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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVE

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Discipleship2, 132:the mind content of the One in whom we live and move and have our being, and outside whose range ofDiscipleship2, 150:(hence its major importance), and will move very slowly at first. It will take time, but theDiscipleship2, 157:should also (in a peculiar manner) enable you to move forward in your thinking and in your abilityDiscipleship2, 166:those revelations which will enable humanity to move forward out of darkness into light. With thisDiscipleship2, 172:there will then come the time when he can again move among men in a public manner; he can beDiscipleship2, 229:spiritual demands: "O thou in whom we live and move and have our being, the Power that can make allDiscipleship2, 244:which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward on - to the Path of Discipleship andDiscipleship2, 253:He is not now totally blind nor does he move forward entirely in the dark. There is enough light inDiscipleship2, 293:man the disciple, and man the initiate gradually move onward on the stream of life, revelationDiscipleship2, 306:which will enable you to understand and move forward into the new impulsive causal area. DifficultDiscipleship2, 309:we all, as well as all other forms, live and move and have our being. [310] I would like here toDiscipleship2, 311:fundamentally needed if the race of men is to move forward into greater spiritual culture and outDiscipleship2, 315:greater Voice can say to him: 'Well done! Move on. Light shines.' " You will note that the emphasisDiscipleship2, 324:can pass on before he has proved his capacity to move forward upon the path. Such is not in anyDiscipleship2, 359:do blindly, when at stage the first; later they move with care and right direction. Thus affairsDiscipleship2, 394:Knowledge comes at first through the struggle to move forward into greater and clearer light; thenDiscipleship2, 395:it fails to give you direction and the power to move forward. A hint is not a static point ofDiscipleship2, 396:of the aphorism that "in him we live and move and have our being." It explains the necessity forDiscipleship2, 419:In these two centers a great activity is on the move and a vital expansion or moving outward isDiscipleship2, 419:and Concentration. Temporarily, and in order to move forward and at the same time to leave behind,Discipleship2, 420:significances rests upon his trained capacity to move with ease in the world of meaning (the majorDiscipleship2, 421:area of the Body of him "in whom we live and move and have our being" is steadily revealed to theDiscipleship2, 422:the faculties which will enable him to move out into solar or cosmic spheres of action, via one orDiscipleship2, 435:into the Purpose of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. Discipleship2, 448:- condition all your living, then your work will move ahead towards a most desirable fruition. LikeDiscipleship2, 463:of light is firmly built and on it you can move this way or that, but always on the Way. TheDiscipleship2, 487:stage. The Ashram enfolds you all, but the next move is for each and all of you - without aid orDiscipleship2, 490:of contact in which it is possible for you to move - the physical plane, the kama-manasic plane,Discipleship2, 499:asking all of you who are my pledged workers to move forward in this spiritual undertaking. YourDiscipleship2, 501:with determination, my brother and my friend, move forward upon the Lighted Way. Discipleship2, 541:to the duties of the day: A am preparing to move forward upon the Path of Initiation." Let thisDiscipleship2, 552:will enable you to hear a voice which says, "Move forward into the circle of those who know the LawDiscipleship2, 556:can be depended upon. He is then "permitted to move throughout the Ashram without impediment, andDiscipleship2, 564:process of obtaining equilibrium before you can move on to the more potent Ashram of K.H. TheDiscipleship2, 564:and one of the goals of our training is to move steadily forward into a closer relationship withDiscipleship2, 566:arrive at comprehension of Will activity as they move forward. Perhaps some idea of what I amDiscipleship2, 578:time to the karma of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. It is primarily also inDiscipleship2, 591:through my lips: You know the point achieved. Move on. Three groups there are which you must aidDiscipleship2, 606:work. Seize upon opportunity when it may come. Move forward in my Ashram; the middle Place withinDiscipleship2, 606:and myself as to whether you should at this time move into his Ashram or whether you should stillDiscipleship2, 608:to become soul conscious. If you were to [608] move into the more advanced Ashram you might findDiscipleship2, 609:was given to you last year, you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in theDiscipleship2, 610:[610] and of fusion that you are now asked to move. Reflect upon this and get the deep spiritualDiscipleship2, 611:the imperative command of your soul to "move forward." Look for indications of this moving, forwardDiscipleship2, 614:are, in any case, sensitive to my impression. Move onward into light and find me ever there. Discipleship2, 615:for the details. He replied: "Tell R.S.U. to move to the periphery of your Ashram, away from theDiscipleship2, 618:like you. Put it from you, brother of old, and move forward with confidence into fuller serviceDiscipleship2, 626:of expression of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. Therefore we appropriate thatDiscipleship2, 627:the Lighted Way and on that thread of light you move and with you move your brothers. Loneliness -Discipleship2, 627:on that thread of light you move and with you