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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTERIES

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Externalisation, 514:around the year 1940) the restoration of the Mysteries and their exoteric presentation, as aExternalisation, 559:fact of the Hierarchy and the restoration of the Mysteries. Later, if these steps prove successful,Externalisation, 566:- to be followed later by the restoration of the Mysteries. 7. The new orientation of the humanExternalisation, 570:leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries, that certain of the senior Members of theExternalisation, 573:again in preparation for the restoration of the Mysteries. These Mysteries, when restored, willExternalisation, 573:for the restoration of the Mysteries. These Mysteries, when restored, will unify all faiths. GroupsExternalisation, 574:the task of preparing for the restoration of the Mysteries. This restoration will fall into threeExternalisation, 574:of Masonry, but with the restoration of the Mysteries, Masonry also will come into its own. TheseExternalisation, 582:in hierarchical effort; the Schools of the Mysteries (as outlined by me in Letters on OccultFire, 86:commencement and termination are hid in the mysteries of Initiation, and do not concern us. AgainFire, 109:a wider interpretation as it admits one into the mysteries of nature. Though that key has to beFire, 110:There are seven keys to the Entrance door to the Mysteries. - S. D., III, 178. Compare I, 346; II,Fire, 110:Compare III, 198. 48 "The seven keys open the mysteries, past and future, of the seven greatFire, 355:Whose body he is a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries arise consequently for our considerationFire, 358:Systemic and Human Factor Third, one of the mysteries revealed at initiation is that of the logoicFire, 360:and His scope of conscious development. Such mysteries, as earlier pointed out, are reserved forFire, 464:In the other two we are dealing with occult mysteries, bound up in the vivification of solar andFire, 491:with every form for it holds the key to many mysteries. Fire, 678:A group of devas closely connected with the mysteries of initiation. They form what is esotericallyFire, 722:it is one of the most occult and secret of the mysteries, perhaps a little light may be thrown uponFire, 738:fourth root race. These cycles are one of the mysteries of initiation, though one of the earlierFire, 738:of initiation, though one of the earlier mysteries, and are revealed at the second initiation asFire, 750:50 Discipleship or Chelaship ...The ancient mysteries were but a school of spiritual training andFire, 778:scheme, as it is one of the most secret of the mysteries revealed at initiation, but students mustFire, 785:One [785] of the profoundest occult mysteries will be revealed to the consciousness of man when heFire, 789:an act of an exterior force, and is lost in the mysteries of planetary karma. This is equally trueFire, 847:we may not say. It must be remembered that the mysteries of existence are as yet but littleFire, 847:little cognized by man. In cases where profound mysteries lie, man is often totally unaware of it;Fire, 852:seeds sown in days long past, and hidden in the mysteries of the earlier system, scheme, or chainFire, 868:of the energy, Suggestions as to the basic mysteries which man has to solve, Indications as toFire, 872:fifth Initiations the three keys to the three mysteries are given to him. The key to the mysteryFire, 872:revealed. The following are the three basic mysteries of the solar system: The mystery ofFire, 872:latent in the central spiritual sun. These three mysteries which we have touched upon above, comeFire, 874:manifesting and thus it is apparent that the two mysteries deal with the six forces. These threeFire, 892:The secret of the reptile kingdom is one of the mysteries of the second round, and there is aFire, 895:and space," and the place that birds play in the mysteries. Herein lies for him the clue. He mustFire, 916:the Mother, or the divine Aspirant to the mysteries of the cosmic marriage, was (in a previousFire, 953:application. Facing each earnest aspirant to the Mysteries is that vitalized form which he hasFire, 977:that is made along the path of approach to the Mysteries, the greater the care that must be takenFire, 1146:the two groups are very great, and one of the mysteries lying behind the main divisions of humanityFire, 1204:lifts the lower aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefully studied, and dueFire, 1213:but the originating exponents of the Hatha-Yoga mysteries were well aware of this objective, and inFire, 1217:"the Law of Elevation" for it concerns the mysteries of group realization, and expansions of [1218]Fire, 1237:his search. This is the mystery lying behind all mysteries; this is the secret of which all thatFire, 1241:form is as yet - to him - the mystery of mysteries and the ineffable secret. It becomes the goal ofGlamour, 179:should have prepared the student of the higher mysteries. These steps must precede all effort toHealing, 342:its phases, as it constitutes one of the major mysteries to be revealed at the third initiation.Healing, 345:all rays. This question is not only one of the mysteries of the occult sciences, but it is of farHealing, 369:two things: the revelation of one of the mysteries for which mankind is not yet ready, and at theHealing, 451:come in, bringing with it the Restoration of the Mysteries and the