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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVEMENT

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Fire, 846:"blind," utterly unaware; he is capable only of movement, and resembles the fetus in the womb; thatFire, 970:in spite of themselves, and are "swept into the movement," not through any mental apprehension orFire, 1033:The one is the impulse behind the forward movement of all life, and the other the impulse behindFire, 1038:that students in one branch of our theosophical movement must recognize the fact that just as H. P.Fire, 1040:progression and simultaneous rotation. The movement forward is modified considerably by theFire, 1070:which is the result of spiral-progressive movement, it might be of interest if I here pointed outFire, 1076:It will be apparent that a great simultaneous movement is on foot to produce more rapid radiationFire, 1079:in the second and fourth. Fourth, when the movement, inaugurated at the close of each century byFire, 1079:have made their presence felt. Finally, when a movement is instituted by the Lodge, working inFire, 1122:pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolving with great rapidity and withFire, 1269:apparent, turning unceasingly. He seeth not its movement for His eyes are on the world He hasHealing, 162:and the four lesser forces. To this constant movement of the centers and to the constant inflow ofHealing, 178:express it - gives the key to the spiritualistic movement. The sacral center is also connected withHealing, 181:in their turn, are succeeded by other cycles of movement, of change and of a renewed release ofHealing, 184:or the left of the spinal cord. Constantly a movement, an interplay and a reversal is going on. IHealing, 211:in the mental science movements, in the Unity movement, and in Christian Science. Instead ofHealing, 223:who find themselves in the path of war. This movement of millions of men everywhere is one of theHealing, 299:all forms of Himself, producing excess of movement, endless extension, abundant growth and undueHealing, 398:clear as regards the great spiritualistic movement which has done so much in the past to prove theHealing, 418:of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement. This middle period produces incidentallyHealing, 447:will cause a stirring, a changed measure, a new movement and momentum, an uprising and a consequentHealing, 491:which certain schools of thought in the movement teach and practice. The man, in his astral body,Healing, 542:suddenly upon the heart, causing equally sudden movement in the blood stream, and thus of theHercules, 146:into electricity, and that of heat into movement. To what extent, then, can human energies beHercules, 216:which, as we know, is in continuous retrograde movement through a circle of constellations whichInitiation, 59:various pupils of his, the Spiritualistic movement. He has under observation all those who areInitiation, 59:and evolution. He is behind the Labor movement throughout the world, [60] transmuting andInitiation, 61:Jesus will be specially concerned with the movement towards the last quarter of this century. OtherInitiation, 132:Rod of Power employed. When disciples initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale, the MasterMagic, 28:power (lying concealed within it) which produces movement, activity and change. This is of courseMagic, 79:the Master who occupies Himself with the Labor Movement or the betterment of social conditions.Magic, 202:units, atoms in a state of constant flux and movement and find their place in an environment of aMagic, 264:with the desired rapidity, is one of constant movement, constant changes and differentiations, andMagic, 377:be grasped and I here enumerate them: 1. The movement for the spreading of the Secret Doctrine isMagic, 409:[409] to be felt, for the modern humanistic movement with its emphasis upon the past which isMagic, 450:power lying concealed within it which produces movement, activity and change. This is of courseMagic, 492:as the astral body is in a state of restless movement, and its moods and feelings, its desires andMagic, 497:is life but no intelligent awareness; there is movement but no intelligent direction; in the caseMagic, 589:strong. One evidence of the success of the world movement towards pure living and the destructionMeditation, 24:is beginning to permeate, much as yeast causes a movement and a rising in a mass of dough. The manMeditation, 55:gave the first vibratory note and started the movement of the spheres - solar or atomic. ItMeditation, 74:pulsation can be seen, but there is no circular movement. Period III - The divine fire now mountsMeditation, 75:in appearance, becoming unfolded, and the rotary movement becomes fourth-dimensional, turningMeditation, 95:mental body by inhibiting or suppressing all movement, he will arrest these thought-forms withinMeditation, 117:the Theosophical Society, the Christian Science movement, the New Thought workers and theMeditation, 117:of endeavor that may surprise you, - I mean the movement of the Soviet in Russia and all theMeditation, 128:and of set forms, coupled to regulated rhythmic movement, will be found a meeting place for the twoMeditation, 166:vibration, for causing fourth dimensional movement, and for the complete vivification of theMeditation, 196:1920 Rhythm might be expressed as that cadenced movement which automatically sways those who employMeditation, 197:of the two subtler vehicles. By this rhythmic movement: The force that is