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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVES

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Astrology, 330:light in Gemini. [330] Libra - The Light that moves to rest. This is the light that oscillatesAstrology, 333:The Light of Life 3. Gemini, Keynote: Gemini moves towards Libra Mutation of relation OrientationAstrology, 370:action of the wheel. The wheel, therefore, moves not only clockwise, but both ways at once and alsoAstrology, 398:Taurus and from Taurus to Scorpio. This cycle of moves constitutes (with the greater cycle) aAstrology, 424:or microcosmic. Hence, the Will of God moves the worlds and the Love of God determines results. InAstrology, 444:condition and a quiescent attitude, the process moves but slowly; the life then within the formAstrology, 555:four energies govern and direct the soul as it moves forward upon the Path of Initiation.Astrology, 562:reversed wheel of the zodiac, A.A.B.) he forward moves. A new light enters in. The Seven SistersAstrology, 617:and Humanity. From thence the transmitting Life moves outward into all the other kingdoms ofAstrology, 622:and throughout the period wherein our planet moves from the position of a non-sacred to a sacredBethlehem, 38:from the great flood within which it moves." - The Value and Destiny of the Individual, by B.Bethlehem, 53:power which maketh all things new. It lives and moves in those who know the Self as One. May thatBethlehem, 87:between the inner wish and outer reality. As man moves toward acceptance of the universe, towardBethlehem, 87:without, and as both elements expand, the soul moves towards greatness." (Italics are mine. A.A.B.)Bethlehem, 87:of all a soul can be), the individual initiate - moves on towards greatness. The mission of theBethlehem, 113:the balance is achieved and, from then on, he moves towards that which is divine. It might profitBethlehem, 142:and standardized by mass psychology. He moves in rhythm with the mass of men; he thinks as theyBethlehem, 147:Under the impact of the evolutionary urge God moves towards fuller recognition. "Purification" isBethlehem, 202:the carnal man, sin becomes impossible, and man moves on towards greatness. The wordBethlehem, 233:the slow processes of nature. Evolution moves slowly, and it is only today that we are truly on theBethlehem, 246:organized on earth. And still the risen Christ moves among us, often unrecognized, but busy withBethlehem, 254:who have been made Divine. The kingdom of God moves on to fulfilment. The purpose of Christ's life,Destiny, 147:as well you know, the period wherein the sun moves northward again has been regarded as a festivalDiscipleship1, 92:Once he does so, the die is cast. He either moves forward towards the door of light where theDiscipleship1, 210:saying to yourself inaudibly: "The will of God moves the world." This is the thought lying behindDiscipleship1, 230:be desirable. See to it that by the time the sun moves northward, you will have so assimilated theDiscipleship1, 276:We facilitate or hinder these expansions by the moves we make; we hasten or delay our growth by ourDiscipleship1, 354:life. Your active and enquiring mind, therefore, moves in the direction of the rendering of serviceDiscipleship1, 359:power which maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one. May thatDiscipleship1, 392:to be so, then on the first day on which the Sun moves northward, answer these questions in myDiscipleship1, 428:changes and difficulties, the group persists and moves forward in strength. There is no need forDiscipleship1, 462:I work as doth the ant. With speed I travel as moves the hare upon its path. With joy I climb asDiscipleship1, 515:that I need to do or can do. Until "the sun moves northward," your work is difficult and yet of soDiscipleship1, 537:a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one. May thatDiscipleship1, 576:your problems? Your intensely active mind which moves from personalities to the Plan, from the NewDiscipleship1, 601:a whole has been set back by you, for the group moves forward as a group; though the individualsDiscipleship1, 663:are already forged. The life of the disciple moves forward through moments of crisis. These crisesDiscipleship1, 723:first one and then the other; betwixt the two he moves. A transformation must be wrought; the twoDiscipleship1, 754:and the radiation, emanating from an Ashram, he moves forward into that sphere of influence. ThatDiscipleship1, 759:[759] but also with his physical brain. He moves within the aura in his daily physical plane life.Discipleship2, 28:from astral limitations, and by the time the sun moves northward she too will be working entirelyDiscipleship2, 59:made all over the world, as to whether humanity moves forward into a New Age of cooperation and ofDiscipleship2, 60:negation of all effort as the result of decisive moves, nor will it result in the emergence ofDiscipleship2, 82:to manifestation will [82] make possible certain moves and will clear away some (though not all) ofDiscipleship2, 292:purpose and to the world in which Sanat Kumara moves and which we call Shamballa. I have impressedDiscipleship2, 309:[309] From point to point he goes and the Way moves upward all the time - out of the dark into theDiscipleship2, 309:from night to dawn. From point to point he moves and at each point he gets new revelation. Five areDiscipleship2, 311:of the relative darkness in which it at present moves. Discipleship2, 332:the Ashram react in some way or another; no one moves forward upon the Path without creating a newDiscipleship2, 