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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTERIOUS

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Astrology, 45:know from study of The Secret Doctrine, a most mysterious one. This mystery is incident upon theAstrology, 57:[57] The symbol for the sign Capricorn is most mysterious. It conceals the mystery of theAstrology, 138:comes then under the influence of Uranus, that mysterious and occult planet. His will is focusedAstrology, 153:which to write, for it, as you know, is the most mysterious sign of all the twelve. It is the signAstrology, 231:upon the Path of Initiation. Eventually, in some mysterious way, there will be only ten signs ofAstrology, 286:zodiac which indicates that it is part of the mysterious number, ten - the number of perfection, aAstrology, 306:is determined by the control of those two mysterious planets, Uranus and Neptune; in the man who isAstrology, 313:there is little to be known or said about that "mysterious essence which is divinity in motion."Astrology, 316:see, therefore, why the Cardinal Cross is so mysterious; also why both Cancer and Capricorn are soAstrology, 351:through the three aspects of the Sun in a most mysterious fashion: Cancer - physical Sun - 3rdAstrology, 400:focused in and transmitted by the Moon in a most mysterious yet powerful manner. Through desireAstrology, 484:has been concluded, [484] humanity (and in a mysterious sense our Earth) will be functioning inAstrology, 595:from Shamballa. These three major energies in a mysterious manner express themselves through theAstrology, 627:This sign and this second ray Will have a mysterious relation to Time, to process and to theAstrology, 627:Here again is an aspect of the curious and mysterious relation between the first and the secondAstrology, 636:525) Stars and constellations have an occult and mysterious influence on, and connection withAstrology, 655:events in our septenary life cycle. They are as mysterious as their supposed wives, the Pleiades."Astrology, 663:(Vol. II, 31) "Mercury is still more occult and mysterious than Venus. It is: Identical withAstrology, 666:534) "The Law of Sacrifice and Death is... in a mysterious way the reverse of the first law, thatAstrology, 673:II, 33) "Venus is the most occult, powerful and mysterious of all the planets. Its relation withAstrology, 674:polarized and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of VenusianAstrology, 676:Note) "The Law of Sacrifice and Death is 'in a mysterious way' the reversal of the first law, thatAstrology, 682:as to the truth. The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in itAstrology, 686:chain of our scheme, but our scheme gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, thoughAtom, 50:distressing the world now. If things are to us mysterious and inexplicable, may it not be becauseAutobiography, 275:words and mantrams, breathing exercises, mysterious hints as to the raising of the kundalini fires,Bethlehem, 27:they can pass (as Masonry teaches) through that mysterious door, between the two great pillars, inBethlehem, 30:enter into a new Kingdom and stand before that mysterious Presence Whose light and wisdom shoneBethlehem, 42:and the Resurrection. Then, we are told, that mysterious Being, spoken of in the Old Testament asBethlehem, 43:fifth, the Resurrection. There is in nature some mysterious value which is connected with theBethlehem, 73:of emotional reactions, and he is also that mysterious something which we call a mind. These threeBethlehem, 94:- consciousness, sentiency, instinct - plus that mysterious human faculty which we call "the mind,"Bethlehem, 101:and of esotericism, that initiation connotes a mysterious ceremony wherein, through the medium ofBethlehem, 103:acquired [103] now, as applied to himself, a mysterious significance. The Messiahship which heBethlehem, 112:mythology tells of an invisible reality, and of mysterious 'figures,' 'figures' remember, notBethlehem, 118:and the world of illusion. There is also that mysterious "Dweller on the Threshold" to which BulwerBethlehem, 194:ceremony consisted in entering boldly into a mysterious underground 'holy of holies' with the eyesBethlehem, 194:of all the past world sacrifices. That mysterious truth which had been revealed only to the pledgedDestiny, 61:manner. Behind the closed borders of that mysterious and magnificent country, a great and spiritualDestiny, 140:Age. Venus is esoterically recognized as that mysterious force which is a blend of love andDiscipleship2, 60:ago. The judgment referred to has relation to a mysterious process which is going on in theDiscipleship2, 62:From these energies we cannot escape, but - in a mysterious and peculiar [63] manner - theDiscipleship2, 202:intelligently and with creative ability. 