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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTIC

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Astrology, 155:of admittance into the Hierarchy as well as the "mystic raising" of which Masonry holds the key.Astrology, 224:of divine knowledge can take the place of the mystic way of feeling. It means also that knowledgeAstrology, 307:through soul activity; he must be a developed mystic, capable of pure vision, motivated byAstrology, 623:and of the fusion of the occidental or the mystic way are dominant in this cycle. The Buddha summedAstrology, 636:(S.D. Vol. III, 342) Astrology is built upon the mystic and intimate connection between theAstrology, 673:of our Earth, in both the physical and mystic sense." (S.D. Vol. II, 36) "It is with the Regent ofAstrology, 676:it 28 stars." (Vol. II, 609 and 612) "There is a mystic connection between the names Makara andAtom, 111:and different types. The religious man, the mystic, will center his attention upon the life withinAutobiography, 7:of spiritual import. The self-disclosures of the mystic of medieval times have their place but itAutobiography, 8:ferment which is leavening humanity. And yet the mystic way of introspection and of divine unionAutobiography, 8:the individual and of humanity as a whole. The mystic and the occult way, the way of the heart andAutobiography, 22:occultist must be, first of all, a practicing mystic (or do I mean a practical mystic - perhapsAutobiography, 22:a practicing mystic (or do I mean a practical mystic - perhaps both) and the development of theAutobiography, 41:testimony to that of the frequently discredited mystic and occultist. I have a good standing as anAutobiography, 265:and made the essential dualism of the mystic factual. The new schools aim at a higher fusion - thatAutobiography, 265:soul. They reveal that behind the dualism of the mystic (a necessary stage) there is the occultAutobiography, 293:but a theorist, an idealist and an impractical mystic. It is this daily application of spiritualBethlehem, 7:birth and earthly life of Christ, is for the mystic not only this but also a perpetual cosmic andBethlehem, 46:by Jesus when Nicodemus stumbled over His mystic phraseology: 'Art thou a master of Israel, andBethlehem, 51:is on the first stage of its journey towards the mystic Bethlehem where the Christ child will beBethlehem, 93:This we cannot accept. The cosmic Christ, the mystic Christ, the historical Christ, and theBethlehem, 122:regarded as too idealistic and as an impractical mystic and visionary if one falls back, as ChristBethlehem, 148:of beauty and truth, there will come to the mystic a realization of a subjective world whoseBethlehem, 149:The temperament and tendencies of the mystic - his own innate quality - have also much to do withBethlehem, 152:God is light as well as life. This the mystic has proved, and to this he eternally testifies. ThisBethlehem, 173:Come welling and surging in: Come from the mystic ocean Whose rim no foot has trod - Some of usBethlehem, 187:the appalling theological doctrine that for some mystic reason a propitiatory sacrifice wasBethlehem, 239:watching over His Church; Christ, the mystic, mythic Christ, portraying upon the canvas of theBethlehem, 263:of the more advanced people of the world. The mystic and the Christian may talk in terms of theBethlehem, 274:of essential unity by saying that "... the true mystic is he who holds to the reality of bothDiscipleship1, 7:of the introspective, yet ambitious Occidental mystic. . . . What, therefore, is the position IDiscipleship1, 18:perfected. The objectives of both methods - the mystic and the occult - are the same. [19] Discipleship1, 85:see a way out of the immediate impasse than the mystic or the occultist because he thinks in termsDiscipleship1, 87:the linking up of heart and head, of the mystic and the occult approach, and also of feeling andDiscipleship1, 128:time. This is frequently the case with the pure mystic which you have been. Of this also I feelDiscipleship1, 145:in beautiful visionary dreams. The visionary mystic senses the ideal but (using not his mind) makesDiscipleship1, 145:and heart and above whose foreheads shines the mystic symbol of the builder. That you may integrateDiscipleship1, 158:ahead. Therein lies the difference between the mystic and the occultist. You are in much betterDiscipleship1, 279:and isolation; this is ever a limitation of the mystic temperament. Is it not so? In any groupDiscipleship1, 285:"make good," as you say in the West. But the mystic, the disciple and the intuitive aspirant is asDiscipleship1, 287:was unduly developed in you. You were the true mystic and the spiritual visionary, the idealist andDiscipleship1, 287:who have eyes to see and ears to hear - the mystic truth ever lurks in its fullness, the vision ofDiscipleship1, 289:training frets a temperament still essentially mystic. The more your soul grips you, the more yourDiscipleship1, 290:personality. Hence, my brother, your problem. A mystic of wide consciousness with a powerfulDiscipleship1, 390:is represented by that word Presence. The mystic is ever aware of duality; of the lower man and theDiscipleship1, 462:recognize this fact. Meditate upon the following mystic phrases and where color is mentioned,Discipleship1, 472:or on its lacks and defects. You need the mystic vision far more than the occult method just now.Discipleship1, 556:in the occultist mystical awareness and, in the mystic, practical occult knowledge. Your vision canDiscipleship1, 648:cannot be trodden until the glamor of the mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itselfDiscipleship1, 