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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVEMENTS

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Astrology, 12:of those manifold Lives Whose "energetic movements" he must perforce share because his smallAstrology, 257:represents the four critical points or movements in the span of existence of the soul inAstrology, 308:is rife about it, owing to certain unexplained movements of the planet Neptune. It is through thisAstrology, 460:these energy streams will demonstrate two major movements: A downflow of energy from an emanatingAstrology, 486:can be seen today in the trend of all the new movements, in the formulation of the various worldAstrology, 486:spiritual and mental organizations and movements which indicate to directly the awakening of theAutobiography, 219:that the French are the leaders in all civilized movements. All that sort of thing has to go. IAutobiography, 256:brought before the general public by such movements as the I AM movement are a travesty of theAutobiography, 256:The Masters portrayed in the many theosophical movements (since the time of H.P.B.) are notAutobiography, 297:days less worthy than the host of world welfare movements and activities that are arisingAutobiography, 300:but inevitably not very long thereafter. Those movements in the world of spiritual nature thatBethlehem, 29:aspiration is responsible for the great national movements seen in so many countries. At the sameDiscipleship1, 214:individuals. Study now world psychology and mass movements. Together we go forward to a widerDiscipleship1, 263:of your soul is limited by your physical plane movements. More rapid coordination between the innerDiscipleship2, 81:expansion and growth and for the progress of all movements, particularly those oriented to the workDiscipleship2, 295:an understanding goodwill. The world is full of movements for relief and for the amelioration ofDiscipleship2, 339:brain, but time as it represents evolutionary movements, resulting in an achieved though constantlyDiscipleship2, 592:in 1825, and brought about the major welfare movements, led to the organization of the groups whichDiscipleship2, 592:betterment, aided in the founding of the labor movements which were founded on right motive,Discipleship2, 592:relations. Success is assured, though movements may progress slowly... It is the massed endeavorDiscipleship2, 678:to do differ from the thousands of goodwill movements so ardently and actively working in the worldDiscipleship2, 683:inner side of life and who deal with the mass movements and reactions of humanity, and who haveEducation, 53:hence the philanthropic, goodwill and welfare movements of today. It will make possible,Education, 63:types will sponsor sees all events and world movements and national governments, plus all politicalEducation, 106:The growth of societies, organizations and mass movements for the betterment of humanityExternalisation, 10:cause of concern to the best minds in all the movements which foster Mediumship. A Mediumship whichExternalisation, 13:and spiritual expression. I appeal to such movements as the Psychical Research Societies in theExternalisation, 14:has been real and essential, but if these movements are to avail themselves of the coming inflow ofExternalisation, 74:consciousness and not upon the superficial movements. This awakening goes on apace and, myExternalisation, 106:in the immediate and rapid growth of all movements towards peace, world understanding, goodwill,Externalisation, 184:this about; Great Britain knew nothing of the movements of Alexander; the peoples of America knewExternalisation, 186:the educational systems, and the welfare movements throughout the world. The progress of the humanExternalisation, 242:dream. It is already happening. Embryonic movements toward this world synthesis are already beingExternalisation, 381:and cooperative activity. It seeks to aid all movements that benefit humanity and are in line withExternalisation, 407:are directed. From it the great political movements and the destiny of races and nations and theirExternalisation, 407:progress are determined, just as the religious movements, the cultural unfoldments and spiritualExternalisation, 448:the ground for coming world happenings. All true movements conditioning long cycles in worldExternalisation, 506:He controls and transmutes the great active movements which endeavor to strip the veil from theExternalisation, 506:has much to do with various psychical research movements throughout the world. With the aid ofExternalisation, 507:of the world, with great philanthropic world movements such as the Red Cross, and with the rapidlyExternalisation, 507:Cross, and with the rapidly developing welfare movements. His work also embraces teaching, and HeExternalisation, 511:to the inner pressure. But in all of these three movements, disciples of the Great Ones are to beExternalisation, 539:as It will eventually do, the religious movements or churches in all lands, or the educational workExternalisation, 539:with the aiding of humanity through welfare movements. It was felt that it was necessary forExternalisation, 546:of those who are affiliated with the three movements which demonstrate the part I have sought toExternalisation, 570:cities and the custodians of all public ethical movements. The spiritual forcefulness of theirExternalisation, 583:their way into politics, into the educational movements and into science; they will work asExternalisation, 584:of humanitarianism which will lie behind all movements towards world socialization in the variousExternalisation, 589:the Hierarchy which has colored all the occult