3. A mysterious body of what have been called "ReflectingDiscipleship2, 286:but rather as a "taking-over." It has a mysterious relation to the Law of Karma, but on [287] suchDiscipleship2, 304:to convey the truth, but which in a mysterious manner conditions the creative work, are certainDiscipleship2, 318:form. They have no intention at any time to be mysterious or to hold back teaching from theDiscipleship2, 323:makes possible? Is the acquiring of certain mysterious and hitherto unknown knowledge the reward ofDiscipleship2, 326:it many aeons ago. It is to this unknown and mysterious quality that the "shining forth" of theDiscipleship2, 327:hint I can give you in connection with this mysterious matter is that it is closely related to theDiscipleship2, 339:and their attempt to take to themselves the mysterious functions of a Lord of Karma. It is alwaysDiscipleship2, 344:processes. To grasp the meaning of these mysterious presentations, the creative imagination must beDiscipleship2, 397:Logos what the third eye is to man. These are mysterious words and can only be understood ifDiscipleship2, 398:third initiation; only the first stage of that mysterious all-embracing Purpose is at that timeDiscipleship2, 400:the case of the highest initiates) remains very mysterious. However, a study of the use of theDiscipleship2, 402:creative building process, and is related to a mysterious undertaking which is carried forwardDiscipleship2, 565:There I gave him six statements anent [565] this mysterious and holy center which we callEducation, 40:of God, to the sense of light and to wonder. The mysterious, the sense of awe, the followingExternalisation, 18:etheric body and stimulate into activity that mysterious stream of energy which sleeps at the baseExternalisation, 117:the Law of Karma, it is immediately regarded as mysterious, Oriental and new. Called (as itExternalisation, 159:the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the ChristExternalisation, 261:one mode of intervention which is still more mysterious, illimitable more powerful, and definitelyExternalisation, 350:to enable the Christ to become Himself, in a mysterious way, the very Spirit of Invocation on theirExternalisation, 532:Hierarchy also undergo will not be so secret and mysterious as it is today. But the time has notExternalisation, 685:for all present happenings, thus bringing the mysterious Law of Karma in an easy manner to publicFire, 99:three receptive centers for cosmic prana. The mysterious band in the heavens, which we call theFire, 198:we are definitely studying one aspect of this mysterious faculty of touch, the faculty of theFire, 207:Herein lies the mystery of our planet, the most mysterious of all the planets. Just as the karma ofFire, 214:His Headquarters. H. P. B. says it is "a very mysterious locality on account of its futureFire, 214:call the Christ. 91 The inner round is a mysterious cycle of which little can be told. It is notFire, 225:Next comes the Pentagram , the Pentad, the mysterious symbol of the Manasaputras or Sons of Wisdom,Fire, 251:or men who form the units in groups is both mysterious and wonderful. A Heavenly Man on His ownFire, 299:lies hid in number, and it took a moment of mysterious alignment between a globe, its correspondingFire, 314:a paralleling synthesis. On the physical plane a mysterious synthesis in connection with theFire, 323:polarized, and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force.Fire, 366:as to the truth. The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in itFire, 377:chain of our scheme, but our scheme gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, thoughFire, 393:of manas, inherent in His nature, and in some mysterious way this was aided by another Heavenly ManFire, 400:of Spirit. Between these two stages is [400] a mysterious esoteric stage wherein he is resolvedFire, 416:to one of the seven solar systems, and in this mysterious alliance is hidden the mystery of theFire, 475:called "sport," will be done away with. A mysterious change in the attitude of men and women to theFire, 492:lies the secret of transmutation and its most mysterious angle. Fire by friction, the negativeFire, 497:the globe with which this kingdom has a mysterious connection. If I might express it in otherFire, 597:at this time in line with the seventh law. In a mysterious way this law is the reverse side of theFire, 608:- it will be apparent why so much must remain mysterious to even the higher grades of initiates,Fire, 672:lower fifth, the sixth and seventh - are a very mysterious group as far as man is concerned. 17Fire, 673:Here also may be found the beginnings of that mysterious divergence which we call the "left andFire, 673:the failure in Atlantean days, and even that mysterious "failure" of the Buddha (which has aFire, 677:later when studying thought-form construction. A mysterious group of devas intimately connected atFire, 709:in bud form and three are completely hidden and mysterious. At the same time, the three permanentFire, 722:of the physical body. A very difficult and mysterious subject might be touched upon here, - that ofFire, 728:Logos on His own plane. The first Kumara is in a mysterious sense the energy which producesFire, 740:of his Ray. He is then "abstracted" under a mysterious planetary law which only works on cosmicFire, 745:of the Buddha, and the secret purpose of that mysterious Entity, the Silent Watcher; to those whoFire, 780:connection with a planet, they are called by a mysterious name which may not be revealed, as itFire, 821:flows the force and coherent energy of those mysterious Entities whom (when considering the humanFire, 837:within is so often buried in the depths of this mysterious Chaos, thereby making visible theFire, 845:will form the manifested double or form of that mysterious third evolution of the next system; thatFire, 845:the etheric body of the planetary entity. This mysterious life is as yet an unfathomable mysteryFire, 846:analogous relation to the deva evolution as the mysterious "bridges" which baffle scientists, andFire, 847:by the organization of a center, and the mysterious life we have been speaking about was produced
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