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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MUTABLE

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Astrology, 50:Second Creative Hierarchy (the 11th) Unknown The Mutable Cross: 3. Pleiades Gemini SagittariusAstrology, 80:Crosses: The Cardinal Cross The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross a. Initiation Discipleship EvolutionAstrology, 81:Old Commentary: "The Cross of many changes (the Mutable Cross. A.A.B.) continues with its whirling,Astrology, 82:these three astrological crosses, the Common or Mutable Cross, the Fixed Cross and the CardinalAstrology, 84:his life cycle. The Crisis of Incarnation - The Mutable Cross The Mounting of the Wheel -Astrology, 92:and mounted in its place the Common or Mutable Cross, he no longer identifies himself with form orAstrology, 95:sequence of the transference from off the Mutable or Common Cross on to the Fixed Cross. Therefore,Astrology, 96:his release from the control of the Common or Mutable Cross. It is interesting to note that each ofAstrology, 96:cross Scorpio - The fixed cross Pisces - The mutable cross It is the influence of these three whichAstrology, 104:In the early stages of evolution and upon the Mutable Cross, the consciousness is entirelyAstrology, 107:influence of the Fixed Cross, playing upon the Mutable Cross, produces those interior changes whichAstrology, 109:involved in matter, or life upon the Mutable Cross, the interlude of readjustment or struggle forAstrology, 111:Physical Sun - Form - Personality - Influencing Mutable Cross. Heart of the Sun - SoulAstrology, 117:the Cardinal Cross, he metaphorically mounts the Mutable Cross and his long term of imprisonment inAstrology, 117:from the point of view of the four arms of the Mutable Cross. The fluid, sensitive temperament inAstrology, 118:place upon the wheel through the medium of the Mutable Cross of which Pisces forms a part in theAstrology, 119:the experiences undergone on three arms of the Mutable Cross have brought him to the stage whereAstrology, 119:of the intuition. The experience upon the Mutable Cross lasts a long time, and carries the manAstrology, 119:causes reversal and the lessons gained upon the Mutable Cross have to be worked out and the effectsAstrology, 120:experience is gained only through the Mutable Cross. The man lives in and experiences in all theAstrology, 120:signs, but the influences pouring through the Mutable Cross have a more potent effect upon him thanAstrology, 120:Cross supersede in effectiveness those of the Mutable Cross, just as after the third initiation theAstrology, 120:signs along with the effects of forces of the Mutable Cross for "that which is dominated andAstrology, 121:or new cycles of the divine Adventure. This Mutable Cross, of which Pisces is one of the arms, isAstrology, 122:which is the significant consciousness of the Mutable Cross, becomes the group consciousness or theAstrology, 123:the constant variability and mutability of the Mutable Cross to certain changes of a major kindAstrology, 126:the final result of the forces of the Mutable Cross, as they work out the qualities released by theAstrology, 127:when he is preparing to transfer off the Mutable Cross and mount the Fixed Cross. He comes,Astrology, 128:aspect. [128] Six planets, therefore, govern the Mutable Cross as far as humanity is concerned andAstrology, 128:forces which work at this stage through the Mutable Cross, man is brought to a great Crisis ofAstrology, 128:earlier mastered through the experience of the Mutable Cross, and by relating them to the potenciesAstrology, 135:The low grade and undeveloped Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross manifests through a superficialAstrology, 136:for just as Pisces on the wheel of illusion, the Mutable Cross, stands for substance and bondage,Astrology, 142:of humanity. The average Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross will be, for instance, a faithfulAstrology, 144:and therefore difficult to translate: The Mutable Cross - The Cross of changing and absorbedAstrology, 144:and focused in Taurus when the man is upon the Mutable Cross and progressing around the zodiac. ItAstrology, 146:true Aquarian - after due experience upon the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross - has reached aAstrology, 147:on the three Crosses is as follows:. The Mutable Cross - Pisces The Fixed Cross - Scorpio TheAstrology, 149:upon the Fixed Cross, demonstrates upon the Mutable or Common Cross as difficulty, the versatileAstrology, 150:in the words spoken to the man [150] upon the Mutable Cross as he passes through an Aquarian cycle.Astrology, 150:that will be of value; Pisces is part of the Mutable Cross, Aquarius of the Fixed Cross, andAstrology, 151:signs are either those of commencement (upon the Mutable Cross) or of consummation (upon the FixedAstrology, 151:things. Constant mutation. Experience upon the Mutable or Common Cross. Aquarius - 3rd Aspect -Astrology, 151:aspiration. Culmination of experience upon the Mutable Cross. Aries - 1st Aspect - expressed. -Astrology, 151:Taurus and Gemini, remembering always that the Mutable Cross governs the wheel in ordinary progressAstrology, 152:The emanating cause of the changes upon the Mutable and Fixed Crosses. Taurus - The desire toAstrology, 152:only be grasped when the experiences of the Mutable Cross and of the Fixed Cross have beenAstrology, 153:the initiate. It might be stated that The Mutable Cross, in due time and when its lessons areAstrology, 154:of the word: in the early stage upon [154] the Mutable Cross, man, the blend of desire (water) andAstrology, 157:the mountain top. This is the experience