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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSELF

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Autobiography, 163:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV I then shook myself as if I was awakening from a dream and wentAutobiography, 174:affection between Mr. Warrington, Foster and myself. Mr. Rogers was of a much smaller caliber andAutobiography, 175:me; I have been able to arrange my days to suit myself except as far as the children wereAutobiography, 175:dictated over 10,000 letters and once I timed myself as regards a current day's correspondence andAutobiography, 182:the audience and publicly berated me for giving myself away to so many people on such trivialAutobiography, 186:all of whom were under ten years old. I, myself, was not the product of the coeducational systemAutobiography, 188:conversations and in touch, through Foster and myself with people all over the world, and theirAutobiography, 191:meditation group of five men and my husband and myself who used to meet every Tuesday afternoonAutobiography, 192:I frequently give a little chuckle when I hear myself described by some antagonistic Theosophist (IAutobiography, 193:four or five men associated with my husband and myself in the Tuesday afternoon class ralliedAutobiography, 193:the legal end of it in which I would have found myself embroiled. His clear legal mind, hisAutobiography, 193:thought he should, has saved me constantly from myself. It is not an easy thing to run an esotericAutobiography, 199:minutes right through the day. I never flattered myself that this was because I was such aAutobiography, 200:of sex is today in a fluid condition. I am myself a conservative Britisher, with a horror ofAutobiography, 207:1940 I never bought an article of clothing for myself. I'm still wearing the clothes she gave me.Autobiography, 211:level between the Grand Duke, Foster Bailey and myself. In a later life we shall know the reasonAutobiography, 212:The School was steadily growing and inside myself I was gaining a sense of assurance and aAutobiography, 212:throughout the world was steadily growing. I, myself, had written several books which met with aAutobiography, 218:in this decision because I had traveled so much myself and also had had no degrees. Only twice haveAutobiography, 224:read what they liked, and that I would express myself freely. Anyway, the girls passed throughAutobiography, 226:died not long ago there were hundreds besides myself and my husband who registered a sense ofAutobiography, 231:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI I often smile to myself when people boast and say [232] that theirAutobiography, 238:phrases because I know no Sanskrit but I, myself, wrote the commentary, as I was anxious to presentAutobiography, 252:The Hierarchy and all its members, including myself, love humanity but they will not endorse evil,Autobiography, 255:in the position of contradicting or reversing myself and so changing my policy. Actually I am notBethlehem, 58:of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. "For the salvation of the righteous and theBethlehem, 225:He considered... Come, let me sacrifice myself in living things and all living things in Myself...Bethlehem, 225:myself in living things and all living things in Myself... He thus acquired greatness,Bethlehem, 283:of perfection I am entering is but perfection of myself, a unique perfection, my wholeness is aBethlehem, 283:that way without me? 'The unique perfection of myself I dreamed, the perfection of my own characterDestiny, 55:days of difficulty and world turmoil to express myself more definitely as to the future lines ofDiscipleship1, 8:condition or daily doings. I concern not myself with the affairs of the personality and thoseDiscipleship1, 31:work and carry forward the plans which I set myself when I took a certain initiation. Discipleship1, 35:with which the initiating agents (such as myself) have to work. Any new idea, especially if itDiscipleship1, 53:activity of the Masters Morya and Kut Humi and myself, their servant and disciple. Through theDiscipleship1, 54:branch of hierarchical work, I pledged myself; it would provide the nucleus for the coming types ofDiscipleship1, 62:technique must not be changed by anyone except myself. Stages I and II should be rapidly effectiveDiscipleship1, 68:The telepathic worker, such as, for instance, myself, works from the angle of the mind of theDiscipleship1, 77:I regarded as a strength and which I hugged to myself as a virtue. I was then a young man, anxiousDiscipleship1, 77:but, in the last analysis, I was very keen about myself [78] as an aspirant and very pleased withDiscipleship1, 78:myself [78] as an aspirant and very pleased with myself - cloaking this satisfaction under the garbDiscipleship1, 78:love for him was in reality based upon pride in myself and a profound satisfaction with myself asDiscipleship1, 78:pride in myself and a profound satisfaction with myself as an aspirant and a disciple. This IDiscipleship1, 78:service. I found that I was really serving myself and not humanity. From similar mistakes, I seekDiscipleship1, 79:you question the wisdom of my decision to reveal myself to you and hold that I should have withheldDiscipleship1, 107:be summed up in the following phrases: "I pledge myself to the Path of Love. I demand of my soulDiscipleship1, 107:and an instrument for love until I know myself to be Love itself. I am that Love. With pure intentDiscipleship1, 107:To this - in knowledge full - I pledge myself." Your gift to this group of co-disciples is thatDiscipleship1, 115:to be clarified in your mind. Two results I can myself indicate to you and I choose these two withDiscipleship1, 126:question for you to answer to your soul. I ask myself anew: How can I convey to this disciple theDiscipleship1, 128:cases, there is a definite relationship with myself, dating from past experience, even if thatDiscipleship1, 128:ask you, a disciple, to work in cooperation with myself and my group of disciples. In yourDiscipleship1, 128:desire and understanding, and also a relation to myself of very old standing. Of this latter cause,Discipleship1, 128:under the suggestion of another, such as myself. To offset this difficulty, I would remind you thatDiscipleship1, 138:follow it carefully for a few months or until I myself suggest a change that you will be surprisedDiscipleship1, 140:on the way of love. I do not walk alone but know myself as one with all great souls, and one withDiscipleship1, 176:I meet men's love with love and remember not myself. 