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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSELF

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Discipleship1, 444:which may not be desirable? Can I observe myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from theDiscipleship1, 445:Through which body do I most easily express myself? Which of my bodies requires the mostDiscipleship1, 460:which flies in tile face of the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of the earth. IDiscipleship1, 463:perhaps to intensify your inner contact with myself. I gave you "permission thus to call." IDiscipleship1, 507:to break the prison of thought in which I find myself, how easy it would be and how quickly I wouldDiscipleship1, 523:Thus to the work which comes my way I dedicate myself. 2nd month - Only my soul can reach the pointDiscipleship1, 523:open. To the task my soul assigns, I dedicate myself. 3rd month - From the high point I oft comeDiscipleship1, 523:brothers. To the task of helping them I dedicate myself. 4th month - The radiance of love I seek toDiscipleship1, 523:and to this life of radiant love, I dedicate myself. 5th month - With carelessness divine, I faceDiscipleship1, 523:I serve, the Masters of the Way, I dedicate myself. 6th month - With true divine indifference IDiscipleship1, 523:my soul. To manifest this confidence, I dedicate myself. 7th month - Those who are given to me toDiscipleship1, 523:strengthen them within their souls, I dedicate myself. 8th month - Upon my tower, in the high placeDiscipleship1, 523:love and work. To this high destiny I dedicate myself'. If you can grasp the reality of the serviceDiscipleship1, 531:These two factors: your old relation with myself, and the beauty of that which lies revealed withinDiscipleship1, 532:Light-bearers. I affirm love to all I meet. I am myself the love of God, the light that shines, theDiscipleship1, 533:I serve. 3rd month - I raise no barriers 'twixt myself and others. I am as they, and one with all IDiscipleship1, 534:spur you on to renewed effort, and also to give myself the opportunity to indicate to you the needDiscipleship1, 547:the little, manifested self with one fraction of myself, I remain greater, wider and over-shadowingDiscipleship1, 554:to release this group and to align them with myself and with what I represent than any other oneDiscipleship1, 558:butterfly, which flies towards the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of the earth.Discipleship1, 561:group brothers. To L. R. U. Karmatically with myself. Then for the remainder of the month, andDiscipleship1, 561:forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace." ForDiscipleship1, 565:life. I am that soul and unto that I dedicate myself. That soul is one in all my fellowmen and I amDiscipleship1, 567:Full Moon Approaches I cannot and do not occupy myself with any of you, as individuals. I am notDiscipleship1, 568:for it is but man's thought of me, and not I myself. It can sidetrack and delude you; it can speakDiscipleship1, 571:by your over-active, lower mind. I have asked myself the question: Can this brother be so trainedDiscipleship1, 579:that I am and all I have belongs to others, not myself. The work that you are now planning andDiscipleship1, 580:this group of disciples and, therefore, with myself has been due to the urge of your soul forDiscipleship1, 588:with you, I shall be able to confine myself to the development in you of those qualities which willDiscipleship1, 592:The duty of a hierarchical Observer (such as myself) is only to indicate - after the fact, thus notDiscipleship1, 596:and devotion to the Great Ones, and later to myself, a working chela of the Great White Lodge. YouDiscipleship1, 598:turn the attention to the Great Ones or to [598] myself, your Tibetan brother. For a year, centerDiscipleship1, 600:in strength. What your teacher in the past, myself, may think is of small moment. What anyone elseDiscipleship1, 601:group work. It is not an easy one either for myself or for the group members. Shall I sacrifice theDiscipleship1, 605:love and light am I. I serve the world and lose myself in service. This is my life and this is theDiscipleship1, 610:which I render must be to souls and not unto myself upon the Path. Thus shall I meet a need and, inDiscipleship1, 612:work that I am seeking to do. I am referring to myself in this communication to you, as yourDiscipleship1, 617:I again offer you a more conscious contact with myself. I here tell you my name - a fact that youDiscipleship1, 617:Discipleship and under the direct influence of myself, the Master... your major duty is to trainDiscipleship1, 624:to the suggestions of a second ray disciple, myself. The pressure of work on the Masters Morya andDiscipleship1, 653:and are so drastic in their scope that I ask myself if you are sufficiently aware of the world needDiscipleship1, 655:or as a personality? Was my interest in myself, as a server? Or was I engrossed with the need ofDiscipleship1, 655:did I speak (yesterday as I served) about myself at all? Tuesday... What was the general tenor ofDiscipleship1, 655:the day - the work I had to do, other people or myself? Wednesday... What was the center of my lifeDiscipleship1, 655:nature? Thursday... How often did I refer to myself yesterday, either in pity, or as anDiscipleship1, 655:on people? Why did I have it? Did I speak of myself to them? Then, humbly, gratefully and happily,Discipleship1, 655:that breathes. I purify my astral life and know myself to be nothing but a channel for the love ofDiscipleship1, 661:trouble of a group kind; I only make trouble for myself. I try to be loving and kind. I work asDiscipleship1, 679:souls within the outer forms, for they are as myself; with them I am at-one. "God's voice ringsDiscipleship1, 785:The Hierarchy and all its