tapped in this manner isMeditation, 197:is one of the main objects of the true rhythmic movement, distortions of which come down to usMeditation, 197:found the corruptest manifestation of rhythmic movement, and the main effect of the rhythm is theMeditation, 198:of the sex organs. In the true use of rhythmic movement the effect is to align the three lowerMeditation, 198:(which are the result of the geometrical movement of the concourse gathered in that HimalayanMeditation, 199:the combination of music, chanting, and rhythmic movement will be comprehended, and it will beMeditation, 199:purificatory efficacy of ordered sound joined to movement and unity; the constructive effect on theMeditation, 199:culture and the intensification of the rotary movement will be definitely undertaken. Another angleMeditation, 232:at a certain measure, and when its action and movement is impeded or unimpeded by the materialMeditation, 238:conjunction with other methods such as music or movement, or in connection with stated mantrams,Meditation, 290:heightening, which takes the form of a ripple or movement in the head. [291] At first it may beMeditation, 300:if it can in any way be accomplished, purpose a movement that has in view the harnessing of theMeditation, 309:as the esoteric sections of the Theosophical movement, and others. The work in Britain, America andMeditation, 337:is simply a great reflector. It takes color and movement from its surroundings. It receives theProblems, 5:have given place to the speed and the rapid movement (the almost unbelievably rapid movement) andProblems, 5:rapid movement (the almost unbelievably rapid movement) and transportation facilities of theProblems, 30:relations. Slowly but surely, this educational movement will inevitably produce right understandingProblems, 35:to see what the goal of the new educational movement should be and what are the signposts on theProblems, 76:and their just rights. The Labor Union movement came into being eventually with its formidableProblems, 76:the union leaders came to the surface of the movement. Some of the employers, who had the bestProblems, 77:national organizations everywhere. The Labor Movement is itself now capitalistic. Problems, 77:the labor unions was, in fact, a great spiritual movement, leading to the uprising anew of theProblems, 77:in the race. Yet all is not well with the labor movement. The question arises whether it is notProblems, 78:norm of humanity lies at the heart of the labor movement. We need to grasp somewhat this picture ofProblems, 97:in agriculture, except lately under the Zionist Movement in Palestine. To their extremelyProblems, 157:be added the activities of the spiritualistic movement, not from the angle of its emphasis uponProblems, 158:them to participate in that great planetary movement - now slowly taking place - whereby GodProblems, 179:will be forced to recognize the potency of the movement; eventually the numerical strength of theProblems, 179:heard on behalf of right human relations. This movement is already gathering momentum. In manyPsychology1, xxv:structure of truth. These rays are in constant movement and circulation, and demonstrate anPsychology1, 94:there nothing but matter or energies in constant movement which produce the appearances of men whoPsychology1, 107:the world today. As you know, the spiritualistic movement is producing a vast amount of thisPsychology1, 165:of Papal Infallibility. The Tractarian Movement in England started at the same time, whilst thePsychology1, 166:to come. It is interesting to note chat this movement was started by a secret society which hasPsychology1, 372:produces those initial reactions to organized movement and ritual which, at the close of our greatPsychology1, 381:for the tremendous growth of the spiritualistic movement, and for the enormous increase in thePsychology2, 61:principle and makes activity and the needed movement possible. But there is more to manifestationPsychology2, 145:and embody the group aspiration in an organized movement, which, it will be noted is quite distinctPsychology2, 168:measure up to my desire.' Loud voices, and a movement from outside the darkened chamber where thePsychology2, 171:which was space. The other room was full of movement, a sound of great activity, a chaos withoutPsychology2, 284:The reflection of intelligent activity or divine movement. [285] The impulse to act, to bePsychology2, 339:that we have a threefold process and a fivefold movement. The centers below the diaphragm are thePsychology2, 455:capable of clear thinking and the free movement of the chitta or mind stuff. It is necessary,Psychology2, 486:to ponder on this statement. The Oxford Group Movement has also laid much stress on the need forPsychology2, 516:as if they were opposing currents of force: The movement, tending towards the extraversion or thePsychology2, 517:yet a potency in the planetary life. [517] The movement towards the introversion or the "turningPsychology2, 517:three levels of human awareness. It is this dual movement - outward and inward - which is thePsychology2, 645:individuals, they are. As part of a great world movement, with a spiritual basis and expressive ofPsychology2, 675:will be forced to recognize the potency of this movement towards peace, internationalPsychology2, 725:other that there would emerge a united inner movement - working out through the separated outerPsychology2, 726:of individual and group interest to the general movement towards world understanding and
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