4th month - The Joy of the Soul irradiates myDiscipleship1, 186:standing by you; I, too, seek definitely to make myself known to you and to draw closer to you inDiscipleship1, 189:relation with your group members and with myself. No groups belonging to the Masters or affiliatedDiscipleship1, 198:finally of achieving illumination? Can I see myself mentally as standing in the light of my soulDiscipleship1, 200:rapports: Between the group members and myself, your Tibetan Brother. Between the group, as aDiscipleship1, 214:August 1934 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with this particular group of myDiscipleship1, 215:second Ray of Love-Wisdom - the ray whereon I myself am found. Your first ray personality gives youDiscipleship1, 224:that I shall do more harm than good? And, I ask myself, how much revelation is needed by you, for,Discipleship1, 238:aspirants gathered around a thought-form of myself to be found on the higher levels of the astralDiscipleship1, 249:group, affiliated with my Ashram, I ask myself if it is possible that they can swing into theDiscipleship1, 250:from the group. As I make this statement, I ask myself how frank I can dare to be and how far I canDiscipleship1, 273:and taught much, both by your own souls and by myself in instructions and in my various books. ItDiscipleship1, 276:arrest his progress on the Path. I have asked myself what I can say to you at this time that willDiscipleship1, 303:upon the following words: "I am the Way myself, the door am I. I am the golden Path and in theDiscipleship1, 305:the mantram I earlier gave you: "I am the Way myself, the door am I. I am the golden Path and inDiscipleship1, 323:I know. I live for others and must learn to lose myself in them." Discipleship1, 330:and personalities. Let me see if I can make myself clear to you for this matter is of importance.Discipleship1, 345:[345] entirely between them, their own souls and myself, and need not engage the attention of anyDiscipleship1, 357:has the significance of a dedication: "I plunge myself into the pool of wisdom. From thence I come,Discipleship1, 365:the festival of burning. 5th month - dedicate myself to the purpose of the plan. I have no purposeDiscipleship1, 365:way but the Way of Divine Fulfilment. I lose myself within the group which seeks the furtherance ofDiscipleship1, 375:he traveled it. In speaking thus, I refer not to myself; I am only your teacher and your friend.Discipleship1, 391:Angel. Can I, at this time, discriminate between myself and that solar Angel? To recognize theDiscipleship1, 392:Can I, in view of this, state clearly to [392] myself what are my major assets and my majorDiscipleship1, 392:my major weaknesses? Can I define clearly within myself what I understand by Myself, the disciple.Discipleship1, 392:clearly within myself what I understand by Myself, the disciple. Myself, the Angel. The Presence.Discipleship1, 392:what I understand by Myself, the disciple. Myself, the Angel. The Presence. The first threeDiscipleship1, 392:yet seek detachment? Meet every need yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun drawsDiscipleship1, 398:a detached onlooker? Am I capable of detaching myself emotionally from any registration of joy? CanDiscipleship1, 398:from any registration of joy? Can I see myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from theDiscipleship1, 411:Fourth month - Contact - "I see that Presence as myself. I merge myself in Light." Fifth month -Discipleship1, 411:- "I see that Presence as myself. I merge myself in Light." Fifth month - Service - "The sons ofDiscipleship1, 416:to establish a closer rapport between you and myself. You are in a position, my brother, both fromDiscipleship1, 418:more into line with group purpose, in touch with myself, and in closer union with each other, itDiscipleship1, 420:at you, my brother, and study your aura, I ask myself, what are the two things which you most needDiscipleship1, 430:and consequent pain? Am I capable of seeing myself with indifference, detached emotionally from anyDiscipleship1, 431:Have I practiced an indifferent attitude to myself when circumstances arose which threatened myDiscipleship1, 432:of such a practice? Can I express it formally to myself? In terms of my three bodies or aspects? InDiscipleship1, 434:and they wield, if I may again repeat myself, an equal force. For them comes the practice of thatDiscipleship1, 435:that which is needed by others. I store not for myself. Power is needed for their work; therefore IDiscipleship1, 439:of light between your soul, your head center and myself. Fix and hold this triangle firmly in yourDiscipleship1, 443:Sixth month - I am the Educator, who, learning myself at the center, lifts thereto all I seek toDiscipleship1, 444:[444] Do I understand what I mean when I regard myself as an Observer? What or who is the Observer?Discipleship1, 444:I capable of learning to observe, and of freeing myself from those results of observation which may
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