709:all things; he is a human being but he is also a mystic, an occultist, a psychic and a disciple.Discipleship2, 166:the world have been present. A new type of mystic is coming to be recognized; he differs from theDiscipleship2, 166:Triad now illumines the way of the modern mystic, and not simply the light of the soul, and thisDiscipleship2, 185:you a true introspective and consequently a pure mystic. Exactly the reverse is intended; all thatDiscipleship2, 215:types up to and inclusive of the aspirational mystic, 2. Prayer; this is the stage wherein theDiscipleship2, 215:this is the stage wherein the aspirant, the mystic or the spiritually inclined man blendsDiscipleship2, 221:remember that the one-pointed attitude, of the mystic, functioning in group formation, will be aDiscipleship2, 340:to the self-centered and dualistic vision of the mystic. That vision is a part of the evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 434:revelation is the due reward, conceded to the mystic because of his struggles and his deep searchDiscipleship2, 467:confers the status of adeptship, produced the mystic realization, the unfoldment of the lotus ofDiscipleship2, 510:of the mystical experience of the true mystic and to which he has given the name of "the dark nightEducation, 34:knowledge which you have gained. In the past the mystic expressed his realization through love andEducation, 34:to express the love of God to the world. The mystic today continues with the same process, butEducation, 59:all that it is, then every scientist and every mystic would represent the approach of the mentalEducation, 59:This would not, however, be accurate. The mystic is never a true esotericist, for he is not dealingExternalisation, 243:the needed objective. It will come when the mystic and the man of vision awakens to the need of theExternalisation, 588:not the idealistic perfection of the visionary mystic, but the control of the instrument, man inFire, 20:Blinding the power of the oncoming flame. The mystic earthquake rocks the cavern; the burningFire, 136:62 [136] 60 "Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire; it is called the serpentine or annularFire, 217:as heard in time and space, each of those three mystic letters stands for the first letter of aFire, 384:our planetary Logos is undergoing that which the mystic calls "the Crucifixion." The cells in HisFire, 455:and where these two are not merged, we have the mystic and the man in danger of black magic, beingFire, 513:His search for His polar opposite, and their mystic union. This process is repeated by theFire, 513:brings him likewise into incarnation, or into mystic union with form. 68 The Divine Ray containsFire, 584:resistance. Hence the facility with which the mystic contacts the buddhic and even higher planes.Fire, 594:love in the abstract rays leads to that of the mystic. Love forms the sheath and inspires the life;Fire, 611:Thus also can it be taught along occult, and not mystic, lines in the recognition (by science) ofFire, 672:three and the point." Herein lies the key to the mystic marriage, and to the student of occultismFire, 672:Consequently, the correspondence of the mystic marriage of Spirit and matter can be seen workingFire, 679:matter whereby initiates of a certain mystic type make the "great approach." Devas of all degreesFire, 743:of the multitude. Over all this deva host the mystic Goat presideth. Makara is, and is not, yet theFire, 814:from a new angle, giving an occult turn to mystic thought. Now comes the opportunity for man toFire, 815:a severe disciplining of the physical body, the mystic effects his entrance into the heart centerFire, 829:it from the aspect of polarity and of the mystic marriage, from [830] the comprehension of the realFire, 832:to the sheaths or instruments employed. The mystic has recognized this "force" factor, but has onlyFire, 832:the distinction between his work and that of the mystic. He recognizes: Positive force - Or thatFire, 882:The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potency of sound, ofFire, 1020:has been made; and finally, to utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work.Fire, 1194:to Nirvana, 'renounces the Dharmakaya body' in mystic parlance; keeps, of the Sambhogakaya, onlyFire, 1243:these terms are the generic names given in the mystic parlance of the Lodge of Masters to the sevenFire, 1243:is the emanating source of manas. There the mystic must go and become what is called "a spark ofFire, 1257:which prepare for this work are called in the mystic parlance of the adepts the "lotus lands." TheFire, 1259:recognitions and the "ecstasy" of the occidental mystic is the germ, latent within him, which willFire, 1268:the fiery light which veils the balance. The mystic process then proceeds and... Thus is the workFire, 1271:portal of the sun and thence to... (GEMINI). The mystic Word is veiled by letters four - E, M, andFire, 1277:a messenger who speaketh to Him the following mystic words: "As the power enters by that which isGlamour, 75:elevated and less material requirements of the mystic or hermit. We are rated as regards action andHealing, 43:is steadily oriented towards the soul. In the mystic, the aspirant and the disciple, the process ofHealing, 45:body Jewel in the lotus Aspirant - Disciple - Mystic - Dominant after 2nd Initiation 2. CenterHealing, 114:the approach was largely from the angle of the mystic, whereas I am here going to touch upon theHealing, 115:trouble of some kind or another. The straight mystic succumbs more to purely psychological
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