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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVEMENT

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Astrology, 20:move until I know the Law which governs all this movement up and down the land. I may revolve andAstrology, 25:from Aries to Pisces instead of the reverse movement, from Aries to Taurus. This is repeated in theAstrology, 103:to Pisces, via Taurus. It is this antagonistic movement of the wheel "turning upon itself" (as itAstrology, 125:spiritualism and the work of the spiritualistic movement are under the influence of Pisces withAstrology, 134:astrologers who stand behind the astrological movement in the world today. I would ask you toAstrology, 140:all the time with the energies which produce movement and subjective and outer activity; we areAstrology, 141:Aquarius is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrentAstrology, 151:beginning we have: Aries - 1st Aspect - latent - Movement outward into incarnation. The Will toAstrology, 197:forces in the universe and the general shift and movement. But the name and quality of this starAstrology, 254:involutionary cycle which concerns the mass movement of spirit-matter, and not the individualizedAstrology, 254:and not the individualized progress of man, the movement is from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. TheAstrology, 261:regarded esoterically as inseparable) the mass movement releases the individual to a life ofAstrology, 261:method, rhythm and measure of the earlier mass movement but this time with changed and changingAstrology, 278:Cross. Taurus - Desire - Fixed Cross. Cancer - Movement - Cardinal Cross. Scorpio - Test - Trial -Astrology, 302:the underlying cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward; it is the keynote of the man whoAstrology, 317:life of the emotions); the Scorpion is rapid in movement, deadly in its effect upon men around itAstrology, 367:through the constant activity, the ceaseless movement and the unending changing conditions whichAstrology, 378:a stage of powerful expression and active movement; the other demonstrates in a far vision ofAstrology, 378:in a far vision of possibility and a steady movement forward in spite of the immediate dangers andAstrology, 379:that life makes its inner pressure felt and the movement - faint yet real - of the hidden lifeAstrology, 379:to desire and that onward rush and powerful movement which distinguishes the evolutionary progressAstrology, 381:this sign is regarded as being one of universal movement, of great and constant activity under theAstrology, 382:Initiator for it "impulses the Will," producing movement and momentum. You have (if I may repeatAstrology, 417:dimensional. They must be regarded as in rapid movement, revolving eternally in space andAstrology, 418:to our planetary life. Owing to the constant movement everywhere, inherent in the solar system andAstrology, 418:essential beauty of coordinated and organized movement and its power to qualify and condition theAstrology, 420:process and incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interior mathematical conditioning - aAstrology, 446:Britain and which is responsible for the steady movement of peoples from East to West, from Asia toAstrology, 484:disciples and initiates. Today, this dual movement of energies is going on, producing a slow,Astrology, 485:through their esoteric planets, and the mass movement in consciousness (for which Leo isAstrology, 485:esoteric and hierarchical - the Sun. The mass movement towards individual self-consciousness isAstrology, 485:intensified as is the paralleling individual movement towards initiation. Leo appears again inAstrology, 490:heart of humanity. Ray III - Cancer: The mass movement towards liberty, release and light, soAstrology, 499:from strain and once the swing of the world-movement has again stabilized, humanity will transcendAstrology, 560:Mutable Cross of material change and constant movement can be depicted by the swastika. The man isAstrology, 569:of what might be called love. This is the movement in the personality of that divine emergingAstrology, 654:Surface radiation or emanation - Solar prana. Movement produced - Systemic rotation. DistributiveAstrology, 655:radiation or emanation - Planetary prana. Movement produced - Planetary rotation. DistributiveAstrology, 655:Surface radiation or emanation - Health aura. Movement produced - Atomic rotation. DistributiveAtom, 36:concept; you have that which is the cause of movement or energy, and that which it energizes orAtom, 41:soul, that every atom has sensation and power of movement." Tyndall has likewise pointed out thatAtom, 41:and reject, to attract and repel, sensation, movement, and [42] desire - you have something whichAutobiography, 3:with Foster Bailey, of an International Goodwill Movement (not a peace movement) which proved soAutobiography, 3:an International Goodwill Movement (not a peace movement) which proved so successful that we hadAutobiography, 13:I am reminded of a meeting of a certain "Group Movement" to which I was inveigled in 1935 atAutobiography, 28:my whole life was one of change and constant movement. Neither my sister's health nor mine wasAutobiography, 39:The waiting crowd appeared to be in constant movement, and as they moved they formed great andAutobiography, 124:believe in the Word of God. Life is so full of movement today, of heroes, of beauty, of tragedy andAutobiography, 130:watched the other [130] packers. I studied every movement so that there would be no waste effortAutobiography, 170:Order, the Order of Service and an educational movement. If you did not do so you were regarded