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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MULTITUDE

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Bethlehem, 10:of being and of understanding which is, to the multitude, a sealed mystery. The glory of theBethlehem, 47:who have entered into the kingdom call to the multitude today in no uncertain terms, and the issueBethlehem, 74:the dreams and visions and aspirations of the multitude, so real and deep that the nationsBethlehem, 122:Christ gave a little time to the feeding of the multitude. He gave much time to teaching them theBethlehem, 179:Himself they all bear testimony, and by the multitude of witnesses the fact is surely established.Bethlehem, 258:Mysteries. Then the Buddha came and spoke to the multitude, telling them what was the source ofDestiny, 134:this will be forced upon science because of the multitude of reliable people who will possess themDiscipleship1, 181:and life today is so intense and full that a multitude of words might fall on ears stunned by theDiscipleship1, 436:force and living wisdom that you can serve a multitude. You can serve them from there without theDiscipleship2, 31:telepathically registered and coming [31] from a multitude of thinkers and minds. These work bothDiscipleship2, 622:knows that a hint from me is worth more than a multitude of words from her or from anyone else. SheEducation, 75:custom and tuition have enforced. Add to this a multitude of misunderstandings on the part ofExternalisation, 108:subjective oft unexpressed reactions of the multitude and never by the outer happenings upon theExternalisation, 469:vague place of eternal punishment. To this vast multitude (probably the majority) His love andExternalisation, 611:of the Knowers of God and the expectant multitude. The intelligence of divinity is vested in theFire, 743:wheat, and storeth it up for the feeding of the multitude. Over all this deva host the mystic GoatFire, 786:The energy thus generated swings into activity a multitude of little lives which proceed to build aFire, 889:therefore, the recipients of force, or the multitude of lives of an elemental nature which form theFire, 977:of Speech The old Scripture saith: "In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin," (Bible. Prov.Fire, 1263:draws the "water of life" and carries it to the multitude. This force from the Pole Star, viaHealing, 194:body in which it is found, including the multitude of lesser centers of energy and plexi of forceHealing, 205:not here to the medical profession but to the multitude of the many schools of thought) have notHercules, 11:planet is itself an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units, and that man himself isHercules, 155:to Stymphalus. Before him lay the fetid marsh. A multitude of birds cawed raucously, a chorusIntellect, 165:and as intermediaries between the non-telepathic multitude and the eternal fountain of wisdom. ToIntellect, 208:with the mechanics of housekeeping, with a multitude of petty activities and pointlessIntellect, 209:Bo tree. We live in the midst of a thronging multitude and a chaotic situation which makes allMagic, 142:and so to accomplish its purpose. Only as the multitude of spoken words is reduced, and silence inMagic, 475:to the mind. They live in the memory of the multitude and that which lives is the sound of theirMeditation, 116:[116] itself is his sphere of service and the multitude those whom he assists. He has to serve in aProblems, 115:turn, a tiny minority in comparison to the vast multitude of human beings peopling our earth; theirPsychology1, 157:to the soul for recognition. It is not the multitude of words read which is of moment, but thePsychology2, 167:Life The Direction of Ray III "Surrounded by a multitude of threads, buried in folds and folds ofPsychology2, 238:imaginings, and the vision gets hidden behind a multitude of words, both spoken and written. StillPsychology2, 501:forms, created by the similar wishes of the multitude, will be found to meet his desire and - onReappearance, 59:of the Knowers of God and the expectant multitude. The intelligence of divinity is vested in theReappearance, 64:years a silent, passive Figure, hidden behind a multitude of words written by a multitude of menReappearance, 64:hidden behind a multitude of words written by a multitude of men (commentators and preachers). TheSoul, 20:induction, but a valid induction, supported by a multitude of detailed facts." - Berman, Louis,
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