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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTERY

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Fire, 269:This is hid in a threefold mystery: The mystery of electricity. The mystery of the sevenFire, 269:mystery: The mystery of electricity. The mystery of the seven constellations. The mystery of theFire, 269:The mystery of the seven constellations. The mystery of the ONE ABOVE THE LOGOS. Fire, 296:must be pondered upon. It holds hid the fourfold mystery: The mystery of the Akasha. The secret ofFire, 296:upon. It holds hid the fourfold mystery: The mystery of the Akasha. The secret of the fifth round.Fire, 298:It is not permissible to say much about this mystery, that "Venus is the Earth's alter ego," nor isFire, 299:are closely allied to these three, but a hidden mystery lies here. The evolution of the inner roundFire, 306:this final question. It has been stated that a mystery lies hid in the 777 incarnations. ThisFire, 306:three figures, just as 666 and 888 holds the mystery hid of two other Heavenly Men. This number 777Fire, 371:world is now ready; it holds the solution of the mystery of this round. Fire, 394:as far as it is possible to do at this time. The mystery of manas is hidden in existence itself,Fire, 395:manasic principle in all three cases. The whole mystery of this principle is hidden in twoFire, 395:principle is hidden in two fundamentals: The mystery of the resolution of the six-pointed star,Fire, 395:star, into the five-pointed star.40, 41 The mystery of the Lords of Karma, Who are, in themselves,Fire, 397:the correct number of these Entities that the mystery of the universe is built. Ten - The line andFire, 397:for Gods and for men, and in it is hidden the mystery of mind and of its place in evolution. ForFire, 399:into the five-pointed star; this is a great mystery, and concerns primarily the Heavenly Man of ourFire, 399:As man progresses towards the heart of the mystery he awakens to a realization that the aim ofFire, 402:lies hidden in this. Herein may be found the mystery of the five Kumaras, Who are awaiting theFire, 404:A Heavenly Man. A human being. This is a great mystery and is allied to the mystery of electricityFire, 404:This is a great mystery and is allied to the mystery of electricity (or of fohatic life) which H.Fire, 406:physical permanent atom. This is an occult mystery and must not be separated from its allied truthFire, 414:sumtotal of a male and a female chain. This is a mystery impossible to elucidate further, but it isFire, 416:and in this mysterious alliance is hidden the mystery of the moon chain. Certain brief hints may beFire, 416:the name of the Sphere of Suffering, and the mystery of the long and painful watch kept by theFire, 417:line of evolution, account for much of the moon mystery. Certain results, such as the finding ofFire, 435:globe. Until the race has further evolved the mystery lies securely hid, and the inability of manFire, 436:This energy, or electrical manifestation, this "mystery of electricity" to which H. P. B. refers,Fire, 440:component parts. In this knowledge lies hid the mystery of Being itself, of electrical force, andFire, 445:one kingdom to another, and this holds hid the mystery of the particular form of service of itsFire, 459:a correspondence that holds hid the key to the mystery of individualization. In this chain,Fire, 470:and lunar karma. In the latter is hid the great mystery of the Moon, and her place in the planetaryFire, 472:to man; even the adepts cannot untangle the mystery beyond that of the groups affiliated with them,Fire, 475:universally recognized, but the key to the mystery, or the secret of the systemic formula isFire, 497:in this scheme; it gives also the clue to the mystery of the Presence of the great Kumara HimselfFire, 511:center. Here we have one of the clues to the mystery of electricity. The sacred planets, withFire, 518:of His incarnation, [518] and lies concealed the mystery of His functional activity; but we cannotFire, 518:shortly, suffice it to say here that its mystery lies hid in the nature of the Heavenly MenFire, 518:following correspondence holds the key to this mystery, but it can only be indicated, leaving it toFire, 518:This is - as has been earlier said - a deep mystery, and one that can be no further amplified. Fire, 521:viewed apart from each other. It concerns the mystery of electricity, and the production of light.Fire, 524:in its threefold essential nature will the mystery of consciousness become apparent, and the natureFire, 525:and the higher three. It is also a mystery hid in the relationship between the four exotericFire, 526:" We can now resume our consideration of the mystery of the mental unit, and note wherein itFire, 526:atoms, and their internal economy, will remain a mystery for a long time, and only a few generalFire, 530:It is impossible to enlarge further upon this mystery. 