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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MUTUAL

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Astrology, 136:anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance, and in the higher AquarianAstrology, 403:signs of the zodiac. We have touched upon their mutual interrelation and their planetary interplayAstrology, 540:house of relationships, of organizations and of mutual effort and of aspiration (either towardsAstrology, 597:unify, to synthesize, to produce coherence and mutual attraction and to establish relationship, butAstrology, 683:linked with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, which manifests so degradinglyAtom, 40:with a microbe before dissonant; or there may be mutual interchange and co-adaptation... [41] "But,Atom, 80:relationship with other atoms, and through their mutual coherence formed groups or congeries ofAutobiography, 47:and relationship coincide, but to me friendship, mutual interests and similar attitudes to life areAutobiography, 134:room meeting on some peculiar subject and a mutual friend managed to get me an invitation. MyBethlehem, 240:except in a fellowship, within which mutual challenge, mutual encouragement and mutual confessionBethlehem, 240:in a fellowship, within which mutual challenge, mutual encouragement and mutual confession ofBethlehem, 240:which mutual challenge, mutual encouragement and mutual confession of failure are easy... (4)Discipleship1, 17:is adherence to the group ideal and if there is mutual forbearance and understanding and patience,Discipleship1, 17:their attempt to do their duty, and their mutual karmic relation both to each other and to me -Discipleship1, 18:wisdom and to the Hierarchy. Cooperation and the mutual interchange of wisdom and of knowledge areDiscipleship1, 21:forms an integrated organism, characterized by mutual life, love and interplay. The relationshipsDiscipleship1, 34:of a sympathetic understanding and of mutual aid in the spiritual life can be developed. DisciplesDiscipleship1, 127:a group as this. There is, first of all, their mutual karmic relationship which, indicating as itDiscipleship1, 146:will lead the race into a civilization and a mutual, cooperative interplay which will bring to anDiscipleship1, 231:functioning as a unit and held together by love, mutual understanding and corporate vision andDiscipleship1, 275:clearly. It is a relation not only of agelong mutual service and of understanding but also ofDiscipleship1, 702:identity of vision and of vibration, plus mutual respect and complete freedom - particularly theDiscipleship1, 707:receptivity; it embraces the effort to establish mutual contact through an united recognition ofDiscipleship1, 767:access to the Master in the closest possible and mutual relationship of loving understanding. ThisDiscipleship2, 102:infer from the above statement that contact and mutual interplay in world service will not then beDiscipleship2, 238:- imposed. It is in the nature of a spontaneous mutual reaction - a reaction which is evoked by theDiscipleship2, 238:of simultaneity is allied to this, for a mutual recognition of an identical approach to truthEducation, 124:turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutual cooperation for [125] certain visioned andEducation, 125:nations and the world religions will arrive at mutual understanding. Externalisation, 21:recognitions by the races will be the result of mutual interplay of the two intents (I am choosingExternalisation, 25:to concentrate upon the world need for peace, mutual understanding and illumination and to forgetExternalisation, 195:Right human relations will come by a mutual recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action inExternalisation, 238:on a basis of human equality, self-respect and mutual tolerance. We shall have to think out manyExternalisation, 330:inviting such leaders into a comradeship of mutual friendship and cooperation - not of coordinationExternalisation, 445:you. I ask now for your cooperation in our mutual responsibility - the helping of humanity. May HeExternalisation, 521:they spend the entire afternoon in conference, mutual understanding, discussion of group problemsExternalisation, 545:some loving synthesis and eliminate their mutual antagonisms and rivalries is equally urgent, andExternalisation, 633:relationship. This new relation resulted in mutual understanding and a mental cooperation whichExternalisation, 639:money control. A world divided into "blocs" for mutual aid and economic sharing. Of this, theExternalisation, 639:in any group of nations standing together for mutual aid and economic cooperation. The wrong factorFire, 91:being male) 39 they will comprehend the mutual relationship, and govern that relationship by law.Fire, 108:between the solar planets. When they attain a mutual balance and interaction then the system isFire, 152:that of the planes. These rays produce by their mutual interaction a radiatory effect upon eachFire, 198:up their relationship to the centers, and their mutual action and interaction. That will then leaveFire, 199:waves of activity. This leads to a condition of mutual repulsion and attraction between the one whoFire, 279:One thing to be borne in mind in the concept of mutual attraction is the preservation of identityFire, 367:linked with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, which manifests so degradinglyFire, 380:the Heavenly Men within the body logoic, Their mutual [381] interplay, and Their rationalFire, 382:the globes as seen in time, with their mutual interplay; he has for study the