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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MUNDI

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Astrology, 112:to the passage of the soul (this time the anima mundi or world soul) from Aries to Pisces, viaAstrology, 112:Pisces, via Taurus and not vice versa. The anima mundi on the involutionary arc proceeds this wayAstrology, 112:and not as the personality proceeds. The anima mundi passes to Pisces at the close of every greatAstrology, 113:of nature. These are the expression of the anima mundi or of the world soul. Humanity, theAstrology, 121:consciousness; it is the Cross of the anima mundi and of the human soul before the consciousness ofAstrology, 122:through the signs, is felt largely in the anima mundi and in the hidden, incarnated and imprisonedAstrology, 136:bondage, in Aquarius, substance and the anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutualAstrology, 295:theme of the divine plan - the soul as the anima mundi, or the soul of the world, animating allAstrology, 296:the greater whole. The physical Sun - the anima mundi; the animal soul. Multiplicity. The heart ofAstrology, 470:dual energy, a potent expression of the anima mundi or the soul of the world. It was the,Discipleship2, 158:attribute of enlightenment, includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the human soul, and thatDiscipleship2, 436:the light of what we call the light of the anima mundi; in this initiate experience the light ofEducation, 67:such misleading wording); it is also the anima mundi in the world as a whole. Esotericism.Externalisation, 59:academic by disposition. The nature of the anima mundi, the fact of the subjective consciousnessExternalisation, 492:the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundly interestedExternalisation, 676:planetary Logos, because that soul is the anima mundi and the soul of all forms in all kingdoms.Fire, 237:Ray of Intelligence. This is the anima mundi, the soul of the world. The Primordial Ray is theFire, 365:is psychic, and based on the unity of the anima mundi. It is only possible at those periods whenFire, 1235:and energies hidden in the akasha and the anima. mundi. A man can then (as his soul contact and hisHealing, 424:within the etheric world in which the anima mundi, the animal soul and the human soul areMagic, 21:called the soul of all things, the anima mundi, the underlying consciousness. In dealing with theMagic, 33:borne in mind that the soul of matter, the anima mundi, is the sentient factor in substance itself.Magic, 47:of the zodiacal and cosmic influences. The anima mundi is that which lies back of the web of life.Magic, 49:structure and thus is a symbol of the anima mundi, or the world soul, but is indivisible, coherentMagic, 100:in all forms, through the medium of the anima mundi, the world soul. Physically speaking, this canMagic, 285:purely physical, others related to the Anima Mundi, the World Soul, and others unknown as yet,Magic, 524:all things and which has been termed the "anima mundi" - the life and soul of the One in whom allPatanjali, 306:and consequently full contact with the anima mundi was the dominant factor. As time elapsed, thePatanjali, 346:himself. This is due to the fact that the anima mundi, or soul of the world, is universally spreadPatanjali, 378:soul in man being en rapport with the anima mundi or the soul of the world, the subjective side ofPsychology1, 131:forgotten that the soul of all things, the anima mundi, as it expresses itself through all the fourPsychology2, 556:nature of the cosmic Christ, or the anima mundi, the soul of the world. This inclusiveness tendsRays, 17:things, lying largely in the realm of the anima mundi; of this great sumtotal the human soul andSoul, 75:Principle, the Soul of the World, the Anima Mundi, the all pervading Ether (Akasha) of space. ThisTelepathy, 101:invocation of conscious response from the anima mundi or from the subconscious soul of all things,Telepathy, 130:things or of all forms, beginning with the anima mundi and reaching its highest point of expression
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