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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MOVES

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Magic, 11:of that Being in which he lives and moves. He learns that that impulse demonstrates an intelligentMagic, 23:relationship to the life in Whom he lives and moves and has his being, is touched upon from theMagic, 371:It lives vitally for a brief period; it moves with rapidity and then is succeeded by another form.Magic, 616:Nothing appears but water. Beneath his feet it moves, around him, and above his head. He cannotMeditation, 101:come into greater activity, relapsing as the sun moves further away, into a less active condition.Meditation, 111:aims in view. When, therefore, the wise Teacher moves among men and Himself apportions meditation,Meditation, 153:them for you so that later when the Teacher moves among men He may find ready apprehension amongMeditation, 271:Master We now come to the time when the disciple moves on to the much coveted position of a "Son ofMeditation, 325:that period being that in which the sun moves northward or the earlier half of the year, and aPatanjali, 33:Existences in which man himself "lives and moves and has his being" (Acts XVII, 28.) and to WhosePatanjali, 77:of this sutra, "The psychic nature [77] moves to gracious peace," and the man expressesPatanjali, 178:soul, and the world wherein the soul normally moves. The aspirant becomes aware of a part ofPatanjali, 225:energy of the great Life in whom he lives and moves and has his being. This is the basis of thePatanjali, 385:in Whom we live and move and have our being, moves on to greater achievement, so the cells andProblems, 22:and distrusted by the world, owing to earlier moves falsely taken. These moves were an attempt toProblems, 22:owing to earlier moves falsely taken. These moves were an attempt to infiltrate into other nations,Problems, 90:these cycles, the triumphant spirit of man moves on from height to height, from attainment toProblems, 93:protect her "lifeline" to the East by political moves in the Near East; France is attempting toPsychology1, 108:which will enable them to make the right moves in the emergence of the race into greater freedom.Psychology1, 195:be the study of forces, and that the occultist moves in the worlds of force, but these are also thePsychology1, 257:to produce major results or to inaugurate new moves whereby the divine Plan may be more rapidlyPsychology2, 4:Lives and of the Life in which all "lives and moves and has its being." The unfoldment of the humanPsychology2, 236:being misapplied and prematurely enforced. All moves towards national and world synthesis are goodPsychology2, 275:when he shifts off the probationary path and moves on to the path of discipleship. This is thePsychology2, 388:of the phenomenal man. "The spirit of God moves upon the face of the waters." From thence to thePsychology2, 465:lives; and into the environment in which he moves. He has released within himself a world of soundPsychology2, 595:the practice of breathing exercises definitely moves the forces flowing through the "nadis" andRays, 21:and space and cannot hold the group. It onward moves in life. Rule VII For Applicants: Let theRays, 41:enters into the heart of the initiate, then he moves outward through that heart into full lifeRays, 58:for evolution (especially in the earlier stages) moves slowly. In the postwar period and when theRays, 72:in his two-fold nature (soul and personality), moves forward. No longer is his point of tensionRays, 72:the group of which he is now a recognized part, moves forward. For the initiate (as I have earlierRays, 72:also the loneliness of the initiate as he moves forward. He does not yet understand all that hisRays, 124:and space and cannot hold the group. It onward moves in life. I find it extremely difficult toRays, 130:determination to cooperate unwaveringly with the moves and plans made by the world Directors, thatRays, 132:moments. A new life-expression appears which moves onward freed from all form yet subject still toRays, 140:both of these experiences the human being moves until his individual will is developed andRays, 141:of the intention of the One in Whom he lives and moves and has his being becomes clear to him; heRays, 145:are part of a great [145] observing Group which "moves forward in time and space"; its membersRays, 149:of triadal existence (in which the initiate moves) is definitely an advance into simplicity. It isRays, 195:progress, and to the entire human family as it moves onward upon the Path of Evolution. They areRays, 197:deep spiritual darkness in which the average man moves, through the blindness of which Saul ofRays, 226:into the greater Whole. The initiate then moves onward in life and not in consciousness - a conceptRays, 265:his attitude to that in which he lives and moves and has his being. This goes on until he sees noRays, 266:in the world of [266] energies in which he moves, making him an unimpeded channel for energy and,Rays, 282:self-imposed ring-pass-not. From thence he never moves, but is aware all the time of all thatRays, 286:meaning is the world in which the soul lives and moves with intention and understanding; the worldRays, 292:now preoccupied with that in which he lives and moves and has his being. His interests are with theRays, 342:one initiation to another, that each time he moves forward on the path or penetrates into the heartRays, 391:liberation from all ray limitations. As He moves forward on the Higher Way, He will find Himself,Rays, 398:will assume the role of World Teacher. All these moves present their unique problems; they produceRays, 440:and unimpeded and in that world the Master moves and works. Becoming is complex, imprisoning,Rays, 471:unrestricted as regards that greater Life which moves within still other and greater definedRays, 471:Within the planetary ring-pass-not the initiate moves with freedom and knows no limitation inRays, 542:- and it is taking place - the Hierarchy Itself moves nearer to a conscious fusion with Humanity.Rays, 546:back to the Master. Later on, as a disciple moves forward into light and is simultaneously aRays, 550:This world of energy in which he lives and moves and has his being is the living, organized vehicleRays, 562:process he has just undergone. He then moves into a new stage of conscious contact within theRays, 607:formless living wherein the Hierarchy lives and moves and has its being, conflict, which hasRays, 642:light which is in Him and in which He lives and moves and functions serves a dual purpose: [643] ItRays, 717:Kumara has created this planet and all that moves and lives therein in order to bring about aRays, 732:Existence in which our planetary Logos lives and moves and has His being. This is the "life moreRays, 736:it also as attraction, the sensitivity which moves outward until it attracts and draws to itselfRays, 738:leaving greater beauty behind it as it moves through one form after another and from kingdom toReappearance, 49:nature of the two earlier and preparatory moves, already made by the Hierarchy under His direction,Reappearance, 165:facts upon Earth before Christ again moves amongst us. It is, however, necessary that this attitudeSoul, 59:and in it the etheric counterpart lives and moves and has its being. Energy is thus functioningSoul, 70:Sense connection within which his consciousness moves freely. He is free to lay the emphasisSoul, 141:aspect, the mechanism through which the soul moves and expresses itself. This gland is concernedTelepathy, 59:by a trained sensitivity, the disciple moves. He unfolds a spiritual recognition which isTelepathy, 81:This high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outward along the seven rays, viewing them asTelepathy, 98:the etheric vehicle) every individual lives and moves and has his being; it is this living, vitalTelepathy, 104:to ashramic impression and contact. Then he moves out of the group of mental sensitives listedTelepathy, 150:play of energy varies in time and space, and moves lethargically, rapidly or rhythmically according
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