of the Mutable Cross in connection with these three signs.Astrology, 160:the zodiac was then known to have ten signs. The Mutable Cross dominated, but it was then the Tau,Astrology, 161:goal of the consciousness of experience upon the Mutable Cross. You consequently have a sign inAstrology, 162:signs found in the Fixed Cross and one in the Mutable Cross conditioning and affecting the worldAstrology, 163:dominate the world." Gemini - Pisces: The Mutable Cross. "World salvation is possible today. TheAstrology, 163:or the reversed wheel, or whether he is on the Mutable or the Fixed Cross. When he has taken theAstrology, 164:into all of them stand wide open. On the Mutable Cross and on the Fixed Cross we have the so-calledAstrology, 166:Hierarchy. Second, that during the period of the Mutable Cross five constellations are concernedAstrology, 174:Egoic focus Monadic focus The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross The Fixed Cross CentralizationAstrology, 177:all the different stages, from the time of the Mutable Cross experience wherein the personality isAstrology, 182:know, Sagittarius is one of the four arms of the Mutable Cross. An idea of the general symbology ofAstrology, 183:are one and are simply the expression of great mutable, and yet fixed and initiated spiritualAstrology, 184:interesting fact which emerges as we study the Mutable Cross as a whole is connected with theAstrology, 184:These two rays govern the mass of men upon the Mutable Cross and are closely concerned with theAstrology, 185:of this process has to take form upon the Mutable Cross before the energies of the Fixed Cross canAstrology, 185:All this has perforce to be initiated upon the Mutable Cross which is essentially and significantlyAstrology, 185:essentially and significantly the Cross of the mutable, fluidic, restless mind and it is on thisAstrology, 185:When this process is proceeding, the Mutable Cross experience is over and the Cross of DiscipleshipAstrology, 185:in incarnation under the influence of the Mutable Cross in his personality life whilst he, as aAstrology, 186:can be one of the other eleven signs. The Mutable Cross - The four energies which meet "at theAstrology, 187:as he arrives at the final stages upon the Mutable Cross, and in Sagittarius achieves theAstrology, 194:of God [194] the Holy Spirit, implicit in the Mutable Cross, is closely allied to the previousAstrology, 196:its influence upon the man who is still upon the Mutable Cross. Then the energy of the PointerAstrology, 199:a man mounts the Fixed Cross and leaves the Mutable Cross. The disciple for the first, second andAstrology, 204:and therefore their expression is through the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross but not theAstrology, 241:other of the three Crosses: Gemini, the Twins - Mutable Cross - Duality. Libra, the Balances -Astrology, 242:the signs of the ordinary man. Gemini upon the Mutable Cross stands for man's humanity, whilstAstrology, 257:well know, Virgo is one of the four arms of the Mutable Cross, and - as you also know - the fourAstrology, 257:whole goal of man in four definite stages. This Mutable Cross is sometimes called "the Cross ofAstrology, 273:is, for Her, the purpose of existence - Virgo - Mutable Cross. He Who shows the light and gives theAstrology, 278:Beginning - Cardinal Cross. Gemini - Relation - Mutable Cross. Taurus - Desire - Fixed Cross.Astrology, 278:- Trial - Fixed Cross. Sagittarius - Direction - Mutable Cross. Aquarius - Service - Fixed Cross.Astrology, 278:- Service - Fixed Cross. Pisces - Salvation - Mutable Cross. Virgo - the Mother - Mutable Cross.Astrology, 278:Salvation - Mutable Cross. Virgo - the Mother - Mutable Cross. One point of interest emerges: AllAstrology, 278:of interest emerges: All the four arms of the Mutable Cross are represented in this interrelation,Astrology, 279:indicating [279] the completed activity of the Mutable Cross or of the preparatory stage ofAstrology, 279:present) as a unity, it might be said that: The Mutable Cross governed the first solar system. InAstrology, 279:the race. The fact that all four energies of the Mutable Cross, three of the Fixed Cross and two ofAstrology, 287:finding there its sustenance." This is upon the Mutable Cross of [288] ordinary material existenceAstrology, 297:is followed upon the three Crosses: Upon the Mutable Cross, it is the physical Sun and itsAstrology, 297:Zodiacal Constellations In connection with the Mutable Cross, the rays of the Sun in a threefoldAstrology, 314:the mystery of self-conscious entity, whilst the Mutable Cross holds hid the mystery of form. InAstrology, 315:serves" expresses the inner revelation of the Mutable Cross, as it was revealed to the Savior,Astrology, 315:Hercules comprehended the true meaning of the Mutable Cross and, with full knowledge, mounted theAstrology, 315:complete illumination, the meaning of both the Mutable and the Fixed Crosses, for the secret ofAstrology, 335:of the third initiation. Through a study of the Mutable Cross - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius andAstrology, 344:because all these four signs form together the Mutable Cross. A certain amount of repetition isAstrology, 345:influence within the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross. The main objective of these fourAstrology, 345:recognize the following facts anent the Mutable Cross: Gemini - This is the force which producesAstrology, 346:(symbolically speaking) of a world savior. This Mutable Cross is, therefore, peculiarly a ChristianAstrology, 346:of Gemini as the dominant power in the Mutable Cross, it is one of the paramount zodiacal signs in
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