move your brothers. Loneliness - such as you thinkDiscipleship2, 629:what is coming to him with steadfastness. As you move forward you must, for the next twelve months,Discipleship2, 629:that you must grasp and know if you are to move forward as desired - by your soul and by yourDiscipleship2, 630:or requirement which will enable you to move forward with increased potency, clearer vision andDiscipleship2, 630:Then wait. When your intuition begins to move and your patient waiting, quiet reflection and steadyDiscipleship2, 633:find what you seek by leaving it behind; move forward through the art of moving back." In theDiscipleship2, 654:Within the garden take your stand. There rest. Move forward to the gate at need, returning ever toDiscipleship2, 666:the usefulness of the suggestions and to move forward in line with them. I have a most interestingDiscipleship2, 676:am not ungrateful to you, my brother; I hope to move you on into a closer relation to myselfDiscipleship2, 676:your nature which must be controlled before the move I contemplate in connection with you can beDiscipleship2, 689:of tension the merging soul-personality can then move onward into greater light and a more surelyDiscipleship2, 689:the need to foster some divine quality, to move some latent spiritual attribute into a moreDiscipleship2, 695:Your help is needed. You can, if you so desire, move forward into a clearer and closer relation toDiscipleship2, 698:can today open the door to greater, fuller life. Move on. Let the ray of your soul dominate the manDiscipleship2, 703:D. E. I. August 1942 As a chela in my Ashram you move through life with all the power which flowsDiscipleship2, 703:to you. Attract that strength, then forward move with power to love and lift. Question not theDiscipleship2, 704:Ponder on all this and accept it; stand free and move forward on your chosen path, refusing to beDiscipleship2, 706:of the imagination in this connection. "You move through life with all the power which comes fromDiscipleship2, 722:usefulness to you and from which you will not move, except in response to the normal procedures ofDiscipleship2, 733:the Ashram, which is not as yet the case. A move forward can, however, be made this life if - inDiscipleship2, 737:of the personality; secondly, by refusing to move hurriedly. The disciple has to learn that when heDiscipleship2, 738:Upon that chain you have your place. Some move ahead of you. Some move along with you. Others againDiscipleship2, 738:have your place. Some move ahead of you. Some move along with you. Others again move on with handsDiscipleship2, 738:of you. Some move along with you. Others again move on with hands outstretched to you. True occultDiscipleship2, 742:to the lighted dynamic center. As they move forward, preserving ever the close inner unity, placeDiscipleship2, 746:or method whereby (from that place) you move forward in any needed direction - along the line ofDiscipleship2, 746:responsible for your exceeding sensitivity; you move in one direction and react to a neededDiscipleship2, 746:upsetting and may lead to a psychic crisis. You move in another direction and are immediatelyDiscipleship2, 746:by that which is to you a phantom of fear; you move elsewhere but the opportunity for serviceDiscipleship2, 755:of all thy life. Seek freedom from the past. Yet move not from the plane where life has placed youDiscipleship2, 761:and on your soul with greater confidence; move forward with surety towards the consummation of thisEducation, x:for the axis around which the new synthesis can move and grow. There is a remedy for "the sicknessEducation, 28:race - a steadily increasing number - live and move and have their being. Increasingly he learns toEducation, 56:of certain hoped-for events. The world has to move forward regularly and in order. PrematureEducation, 56:on the part of those interested in education to move with greater rapidity; this will hasten theEducation, 60:diversity and complexity, but all of them move and work under the Law of Cause and Effect. It isEducation, 61:he must eventually become aware, if he is to move deeper into the world of hidden forces. They mayEducation, 65:the planet and within Whose activity we live and move and have our being. To do this, he must firstEducation, 67:focused; it is only useful when the student can move among these inner realities with skill andEducation, 82:and who will also possess the capacity to move forward (as life unfolds) into that world of meaningExternalisation, 42:from the point of present being and need not to move out or in, or up or down. They simply stand."Externalisation, 53:as you might imagine, particularly if the first move in this direction is made by the new group ofExternalisation, 53:by the new group of world servers. This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill.Externalisation, 72:- in the body of the One in Whom we live and move and [73] have our being. Students can relateExternalisation, 94:essentially and are in the nature of a tentative move to see if the time is really ripe for theExternalisation, 109:with the life of the One "in Whom we live and move and have our being." These involve the impactExternalisation, 208:peace. Disarmament must go forward as an initial move, but in such a manner that the question ofExternalisation, 214:by fear and terror, feeling that they dare not move in any way against the forces of aggression,Externalisation, 224:past, and because they are told that "faith can move mountains," but they feel inwardly quiteExternalisation, 263:a line of factual influence along which They can move and consequently contact the Earth. Ponder onExternalisation, 267:people of the world also liberated. Every move of an enlightened consciousness (such as that of a
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