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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTERIES

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Astrology, 46:lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefully studied, and dueAstrology, 100:sense, connected with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation. [101] Therefore, we have inAstrology, 147:control by a planet constitutes one of the mysteries of initiation. It is tied up with the relationAstrology, 154:and around the constellation Leo two great mysteries are found: The mystery of the Sphinx,Astrology, 156:lies hid." It here becomes apparent that three mysteries are hidden in the three horned signs: TheAstrology, 226:misdirected - are [226] superseded by the mysteries of initiation, and the practical understandingAstrology, 304:or seventh initiation) - the Initiator of the Mysteries will work under instructions and withAstrology, 304:and space." At present, the Initiator of the Mysteries acts under inspiration and with energiesAstrology, 382:and hierarchical ruler. We touch upon one of the mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom. [383] Venus holdsAstrology, 422:the earlier stages of the understanding of these mysteries become possible, and this transcendenceAstrology, 446:aid in the restoration of the ancient and sacred Mysteries among men. The energy of Uranus, pouringAstrology, 491:leads towards the externalization of the Mysteries. [492] Aquarius is not today the active pointAstrology, 503:for it concerns one of the great and major mysteries of initiation. It deals with and is related toAstrology, 548:and also of the individual initiate into the Mysteries. Aquarius is the present Determiner of theAstrology, 549:ruler of Aries (hence it "leads into the mysteries") and is also the exoteric ruler of Gemini,Astrology, 563:On this I may not enlarge as it concerns the mysteries of the higher initiations. I simply make theAstrology, 568:the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. Aspirants to the Mysteries are steadily increasing in numbers atAstrology, 574:directly to approach. I touch here on grave mysteries. There awakens in him, therefore, a vagueAstrology, 635:of astrological symbols, there were the occult mysteries of anthropography and the primeval genesisAstrology, 636:the great secrets of Initiation and the occult mysteries. (S.D. Vol. II, 525) Stars andAstrology, 638:to the Zodiac and with astrology and the mysteries of Initiation. Astrology, 661:the Word of the sun."' (Vol. III, 279) "The Mysteries... were presided over by Jupiter and Saturn."Astrology, 671:the sun is the grandest of all the innumerable mysteries of occultism." (S.D. Vol. III, 212) TheAtom, 20:suggestion, and a possible solution of all the mysteries we see around us. But to do that it has toAtom, 50:it will lead us to the solution of some of the mysteries and problems which are distressing theAutobiography, 199:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V One of the mysteries of human nature emerged most definitely into myAutobiography, 232:then had the appearance on earth of the Mithraic mysteries which centered around the sacrifice ofAutobiography, 239:closer to humanity, to restore the ancient Mysteries, and to externalize and make possible theAutobiography, 249:there was that in them which was awakened to the mysteries and which, even when read or heard,Autobiography, 262:- down the ages - have demanded entrance to the Mysteries and have found admittance, afterBethlehem, 7:of the future. The ancient myths and the old mysteries give us a sequential presentation of theBethlehem, 10:needed instruction) could be initiated into the mysteries of God. A new unfoldment in consciousnessBethlehem, 20:or adequate means of expression? The ancient mysteries, so shortly to be restored, must beBethlehem, 21:III. Always there have been temples and mysteries and holy places where the true aspirant couldBethlehem, 23:Such are the five great dramatic events of the mysteries. Such are the initiations through whichBethlehem, 28:of true meaning and of value, we shall see the mysteries becoming universally recognized. The newBethlehem, 30:work and live as those who are initiate in the mysteries, and our lives will be regulated from theBethlehem, 30:all the earth, Then know thyself initiate in the Mysteries The wise men ever deemed of greatestBethlehem, 42:His part and initiate us into the still higher mysteries. Of Him we are told that: "ThisBethlehem, 47:call of those who are [47] initiate in the mysteries of the kingdom of God, make the new stepBethlehem, 51:describing the approach of a human being to the mysteries. It is interesting to note that today theBethlehem, 57:will enable each aspirant to the Christian Mysteries to pass through the gateway of the new BirthBethlehem, 69:and which was preserved at that time in the mysteries of Mithras and of Egypt. The sign immediatelyBethlehem, 79:practice we prove ourselves initiate in the mysteries. Born into the world of love at Bethlehem,Bethlehem, 101:is a false idea, current in many schools of the mysteries and of esotericism, that initiationBethlehem, 119:the major task of all aspirants to the mysteries. "Illusion" is more mental in its impact. ItBethlehem, 163:the new age will be the unveiling of those two mysteries, and our entrance into a fullerBethlehem, 183:found its exponents in Egypt and in the Mithraic Mysteries. Upon this fixed cross all the worldBethlehem, 192:and then before the world. This Christ did. The mysteries had always been revealed to theBethlehem, 192:men in large numbers could be initiated into the mysteries, required from them