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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTIC

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Healing, 115:the soul. This blockage is brought about by the mystic when he succumbs to his own thought-forms,Healing, 116:and localized trouble. To these conditions the mystic is not so prone unless he is rapidly becomingHealing, 116:unless he is rapidly becoming the practical mystic or occultist. This is a definite transitionalHealing, 116:like to point out one interesting fact: The mystic is ever conscious of duality. He is the seekerHealing, 117:Only when he becomes the occultist does the mystic learn that all the time the magnet whichHealing, 117:of awareness. The split personality and the mystic are two aspects of one whole - the aspect whichHealing, 119:about the split personality, the problems of the mystic and the new mode of approach to diseaseHealing, 131:secret of constituting a pure channel (to use mystic but not occult phraseology), is considered inHealing, 212:from the heavenly realm" - as an old Christian mystic, long forgotten, used to say. His words haveHealing, 214:and training), then you will have the practical mystic, the humanitarian and the occultist. Hercules, 11:lies at the heart of all religions." This is the mystic realization and the object of the searchHercules, 12:astrologer, the occultist, the idealist and the mystic also meet and testify to a concealed Deity,Hercules, 12:of the astrologers, and in the testimony of the mystic, however, we can see a steadily emergingHercules, 70:qualities. He must no longer be the visionary mystic, but must add to the mystical achievement theHercules, 142:when they lifeless lay did Hercules perceive the mystic head that was immortal. Then Hercules cutHercules, 205:of a clear note and to the newly emerging mystic and knower is given the task of this sounding.Hercules, 205:the task of this sounding. "What we find in the mystic is an intensified organ for the affirmationInitiation, 11:as the gradual blending of the paths of the mystic and the occultist, - the rearing of the templeInitiation, 81:third ray. The problem now is concerned with the mystic and the occultist, and their eventualInitiation, 102:Lodge if he is free from occult occupation and mystic introspection during the period of any oneInitiation, 116:be apparent to those who have eyes to see. The mystic significance of these pictorial phrases willInitiation, 148:the Rod with their staffs of office, a certain mystic Word is jointly uttered by them, and theInitiation, 171:from the First (solar system) and also by four mystic phrases conveying much light to theIntellect, 8:abstract ideas. This is the high heritage of the mystic, but seems as yet not to be within theIntellect, 9:arrival at that knowledge which the individual mystic has had. Our ears are deafened by the din ofIntellect, 14:that new world of being towards which the pure mystic reaches. The line of demarcation betweenIntellect, 14:and in development which changes the visionary mystic into the practical knower. There is a processIntellect, 14:There is a process and a technique to which the mystic can subject himself which coordinates himIntellect, 15:process and with this work of educating the mystic, that the meditation technique has to do. It isIntellect, 36:a most excellent description of the way of the mystic and the technique of meditation whereby theIntellect, 36:and the technique of meditation whereby the mystic becomes the fully conscious knower. However muchIntellect, 37:too apt to confuse the religious spirit with the mystic search. All clear thinking about life andIntellect, 37:and steadfastness, leads eventually into the mystic world, and this the foremost scientists of ourIntellect, 37:and of passing inwards from form to form, the mystic arrives eventually at the glory of theIntellect, 42:of visionary and impractical tendencies. The mystic is frequently unable to cope with hisIntellect, 50:which is the hallmark of the illuminated mystic and the intuitional knowers. The beautiful linesIntellect, 59:emotional and sensuous angle of the devotee and mystic. Direct experience is sought. Knowledge ofIntellect, 67:plus disciplined unselfishness, produces the Mystic. Meditation, plus organized disciplinedIntellect, 67:disciplined service, produces the Knower. The mystic, as we have earlier seen, senses divineIntellect, 68:group. It will be found, however, that the words mystic and mystical are very loosely used andIntellect, 68:very loosely used and cover not only the pure mystic, with his visions and sensory reactions, butIntellect, 68:interesting way, though he uses the one term Mystic in both relations. His words form a mostIntellect, 69:science relying wholly upon the senses..." "The mystic insight begins with the sense of a mysteryIntellect, 69:is the faint reflection of its sun. But the mystic lives in the full light of the vision: whatIntellect, 70:for the way of knowledge and where the mystic stops in adoration of the vision and in yearningIntellect, 70:at the close of his book on Mysticism, "The mystic at the end of his preparation is simply waitingIntellect, 71:Through meditation, the union for which the mystic yearns, and which he senses, and of which he hasIntellect, 71:the divine is now the objective of the convinced mystic. To do this with success and withIntellect, 81:about union, or at-one-ment. The Occidental mystic may speak of the At-one-ment, whilst his brotherIntellect, 85:demonstrate forth as known realities. The true