381:does not thereby hold back the group. The group moves forward through the door when all theDiscipleship2, 394:soul, and under the influences of the Master, he moves forward from darkness to light; he discoversDiscipleship2, 396:the negative aspect of these words. The disciple moves always in a world of energies; they make anDiscipleship2, 420:with the world of significances. He only moves forward again, dropping then the static attitude,Discipleship2, 437:(when blended) represent two great lights; as he moves forward again, he now blends with theseDiscipleship2, 483:giving all of himself to all whom he meets. He moves outward spontaneously when someone comesDiscipleship2, 561:the Master in his Ashram. The Master waits. He moves not forth but quietly radiates. The chelaDiscipleship2, 596:Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. NextDiscipleship2, 668:use?) to fill higher office when the Christ moves on to other work than that of the World Teacher.Discipleship2, 721:and thinks beneath the cloister's shade [721] moves not. He writes, and measures to, the taskDiscipleship2, 737:indicated lines and that, having decided, he now moves slowly in the wake of that energy. There areEducation, 43:as constituting one world with two aspects. He moves with equal freedom in both worlds, and withEducation, 53:This will indicate to you how slowly evolution moves. The new religion has been made possible byEducation, 60:the mystery and the universality of that which moves the worlds and underlies the evolutionaryExternalisation, 192:directing Intelligence in Whom man lives, and moves and has his being. The difficulties confrontingExternalisation, 220:The responsibility for the immediate world moves and the present gigantic national enterprises isExternalisation, 314:activity and [314] work. From now until the Sun moves northward, I would ask each of you to doExternalisation, 389:of the spiritual year and the time that the Sun moves northward. The greatest Approach of all timeExternalisation, 402:spirit and matter); the period in which the Sun moves northward and the period when it travels onExternalisation, 461:world situation a grand opportunity to engineer moves which will benefit an individual, a class orExternalisation, 518:vitally for but a brief period; with rapidity it moves through its cycle; with rapidity itExternalisation, 569:physical nature has been one of the preparatory moves. Another has been the achievement of a wideExternalisation, 602:nature of the two earlier and preparatory moves, already made by the Hierarchy under His direction,Externalisation, 644:Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work thanFire, 31:out the lesser threes. The wheel of life still moves within the form. The devas of the fourthFire, 116:and the dangers that must be offset. Evolution moves so slowly from man's point of view that itFire, 136:this Kundalini shakti is that which, when it moves to manifest itself, appears as the Universe. ToFire, 195:The Law of Attraction works, the consciousness moves slowly outwards towards that which is heard;Fire, 210:or triangles, by the action of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner. There is a definiteFire, 598:from the angle of logoic sight, [598] the whole moves in unison, and is geometrically accurate. InFire, 862:organized, and when aroused by egoic energy moves violently. Astral substance is played upon by twoFire, 1059:a staggering concept. Yet so it is, and so all moves forward to some unfathomable and magnificentFire, 1279:Deep is the essence, and sheathed by that which moves. Profound the darkness, lost in the heart ofGlamour, 54:of that phenomenal miasma in which humanity moves. For the purposes of clarity and in order toGlamour, 54:between the forms of illusion in which the soul moves, and from which it must liberate itself, itGlamour, 180:this necessity. The [180] tide of life moves from East to West as moves the sun, and those who inGlamour, 180:[180] tide of life moves from East to West as moves the sun, and those who in past centuries struckGlamour, 243:would be no more waste motion, no more mistaken moves and no more false interpretations, noGlamour, 244:pattern or with the forces which he employs. He moves in the world of maya, free from all illusion,Glamour, 246:the basis of all astrological influences. Man moves, therefore, in a whirlpool of forces of allHealing, 140:that great ocean of Being in which he lives and moves - ceaselessly in motion until such time asHealing, 172:unenlightened humanity) [172] lives and moves and has its being. Humanity is conditioned by desireHealing, 191:of that body in which the human being moves and lives - along sound or unsound lines; we areHealing, 293:has absolutely no control, but within which he moves and which he shares. It is obviouslyHealing, 328:in which an individual primarily lives and moves and has the focus of his being is, for instance,Hercules, 136:of a mathematical problem', a solution which moves on with extreme ease', with the utmostInitiation, 42:nothing is left to sudden eventuation, but all moves in ordered cycles and under rule and law,Initiation, 128:or triangles - by the following of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner. There is a definiteIntellect, 134:in which that which we call the soul lives and moves. The true student of meditation learns to beIntellect, 161:is surely what we might expect to occur as man moves towards higher centers of consciousness. HisIntellect, 228:a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one." [229]
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