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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTERIOUS

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Rays, 689:plane, the logoic plane) produces in a [689] mysterious way an effect on the totality of humanityRays, 720:all-encompassing Whole." This is, of course, a mysterious and rather paradoxical statement, butRays, 724:now to emphasize, because it has a definite and mysterious relation to this sixth initiation. TheRays, 734:of World Servers - with dynamic energy and, in a mysterious way, relate them to each other so thatRays, 736:considered, but so high is their potency and so mysterious their working that I find myself unableReappearance, 9:two thousand years ago) but He also, in some mysterious and incomprehensible manner, embodied inReappearance, 74:and instituting an era of peace. He is, in a mysterious sense, the Spirit of Equilibrium; He worksReappearance, 84:Dispenser of the Water of Life, His work is most mysterious and not at all easy to comprehend. InReappearance, 117:page 123, gives a satisfying definition of this mysterious cosmic and human process. He says thatSoulrelinquish his crude inadequacies to embrace a mysterious doctrine all the more wonderful because,Soul, 22:various glands." - Rubin, Herman H., M.D., Your Mysterious Glands, p. 54. Some schools go so far toSoul, 31:and to check the claims, so often made, that the mysterious internal secretions are responsible forSoul, 34:of our brain, and are then transformed in some mysterious way into information. To that informationSoul, 36:normal ductless glands." - Rubin, H. H., Your Mysterious Glands, p. 10. And Dr. Leary says, "TheSoul, 39:is to chemistry." - Rubin, H. H., M.D., Your Mysterious Glands, pp. 8, 9. This system of endocrineSoul, 47:practically nothing, and it is one of the most mysterious of all. Like the pineal gland, it isSoul, 93:in Western medicine and science, entitled The Mysterious Kundalini (Vasant G. Rele) is of realSoul, 100:sustains the universe." - Rele, Vasant G., The Mysterious Kundalini, p. 40. Soul, 104:is anxious to control." - Rele, Vasant G., The Mysterious Kundalini, p. 70. Soul, 107:us in the universe." - Rele, Vasant G., The Mysterious Kundalini, pp. 13, 14. René Guénon sums upSoul, 158:Pituitary Bodies.) T. P. C. Barnard, M.D. Your Mysterious Glands, H. H. Rubin, M.D. PSYCHOLOGY:Soul, 159:The Light of the Soul, Alice A. Bailey [159] The Mysterious Kundalini, Vesant G. Rele Nature'sTelepathy, 72:evoke (within initiate ranks) is based upon a mysterious development - impossible before the timeTelepathy, 75:which warrants their being the custodians of mysterious spiritual messages - usually of a most
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