mystic does not concern himself with the powers andIntellect, 103:activity is instituted. But, in the case of the mystic and of the man who is beginning to meditate,Intellect, 127:the search for certainty, an endeavor after the mystic experience, or the religious impulse. But noIntellect, 130:higher and higher (to use the language of the mystic), until mind itself failed, and he foundIntellect, 130:talking symbolically. One of the first things a mystic learns is that dimensions do not exist inIntellect, 133:mental equipment and can add to the way of the mystic that of the conscious intellect. But betweenIntellect, 136:stage of contemplation, is not the end of the mystic's career. It is the end of his efforts, in theIntellect, 138:language of occultism, is the realization of the mystic. Cardinal Richelieu [139] callsIntellect, 143:"The full spiritual consciousness of the true mystic is developed not in one but in two apparentlyIntellect, 144:from other men... On the other hand, the full mystic consciousness also attains to what is, IIntellect, 144:peculiar mark, the ultimo sigillo of the great mystic..." - Underhill, Evelyn, Mysticism, pagesIntellect, 147:to the hallucinations of the over-stimulated mystic or to [148] the psychopathic cases with whichIntellect, 149:and by all writers upon the subject of the mystic revelation. The thought of a Light which entersIntellect, 150:240. The trouble has been that with the average mystic, though not with the outstanding figures toIntellect, 150:express clearly this state of illumination. "The mystic," we are told in the Bampton Lectures forIntellect, 152:for the reality which has produced it, the mystic forces himself behind the outer form and findsIntellect, 153:is well worth careful consideration. Thus the mystic "divines" (through the divine within himself)Intellect, 154:of awareness of the brain and the mind) and the mystic passes into the contemplative state, whereinIntellect, 155:on mysticism who are concerned with the purely mystic way, and have not studied adequately theIntellect, 156:of the way of the Knower and the way of the mystic might be of value here. The mystic, especiallyIntellect, 156:way of the mystic might be of value here. The mystic, especially in the West, gains his flash ofIntellect, 156:angles the self-centeredness of the Western mystic is notable, and his failure to use the intellectIntellect, 157:Knower has a different method from that of the mystic. His is the directing of the intellect to theIntellect, 158:unthinking majority, it is perhaps true that the mystic way of love and devotion should be theIntellect, 158:man, we have that rare combination of the mystic and the knower; we have the product of theIntellect, 158:and, in the Occident, is termed the practical mystic - which is our rather unsatisfactory way ofIntellect, 159:unsatisfactory way of designating [159] that mystic who has combined the intellect with the feelingIntellect, 163:is with other matters) the coordinated practical mystic or knower. "...intuitive inspiration andIntellect, 166:all anxieties and mundane worries cease and the mystic enters into the peace that passethIntellect, 168:as follows: [168] "The great doctors of the mystic life teach that there are two sorts of raptureIntellect, 172:this chapter with some words written by a Hindu mystic and some by a modern Christian mystic,Intellect, 172:by a Hindu mystic and some by a modern Christian mystic, typical examples of the two points of viewIntellect, 172:examples of the two points of view of the mystic and the knower. The Hindu says: "They are calledIntellect, 177:We have outlined the method through which the mystic can become the conscious knower, and haveIntellect, 185:follows: "He was one, who, having mastered the mystic and occult sciences, had communicated toIntellect, 195:is the objective of all the schools wherein the mystic transcends feeling, and even thought, in theIntellect, 200:dreamy states of bliss and peace, with which the mystic prayer and meditation had dowered them,Intellect, 201:spiritual progress as any of the visions of the mystic? The spiritual results of the mentalIntellect, 202:and love of self into love of God. Thus the mystic emerges. Through the use of the mind in theIntellect, 206:and dedication, which is so distinctive of the mystic, gives place to the life of concentration andIntellect, 211:nature dominates (as in the case of the pure mystic) the effect makes itself felt primarily in theIntellect, 232:knows how difficult it is to induce the mystic to renounce his quiescent condition (which is theIntellect, 250:unfoldment, and a method whereby the introverted mystic can become the extrovert. The writer may beMagic, 17:faculty" of the intelligent and practical mystic who - relegating the emotional and feeling natureMagic, 34:and involves that psychic expansion which the mystic has registered down the ages, and which St.Magic, 34:experience then we have the occultist plus the mystic. Magic, 63:rapidity. The hill and valley experience of the mystic is but one way of expressing this ebb andMagic, 83:It is recognized [83] innately by those of mystic temperament, and by those who are able to studyMagic, 110:the occultist and of the sage rather than of the mystic and the saint? When all is said and done,Magic, 110:basic distinction between the occultist and the mystic. In the rounded-out individual both head andMagic, 110:degree his occult approach is based on the mystic perception of past lives. For him the problem is
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