members, including myself, love humanity but they will not endorse evil,Discipleship1, 787:in the position of contradicting or reversing myself, and so changing my policy. Actually I am notDiscipleship2, 4:usefulness and for closer cooperation, I must myself perforce take certain risks, and there must beDiscipleship2, 8:prevents you from having such direct relation to myself? One or two in this group have directDiscipleship2, 11:the extent of the instruction, detaching myself from all other concerns and formulating the neededDiscipleship2, 11:the basis of the rapport between A.A.B. and myself. Earlier, I explained that a neophyte in anDiscipleship2, 36:the lines of force between the [36] group and myself were strong, and the relationship between theDiscipleship2, 47:yet at the same time refuse to concentrate upon myself and my problems? This I am told by you notDiscipleship2, 51:subjective reality of the spiritual world. I, in myself, as you thought of me, am only the symbolDiscipleship2, 78:matter, known only to the aspiring disciple and myself. Such it must remain for this immediate lifeDiscipleship2, 107:own free will dropped out, those whom perforce I myself had to drop, and those also [108] who areDiscipleship2, 119:and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, you were permitted together to link heart,Discipleship2, 127:Sun - a figure moving toward you. It will be myself (the Master D.K.), coming from the light, inDiscipleship2, 135:manifestations, and dangers. Masters such as myself have had to learn to handle this great potency,Discipleship2, 158:pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." That fragment is the soul ofDiscipleship2, 226:my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the Coming One [227]Discipleship2, 234:meditative task. One of the things which I set myself to achieve when I undertook this work ofDiscipleship2, 248:with the Master of your group - in this case myself, the Master D.K. This is a process which I haveDiscipleship2, 283:I can do is to give you a meaning (as far as I myself can understand and you can grasp) of theseDiscipleship2, 335:such a group of people or why I chose to make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures.Discipleship2, 337:and involves prevision. Again I must repeat myself and say that this theme or motif [338] ofDiscipleship2, 383:Certain of the Masters (usually Masters like myself who have only lately passed through the fifthDiscipleship2, 458:my brother - in rain or shine. I have asked myself what I could suggest to you for meditation. TheDiscipleship2, 459:difficult for you, have they not. Twice I have myself felt the necessity to envelop you withDiscipleship2, 466:of your Master, with the aid and backing of myself and of A.A.B. and, at all times, the protectiveDiscipleship2, 466:order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such a definite and closeDiscipleship2, 469:even its dimmest meaning to you because I myself do not know. It lies too far ahead, even for allDiscipleship2, 470:There has been no great need for me to express myself on the situation which has existed, for theDiscipleship2, 470:closeness of the link between the Master K.H., myself and you ensures understanding and precludesDiscipleship2, 470:A debate arose between your Master (K.H.) and myself. You had been sent (or loaned if I might callDiscipleship2, 480:(one which can suffice you for this life) I ask myself: What is the thing of greatest moment that IDiscipleship2, 497:with which you should remain in closest touch - Myself, F.B., and A.A.B. Stay close. Learn to useDiscipleship2, 501:due consultation with senior workers, such as myself - Masters and initiates above the thirdDiscipleship2, 514:contact, that you will not be hindered. I ask myself what I can do for you and so aid the processDiscipleship2, 526:life expression; therefore, why do I concern myself with what is happening to you? Those are justDiscipleship2, 526:just questions and I will answer them. I concern myself with your problems because you are takingDiscipleship2, 568:To the accomplishment of his Will, I dedicate myself from now until eternity. Sound the OM threeDiscipleship2, 571:serve with fealty those you love. I thank you myself and on behalf of K.H. for what you have doneDiscipleship2, 581:from any member of the Hierarchy, such as myself, have in them a potency which may not be arrested.Discipleship2, 585:Sunday to endeavor to contact the Ashram and myself (expecting no outer indication of success), andDiscipleship2, 593:hands lies the rehabilitation of Europe, and myself. The comment made by your Master was, "I amDiscipleship2, 597:of the first quarter of the twentieth century. I myself am the fifth Master concerned in this workDiscipleship2, 606:It has been under discussion between K.H. and myself as to whether you should at this time moveDiscipleship2, 618:Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. I myself was the central focal point and the energizingDiscipleship2, 619:peculiarly alone. As I realize this, I find myself wondering in what manner I can bring you to aDiscipleship2, 625:which is developed through the interplay between myself and my environment. I am something otherDiscipleship2, 646:expression which hastened your affiliation with myself and brought to you your particular group ofDiscipleship2, 648:as possible with your soul, your brothers and myself, realizing the indestructibility of the tie.Discipleship2, 668:to other work than that of the World Teacher. I myself hold a similar position to the Master K.H.Discipleship2, 668:to the Master K.H. Through K.H. and through myself and through two other Masters, a number ofDiscipleship2, 673:are linked with the Ashram, and therefore with myself, and because time is of no account
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