asAutobiography, 171:they had fought for the spiritual basis of the movement. But they did not and a great number of theAutobiography, 172:and equally important parts of the Theosophical Movement (not the Theosophical Society) in theAutobiography, 172:and to form part of the great Theosophical Movement which is today sweeping the world. ThisAutobiography, 172:Movement which is today sweeping the world. This movement is not only expressing itself through theAutobiography, 172:Bailey - Chapter IV Let there be no mistake, the movement initiated by Helena Petrovna BlavatskyAutobiography, 172:societies down the ages - the name of the movement is not new - but H.P.B. gave it a light and aAutobiography, 177:of her. This has been very good for the occult movement for today the word occultism has aAutobiography, 252:school were given the opportunity to help in the movement. They were left entirely free to do so orAutobiography, 256:the general public by such movements as the I AM movement are a travesty of the reality. TheAutobiography, 274:The general public becomes aware of the new movement and thus a widespread interest in those thingsAutobiography, 278:of forces, producing forms, and that all is movement and livingness. He begins by learning theAutobiography, 303:Light and Goodwill by establishing the Triangle movement was almost completely frustrated. TheBethlehem, 25:in these organizations than They are in any movement in the world today which carries illuminationBethlehem, 51:symbolic of an inner condition of search and movement towards a preordained goal. Travel by rail,Bethlehem, 54:there is a moment of prevision, a foretelling of movement and activity, of difficulty and service,Bethlehem, 61:the Virgin (8th September), corresponding to the movement of the god through Virgo; there is theBethlehem, 94:increased awareness, its capacity for free movement and for wider contacts, through its instinctiveBethlehem, 180:departure, and gave his name to the resulting movement? or is it sufficient to suppose theBethlehem, 280:of experience to provide, in its own ongoing movement, the needed principles of belief and action.Destiny, 43:the appearance of the modern spiritualistic movement. This is a direct effect of the coming intoDestiny, 43:This is what has happened in the spiritualistic movement; its investigators are occupied with theDestiny, 44:to the form side) so that the true import of the movement is in danger of being lost. Spiritualism,Destiny, 44:itself and - through the present spiritualistic movement - there can be let loose upon the worldDestiny, 44:very definite dangers. Fortunately, there is a movement within spiritualistic circles to right thisDestiny, 44:organizations, connected with the spiritualistic movement and the psychical research groups, wouldDestiny, 46:to which I chose to refer - the spiritualistic movement - which began to take shape only during theDestiny, 48:for the tremendous growth of the spiritualistic movement and for the enormous increase in the lowerDestiny, 80:Gemini influence that has led to the constant movement and restlessness of the British people;Destiny, 81:that which has been desired. Pervasiveness and movement are two qualities with which Gemini andDestiny, 150:to the people. It can be seen in the constant movement of people throughout the world from place toDiscipleship1, 93:presence of these capacities, plus a freedom of movement "within the bounds of the Hierarchy" whichDiscipleship1, 112:The throat center is lethargic in its movement but could be easily aroused into activity and theDiscipleship1, 137:held you back and inhibited the free inner movement of your soul, and has prevented that joy inDiscipleship1, 167:not yet to move as rapidly as desired. When the movement does come, it will be rapid... TheDiscipleship1, 173:underlying purpose of the planetary, educational movement. In this movement, those of you who haveDiscipleship1, 173:of the planetary, educational movement. In this movement, those of you who have some inner visionDiscipleship1, 282:stability in a life hitherto full of ceaseless movement, and this for you is novel and educational.Discipleship1, 415:you to great physical activity (such as rapid movement and rapid speech) ; it keeps you working atDiscipleship1, 513:of the dawn - no real light, no sound or movement and no life apparent. It remains just dreamingDiscipleship1, 513:awakening it to color and beauty, arousing it to movement and life, and calling forth the song ofDiscipleship1, 540:of continuous change of environment and constant movement. I would have you know this and that thisDiscipleship1, 592:a more sure horizon. Then pass on. Cooperation, movement, dynamic effort and then withdrawing -Discipleship1, 669:and the real achievement of the spiritualistic movement throughout the world. Immortality, however,Discipleship1, 784:school were given the opportunity to help in the movement. They were left entirely free to do so orDiscipleship2, 22:who are the fundamentalists of the theosophical movement and the narrow theologians among theDiscipleship2, 34:also worked for many years in the spiritualistic movement. I am giving you information anent yourDiscipleship2, 81:for me. This reorientation and this "outward movement" of the Hierarchy requires the assuming of aDiscipleship2, 93:an exoteric showing of a truly esoteric, inner movement - an inner movement which remains intactDiscipleship2, 93:of a truly esoteric, inner movement - an inner movement which remains intact even though the outerDiscipleship2, 118:will then surge upwards as one spontaneous movement. This will in due time create a magnetic field
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