part each one may beFire, 442:get some idea of the coherency of Their mutual work if we bear in mind that The Raja-Lord of aFire, 545:other. The interplay is too accurate, and the mutual stimulation too important to be neglected byFire, 547:or congery of causal bodies, and their mutual interplay. Every egoic unit or monadic force centerFire, 631:of the substance of a subplane. It is with their mutual interplay and work that we are nowFire, 634:and the two groups of corpuscles which in their mutual interaction hold the body in health; thereFire, 695:being negative to the higher force, the mutual attraction of these two and their interaction bringFire, 701:the goal in view of producing - through their mutual interaction - a balancing of forces, and theFire, 874:function in cooperation and thus - by their mutual union and blending - produce the Son in all HisFire, 875:of sex which might be enumerated as follows: Mutual attraction, Complementary suitability,Fire, 911:human eye) and not in clairvoyance that this mutual apprehension will become possible. With theFire, 1030:by the method of interplay, interchange, and in mutual attraction and repulsion. It would beFire, 1115:It is the inner of the two types of force; their mutual interplay provides the necessary stimulus,Fire, 1183:lives come into manifestation who have set up a mutual attraction. These five streams of livingFire, 1185:into incarnation in this kalpa for purposes of mutual help and mutual correction. They are reallyFire, 1185:in this kalpa for purposes of mutual help and mutual correction. They are really destined to workFire, 1185:of the various kingdoms of nature are engaged in mutual interaction, and thus swing into lesser butFire, 1186:energy streams and their objectivising through mutual interplay. Energies (Tabulation VII) SourceGlamour, 7:of cubes, triangles and of stars and their mutual interrelation. Conceptually. This involvesGlamour, 38:of certain basic ideas such as goodwill and mutual interdependence, much is being done to dissipateGlamour, 54:that they stand revealed to each other and their mutual relationship becomes then apparent. TheHealing, 257:been proved. The middle way of compromise and of mutual cooperation is ever the wisest, and this isHealing, 385:of healer and patient - a cooperation based upon mutual understanding. A determined acquiescence onHealing, 426:each have a relation to each other; each have a mutual temporary objective, and thus in unisonHealing, 464:forces of all its component parts and their mutual interaction. This force works through a numberInitiation, 81:community of endeavor, similarity of object, and mutual cooperation will take the place of what isIntellect, 18:gradually learning to take from each other to mutual advantage, and work in this field is one ofIntellect, 259:happy relation between a man and a woman, upon mutual trust, cooperation and understanding, and inMagic, 27:of spirit, soul and body, and their mutual functions. This was the subject matter of the book, TheMagic, 29:and the functions and parts they play, and their mutual interactions as they compose all forms inMagic, 79:and interplay their interaction will be of mutual benefit; the East will profit from the mentalMagic, 112:ideal, similarity of the egoic ray will produce mutual comprehension, and friendship follows. It isMagic, 205:the relation of the two head centers and their mutual interplay will come gradually the dominationMagic, 307:conditions of profound depression and of mutual distrust. It causes a sad self-absorption and thisMagic, 426:at set times and places. They will come to these mutual conferences with no desire to impress oneMagic, 450:and the functions and parts they play, and their mutual interactions as they compose all forms inMeditation, 179:of speech. [179] These forms open the avenues of mutual comprehension. Mantrams that influenceMeditation, 183:is hoped that the benefit to both groups will be mutual. The human evolution should give strengthMeditation, 234:blending of color is of deep complexity, but of mutual helpfulness and benefit. Each ray impartsPatanjali, 10:them, being first attracted to them through the mutual interplay of spirit and matter. By theProblems, 9:attained and this should be based not only upon mutual trust but also upon correct world objectivesProblems, 74:builders began to form guilds and lodges for mutual protection, for joint discussion and frequentlyProblems, 76:employees and laborers came together for mutual protection and their just rights. The Labor UnionPsychology1, 11:It is this problem of energy units and their mutual interplay which underlies the entire subject ofPsychology1, 17:and it was only when these two realized their mutual unity (note the necessary ambiguity of thatPsychology1, 44:differentiation into the major rays, and their mutual interplay produced the minor four rays. ThusPsychology1, 46:and is attracted also by the Father. Their mutual response initiates the creative work, and the SonPsychology1, 127:and red rays, the recognition is immediate and mutual, for the primary color is the same. When thisPsychology1, 127:be made to act as the meeting ground, to the mutual benefit of the parties concerned. Of thePsychology1, 150:to show the emergent tendency through their mutual interplay. This triple energetic impulse, bornePsychology1, 173:whereby the Brotherhood of Nations, based on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutualPsychology1, 173:Brotherhood of Nations, based on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutual helpfulness, should
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