movements and the various Theosophical andExternalisation, 601:they are building those new organizations, movements and groups - large or small - which willExternalisation, 629:Christian Science Church, and many New Thought movements always manage to accumulate the requiredExternalisation, 665:Plan. It is well to bear in mind that all great movements on earth demonstrate both good and evil;Externalisation, 669:work of Men of Goodwill and through all goodwill movements in the world at this time. Goodwill isExternalisation, 677:it must be remembered that the forerunner of all movements which appear upon the physical plane isExternalisation, 677:by a disciple upon the seventh ray. All world movements are, as well you know, externalizations ofExternalisation, 679:schools and ideologies, with their attendant movements and organizations; out of all these, orderFire, 41:this ray and its expression. It controls the movements of the entire ring-pass-not in connectionFire, 45:the rotary, the forward, and the spiral cyclic movements are working in perfect synthesis then theFire, 194:of proportion, and enables him to adjust his movements to the movements of others. Taste gives himFire, 194:and enables him to adjust his movements to the movements of others. Taste gives him an idea ofFire, 258:largely the action of our system and its movements in space in relation to other constellations.Fire, 457:He works through various organizations and movements including Masonry. He is one of the MastersFire, 759:lines. It is interesting to note that those movements which have laid the emphasis so strongly onFire, 759:to the inflow of force at the Coming than other movements which consider themselves very advanced.Fire, 874:of God is driven aside by the energy of His movements, and the real Man stands revealed, yetFire, 979:has ever been realized by all leaders of occult movements. That most occult order of Pythagoras atFire, 1080:It is needless for me to point out that all such movements are first felt as disturbing, and onlyHealing, 211:go astray, particularly in the mental science movements, in the Unity movement, and in ChristianHealing, 525:overlooked by the so-called healers in such movements as Christian Science, Unity and others.Healing, 602:of the form and away from the energy and its movements. The rule here requires that the healer,Hercules, 78:huntress of the woods of God, followed the movements of the doe and, when due cause arose, theyHercules, 192:lies ahead, that is what the United Nations, movements for international peace and other groups inHercules, 201:burden of leading humanity. They are starting movements that have in them the new vibration, theyInitiation, 57:world, and with the great philanthropic world movements [58] such as the Red Cross. He occupiesInitiation, 59:intuition, and controls and transmutes the great movements that tend to strip the veil from theInitiation, 60:Master upon the fourth ray, and the great art movements of the world, the evolution of music, andInitiation, 132:in the founding of great and [132] important movements. In all lesser movements for the helping ofInitiation, 132:and [132] important movements. In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated byIntellect, 241:of men, and to it can be traced all the forward movements of the present time, all organization ofMagic, 131:to our lower plane vision. [131] In all great movements you have some thought or aggregation ofMagic, 321:yearning found in every human being, through all movements that have for their objective theMagic, 339:organizations, fraternities, clubs, leagues and movements which have for their objective the upliftMagic, 354:a Great Brotherhood, pledged to serve humanity. Movements are being set on foot to transmute, ifMagic, 399:group remain with us in the modern Masonic movements, and the work of the Hierarchy was thusMagic, 407:which was totally unknown in the year 1500. Movements such as the Red Cross, educationalMagic, 588:path of probation. Through welfare and uplift movements and the wide spread of sanitation, the workMeditation, 117:it may be in social work such as in the labor movements or in the political arena; or it may be inMeditation, 117:or it may be in the more definitely pioneer movements of the world, such as the TheosophicalMeditation, 198:a certain mantram by means of the slow, measured movements that accompany that chanting, the funnelMeditation, 200:of set mantrams, and by the following of certain movements they will cause the focal point of theProblems, 5:of the race of men. The slow and restricted movements of the primitive races of mankind have givenProblems, 33:endorsing these ideas; the progressive movements in education have done something to remove oldProblems, 75:World conditions tended in the same direction. Movements of every kind became possible, symbolizingProblems, 78:interrelation now established between labor movements all over the world, nothing today can stopProblems, 78:based on both the capitalistic and the labor movements, to see this entire picture realisticallyProblems, 138:is controlled by reactionary minds. The movements towards the reorganization of the churches whichProblems, 158:humanity, through organized and spiritual movements, for the fifth imminent Approach; the methodPsychology1, 105:to ascertain His identity. He works through movements and schools of thought, and does no work withPsychology1, 105:does in stimulating the minds of the leaders of movements. He works with them on the mental plane,Psychology1, 175:on. The originators of these various national movements are often ignorant of the impulses which
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