a recognition of anBethlehem, 193:and of rams (or lambs) was part of the ancient mysteries, and was inherited by us primarily fromBethlehem, 193:and was inherited by us primarily from the Mysteries of Mithra. These mysteries, in their turn,Bethlehem, 193:us primarily from the Mysteries of Mithra. These mysteries, in their turn, inherited the teaching,Bethlehem, 209:Spirit. Thus He brought to a climax the ancient Mysteries, which had prophesied the coming of thatBethlehem, 209:the coming of that kingdom, and instituted the Mysteries of the kingdom of God. The effort to carryBethlehem, 235:which it has ever been the task of the Mysteries of all time to reveal. Again and again we haveBethlehem, 235:in the secret places of the Temples of the Mysteries, from the dawn of time. The Saviors of theBethlehem, 236:the Way of a Savior. But in ancient times these mysteries were enacted in [237] secret, and theBethlehem, 237:Fathers, Firmicus Maternus, tells us that the mysteries of Osiris bear a close resemblance to theBethlehem, 237:an illuminating passage that: "In the Christian Mysteries - as in the ancient Egyptian, Chaldean,Bethlehem, 238:God has always held before humanity, through the Mysteries and through His illumined Sons, the factBethlehem, 246:and probation in preparation for the mysteries; as his significance and influence increase he canBethlehem, 258:He enacted in His life the teaching of the Mysteries, which however, before Christ's time, wasBethlehem, 258:by right of initiation into the temples of those Mysteries. Then the Buddha came and spoke to theBethlehem, 259:the rules for disciples in preparation for the Mysteries of initiation, whilst Christ gave us theBethlehem, 260:work the following things: He externalized the Mysteries so that they have become known to humanityBethlehem, 261:of God had passed through the Temples of the Mysteries; many had learnt to function divinely andBethlehem, 264:through is "a religious initiation into the mysteries of Being," (The End of Our Time, by NicholasBethlehem, 265:to Christ the Initiator. As aspirants to the mysteries we must learn the way through obedience toBethlehem, 268:of the man who seeks to prepare himself for the Mysteries of Jesus is obedience to the highestDiscipleship1, 7:you which will matter. I am an initiate into the mysteries of being. That statement in itselfDiscipleship1, 12:hitherto. Then will come the restoration of the Mysteries. Discipleship1, 17:Masters. The foundation of these schools of the Mysteries which will later be restored to the worldDiscipleship1, 32:with the control of the personality and with the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The founding inDiscipleship1, 33:attention the fact of the restoration of the Mysteries of Initiation. The production of the outerDiscipleship1, 34:should they try to communicate the secrets and mysteries of initiation in symbol or form, you wouldDiscipleship1, 334:key to the spiritual life and to all the occult mysteries. It pleases me that you have isolatedDiscipleship1, 357:From thence I come, bearing a knowledge of its mysteries for my fellowmen." Seek during the nextDiscipleship1, 685:of externalizing the Hierarchy and restoring the Mysteries upon the outer plane, is slowlyDiscipleship1, 695:is the intention of the Hierarchy to restore the Mysteries on earth. This is the first step towardsDiscipleship1, 782:was that in [782] them which was awakened to the mysteries and which, even when read ore heard,Discipleship2, 104:of initiation by becoming initiated into the mysteries of divinity through discipline, meditationDiscipleship2, 126:to you. Forget not that the aspirant to the Mysteries proceeds blindly in the early stages; onlyDiscipleship2, 136:gradual process, but it will in time restore the Mysteries, bring the first two initiations into aDiscipleship2, 223:cycle. The length of these cycles is one of the mysteries which is strictly guarded in the CouncilDiscipleship2, 259:which is accorded to the initiate of the major Mysteries is itself divided into lesser phases.Discipleship2, 434:deep occult apprehension of the hidden Mysteries and of the spiritual Realities: the conception ofDiscipleship2, 438:one of the Agents of the Light. These are deep mysteries and you cannot expect or anticipate fullDiscipleship2, 468:center, for instance, involves one of the great mysteries to be revealed at a certain highDiscipleship2, 511:which simply emphasizes mystery. The only true mysteries are those points of revelation for whichDiscipleship2, 511:whom the initiate or disciple contacts. Of these mysteries you, the teacher and leader, may beDiscipleship2, 767: Discipleship in the New Age II - The Mysteries The Mysteries Great is the mystery of godliness!Discipleship2, 767:in the New Age II - The Mysteries The Mysteries Great is the mystery of godliness! The word wentExternalisation, 299:permit of the reappearance upon Earth of the Mysteries of Initiation, of which the Hierarchy is theExternalisation, 307:to Them by the Christ. (I talk here of mysteries.) It will therefore be apparent to you that, asExternalisation, 405:into the joy of the Lord," participated in the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, dwelt in theExternalisation, 436:For the war will end. The Restoration of the Mysteries, the initiation of those disciples who haveExternalisation, 511:the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds inExternalisation, 514:the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time. TheseExternalisation, 514:is of paramount importance at this time. These Mysteries will be restored to outer expression
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