes are the embryonic form.Externalisation, 199:between labor and capital, the Sermon on the Mount, and the worst aspects of revolution andExternalisation, 390:eyes directed towards God so that their cry can mount to His ears? And will the spiritually mindedExternalisation, 471:walk among men and lead them onward towards the Mount of Ascension. The Pentecost will becomeExternalisation, 629:or failure to realize that many small sums mount up into very large sums - all these thingsFire, 140:to that which is above, and the lower fires mount and blend with the two higher. Only when Spirit,Fire, 576:to vibrate or to rotate more rapidly, that we mount the path of return. It involves, thereforeFire, 592:of evolution and the imprisoned spirits may mount again towards their source. In an occult senseFire, 673:of light that is placed on the central mental mount to impart light to the East and the West. TheFire, 688:become possible. In this solar system he has to mount by the putting his foot upon the serpent ofFire, 688:of wisdom. In the next solar system he will mount upward by means of the serpent of wisdom, and byFire, 748:of disintegration. The fumes of utter blackness mount upwards in dissipation. The noise discordantFire, 839:great awakening. They pass no longer down but mount. This is the interlude for which the Lhas inFire, 886:fire at the base of the spine, causing it to mount along the triple spinal channel, again accordingFire, 988:dividing the fourfold energy in two units, which mount via the two channels, leaving the centralFire, 1087:tail feathers" [1087] and hence can occultly "mount to a higher plane and find its fifth." A systemFire, 1184:to the lowest part of the solar sphere and then mount upwards, coming into opposition thereforeFire, 1212:matter and veiled in smoke" to be able to mount of themselves into regions where stand the unveiledFire, 1221:as man has developed the ability to soar and mount as an eagle on wings. Law 5. The symbol for thisFire, 1277:the scales ascend, and the man who seeketh to mount within them seeth the moment pass and knowethHealing, 298:signifies that They are not yet in a position to mount the Throne, symbolically speaking, owing toHealing, 423:and only the soul sees things as they are. Mount, therefore, to the soul. - Page 463. [424] Healing, 460:crucifixion and death, and then leads to the mount whence Ascension may be made. - Page 261. Healing, 519:story: His transfigured appearance upon the Mount of Transfiguration. That episode depictsHercules, 2:Teacher saw a man emerge from out this crowd, mount the fixed Cross, demanding deeds to do, serviceHercules, 6:carried steadily forward until at length the Mount of Transfiguration and of Illumination isHercules, 9:every possible combination before he climbs the mount of initiation in Capricorn and becomes theHercules, 78:the God whose shrine you see on yonder distant mount. Go rescue it and bear it to the safety of theHercules, 82:now he can be the goat in Capricorn, scaling the mount of initiation; now he can be the worldHercules, 90:on until he finds himself on the summit of the mount in Capricorn, the birth not the consummationHercules, 109:of initiates, and the scaling of the mount of initiation and the mount of transfiguration by manyHercules, 109:the scaling of the mount of initiation and the mount of transfiguration by many hundreds ofHercules, 110:the mountain of transfiguration is climbed, the mount of crucifixion is achieved, to be succeededHercules, 210:to passing through the gate which leads to the mount of initiation. Slowly and painfully, he learnsInitiation, 13:to fulfil the aim. Initiation leads to the mount whence vision can be had, a vision of the eternalInitiation, 210:division. [210] What causeth then the Cross? How mount you by its aid? The Cross is formed byInitiation, 210:doth bridge the gap. Pass they with ease that mount that limb, and leave the fourth behind? TheyInitiation, 210:die. They bid adieu to all earth's friends; they mount the Way alone; they bridge the gap withInitiation, 213:I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive,Magic, 120:which comes from the experience undergone on the Mount of Illumination is a different thing to theMagic, 120:a different thing to the joy experienced on the Mount of Blessing. The Heart leads in the one, theMagic, 208:of wisdom and then will the sleeping serpent mount upwards to the place of meeting. [211] Magic, 288:Ray: - Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that loftyMagic, 296:place, and there the sacrifice, enacted upon the mount of Golgotha (the place of the skull). [297] Magic, 328:man to a high pinnacle of the Temple and to the Mount of Initiation. These two lines are: 1. ThoseMagic, 341:and for all truly spiritual groups) the Mount of Initiation is seen and ascended; after obscuration
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