73 Forms. Divine ideation passes from theFire, 532:and even then only one in the solar system. (The mystery of a planet and its central life has notFire, 538:for initiates only." - Kali Upanishad. "The mystery of the sixteen rays of the Ego will be revealedFire, 539:Doctrine, may be discovered the clue to the mystery. Let us realize this clearly, nevertheless, asFire, 554:embodies His polar opposite. This is a deep mystery and concerns the cosmic marriage of the Logos.Fire, 556:widest connotation, for they contain the basic mystery of sex on the involutionary path, and on theFire, 563:suffering in the animal kingdom is hidden in the mystery of the sin of the mindless, 80 and in thatFire, 574:of our love system. Twenty-seven holds hid the mystery of the third system. On the path ofFire, 608:their medium. Man's just apprehension of this mystery of electricity will only come about as heFire, 610:bow in silence and ignorance - the Unspeakable Mystery of that which is called by the Vedantins,Fire, 612:bear in mind here that we are studying the mystery of electricity and therefore must remember theFire, 612:the following facts: a. Introductory Remarks The Mystery of Electricity. The greater Builders areFire, 613:in man. He unites in himself all forms. The mystery of the earthly man is the mystery of theFire, 613:all forms. The mystery of the earthly man is the mystery of the Heavenly Man. The potentiality ofFire, 617:(or life force and form) we have the key to the mystery of the solar and lunar pitris, and a hintFire, 624:to us as powerfully to delude us. Here lies the mystery of maya, and here is to be found the secretFire, 625:of force, will be found for man the key to the mystery of his centers. Fire, 649:or of His Lower Self. Herein is found the mystery of present evil, the source of present distress,Fire, 663:and substance of the Heavenly Man. Great is the mystery, and until man knows his place within theFire, 669:physical. This will as yet prove an insoluble mystery to the student, but in the significance ofFire, 670:schemes they differ somewhat from ours, as the "Mystery of the Moon" is connected with a peculiarFire, 671:form. The union of the two concealeth the true mystery of Being. When the two great devas seek eachFire, 680:and their relation to man is a most profound mystery, and the entire matter is so clothed inFire, 680:to dispel the clouds which veil the central mystery, but perhaps, by due tabulation and synthesis,Fire, 683:direct manifestations of the Logos. The entire mystery is hidden in the relationship of theFire, 688:[688] should be studied for they hold the mystery hid, and though the true occult meaning will notFire, 689:has its place here. It holds the key to the mystery of the fivefold Dhyanis: "The higher Three inFire, 692:logoic Aspects and we then have the key to the mystery of the nine Sephiroth, the triple Trimurti.Fire, 695:of hylozoism of a living material universe, the mystery of nature will be solved." - StandardFire, 696:system, the numbers six and seven held the mystery hid. In the next system, it will be two and one.Fire, 697:and he enters into the Flame. Initiation and the mystery of numbers primarily concernFire, 698:to the heart, and here is the clue to the mystery of kama-manas. The kamic angels are vitalizedFire, 704:lesser lives within the form are negative. The mystery of the Manasaputras is hidden in this, andFire, 704:egoic lotus, he may touch upon the fringe of the mystery. The fifth Ray, which is the Ray of theFire, 706:natural course of evolution on this scheme. The mystery of Capricorn is hidden in these five and inFire, 721:the same for a Heavenly Man, and a part of the mystery of evil is to be found in the readiness ofFire, 727:No more can be communicated on this matter. "The mystery of the goat" lies hidden here. This avatarFire, 728:It is not possible to express this great mystery more clearly but if the student couples these fewFire, 728:those earlier given in the Secret Doctrine, the mystery of the "Holy Four" may be somewhatFire, 729:the above has its place here, as it concerns the mystery of force and consciousness, and theFire, 738:Period between Egoic Cycles Herein is hid the mystery of the 777 incarnations and concerns theFire, 738:an average man but still in the two Halls. The mystery of all root races lies here, and the egoicFire, 744:seven; one scheme has but three rounds, but a mystery is hidden here: on the inner round one planetFire, 745:thus created. We will now consider the mystery of rebirth, or the incarnation of those lives whichFire, 745:those who are endeavoring to grasp somewhat the mystery of rebirth and its laws and purpose, andFire, 745:and who are confused when considering the mystery of the Buddha, and the secret purpose of thatFire, 747:This should be pondered on, for it holds the mystery hid. Also, the fact that some of these LordsFire, 749:some principle. [749] The method seen in the mystery of the Bodhisattva, or the Christ. The methodFire, 751:take immediate physical birth. A hint as to the mystery of the Bodhisattva may be found in theseFire, 753:when man has developed etheric vision will the mystery lying beyond the Himalayas be revealed.Fire, 753:Guru, or a more advanced chela, to use it. The mystery of the Bodhisattvas (S. D., I. 82, 83.) hasFire, 754:In the appearing of the Bodhisattva Himself, the mystery of the Bodhisattva will be seen in itsFire, 780:which may not be revealed, as it conceals the mystery of the scheme which preceded ours, and ofFire, 796:and stars of the Zodiac. [796] The mystery is hidden in esoteric astrology, and until the subjectFire, 796:into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of the "influence" of these various bodies
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