rehabilitation of the peoples ofHealing, 607:of evil, or pain and suffering (the great mysteries of our little planet) in a few sentences, butHercules, 6:and of Illumination is attained. The hidden mysteries and the forces, latent in human beings, needHercules, 90:Bear and the Little Bear, but it is one of the mysteries of astronomy as to how the name "bear"Hercules, 160:ancient books "the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had to sit inHercules, 177:we read that he had to be initiated into the mysteries. As far as I can understand it (and I may beHercules, 183:A school of thought exists which traces all the mysteries, all the teachings that we are nowHercules, 183:Wisdom, to a form of animal worship and temple mysteries of a sordid and sexual kind. I shall notHercules, 183:the average human being who investigates the mysteries says. It is because there were subjectiveHercules, 200:the north is the symbol of the aspirant to the mysteries while the fish on the horizon representsHercules, 219:and the sacrifice of the sacred ox, as in the Mysteries of Mithras. Approximately two thousandHercules, 223:Capricorn, the Goat Benjamin In the Egyptian mysteries Capricorn is represented as a God with aInitiation, 9:the public. Before many centuries pass the old mysteries will be restored, and an inner body willInitiation, 9:the Church, performed esoterically as one of the mysteries given at stated periods, attended byInitiation, 44:men unto himself as the Initiator of the sacred mysteries. [45] Initiation, 99:types. These facts involve the secrets of the mysteries, and no purpose is served by revealingInitiation, 100:and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE MYSTERIES TheInitiation, 100:in the Mysteries THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE MYSTERIES The participants in the mysteries are generallyInitiation, 100:IN THE MYSTERIES The participants in the mysteries are generally known, and no secret has been madeInitiation, 100:in mind certain things as he ponders upon the mysteries touched upon here: That care must be takenInitiation, 101:and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries It must be remembered that this innerInitiation, 104:and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries Planetary Existences In considering nowInitiation, 106:and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries The Lord of the World, the OneInitiation, 109:and Solar - Chapter XI - The Participants in the Mysteries The Departmental Heads The Manu. TheInitiation, 167:fourth and fifth, the three keys to the three mysteries are given to him. The key to the mysteryInitiation, 168:- The Imparting of the Secrets The Three Solar Mysteries The three mysteries of the solar systemInitiation, 168:the Secrets The Three Solar Mysteries The three mysteries of the solar system are: The mystery ofInitiation, 168:number, though within them may be found lesser mysteries which are earlier revealed. At the thirdInitiation, 180:of the Heavenly Man himself, and involve such mysteries as his particular karma, the aim he mayInitiation, 193:selfishness or curiosity, to participate in the mysteries, enter not the door but remain knockingInitiation, 207:This rule cannot be enlarged upon. It concerns mysteries and subjects too immense to be fullyInitiation, 209:to be recited by the participants in the lesser mysteries before they passed on into the greater.Initiation, 218:of any science. Process of penetrating into the mysteries of the science of the Self and of the oneIntellect, 158:self is a part." - Müller-Freienfels, Richard, Mysteries of the Soul, page 336. Personal feeling isMagic, 29:The only true biologists are initiates of the mysteries, for they have an understanding of life andMagic, 32:and in ourselves. I, an aspirant to the higher mysteries, and one who has searched into them for aMagic, 263:- there comes always to the striver after the Mysteries and the manipulator of the law, a period ofMagic, 378:to proceed according to plan. Students of these mysteries need to remember that though Shamballa isMagic, 378:plane an organization and a headquarters for the mysteries, and to have a band of Adepts, andMagic, 379:and many in subterranean fastnesses. As the mysteries of Central Asia in the land stretching fromMagic, 379:regards the work of the Ibezhan adepts and Their mysteries; it is necessary here to point out thatMagic, 381:that plans must be made to impart teaching, and mysteries must be organized which would reveal theMagic, 381:the curriculum increased; little by little the mysteries were developed as the people became readyMagic, 381:them until we have the marvelous Schools of the Mysteries of Chaldea, Egypt, Greece and manyMagic, 381:began to withdraw into the Temples, to make the mysteries more difficult of attainment and to workMagic, 382:thought-forms built up in the early Ibezhan mysteries and which (particularly in America) are asMagic, 382:"Dweller on the Threshold" of all the true Mysteries has to be slaughtered before the aspirant canMagic, 382:on. 10. The work of the Ibezhan adepts and the mysteries of the Temple of Ibez are still persistingMagic, 399:in those days, allowed to participate in these mysteries and work who felt within themselves theMagic, 451:only true biologists are the initiates of the mysteries, for they have an understanding of life andMagic, 520:all external activity and "abstract the divine mysteries, hiding them away from the curious and the
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