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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTIC

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Magic, 111:Approach to truth, either the occult or the mystic path having the stronger drawing power.Magic, 120:and the sage; that of love is that of the mystic and the saint. The head or the heart approach isMagic, 120:upon the ray, for both ways must be known; the mystic must become the occultist; the whiteMagic, 120:the white occultist has been the saintly mystic. True knowledge is intelligent love, for it is theMagic, 227:is that faculty [227] which constitutes him a mystic. This awareness he shares in common with allMagic, 247:pineal gland as its concrete aspect. The pure mystic has his consciousness centered in the top ofMagic, 331:old tradition, and refusing recognition to the mystic, yet seek to know themselves as liberatedMagic, 447:has been made; and finally, utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work.Magic, 447:his connection with it by the utterance of the "mystic phrase". We will assume that emergence intoMagic, 449:for which the form has been constructed, and the mystic phrase concerns the severing of theMagic, 463:the words. It is the soul who utters forth the mystic phrase, but it is the soul as controller orMagic, 476:are as follows: III. Finally, to utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work.Magic, 476:distorted indications of the emanations of those mystic phrases which will bring into being theMagic, 485:the scarcely sensed facts of the inner occult or mystic life that pass through the mind of theMagic, 491:process falls into two parts: By the use of a mystic phrase he severs the link which holds anMagic, 575:either to conquer or perish that the modern mystic can hope to achieve his object." I intend toMagic, 611:His work; He has not yet finally chanted those mystic words or those spiritual sounds which willMagic, 618:much time to picturing themselves as the ideal mystic, or in deploring their lack of spiritualMeditation, 12:there arises for the man several lives given to mystic meditation and aspiration, culminatingMeditation, 12:and the life of intensest meditation along the mystic or emotional-intuitional line. ThisMeditation, 12:For a few there lies ahead the attainment of the mystic method, to be the basis later on of theMeditation, 28:fourth period that meditation commences, - the mystic meditation that leads, in the fifth period,Meditation, 109:in dreaming dreams and in seeing visions and in mystic meditation. To be practical, full of commonMeditation, 109:need to remember that I refer not here to the mystic meditation but to the scientifically occultMeditation, 139:the consciousness. The Use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. Specific Forms. The Use of FormMeditation, 140:the consciousness. The use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. [141] The use of specific formsMeditation, 147:the difference between the occultist and the mystic. Meditation, 147:2. Form as used by the Occultist and the Mystic August 8, 1920 The subject of this letter todayMeditation, 147:to take up form as used by the occultist and the mystic. It might be of value to us if we firstMeditation, 147:types. I would begin by a statement of fact. The mystic is not necessarily an occultist, but theMeditation, 147:an occultist, but the occultist embraces the mystic. Mysticism is but one step on the path ofMeditation, 147:least resistance for the majority is that of the mystic, or the path of love and devotion. In theMeditation, 147:which we now understand as the occult path. The mystic path will have been trodden. Wherein liesMeditation, 147:lies the difference between these two types? The mystic deals with the evolving life; the occultistMeditation, 147:life; the occultist deals with the form. The mystic deals with the God within; the occultist withMeditation, 147:occultist with God in outer manifestation. The mystic works from the center to the periphery; theMeditation, 147:the occultist reverses the process. The mystic mounts by aspiration and intensest devotion to theMeditation, 148:the fundamental Intelligence Himself. [148] The mystic works through the Rays of Love, Harmony andMeditation, 148:cosmic intelligence), and on this fifth ray the mystic is resolved into the occultist and worksMeditation, 148:by the study of the laws of his own being, the mystic becomes proficient in the laws which governMeditation, 148:and therefore governed by the same laws. The mystic works as a general rule under the department ofMeditation, 148:of their development may be seen, and the mystic becomes the occultist and the occultist includesMeditation, 148:occultist includes the characteristics of the mystic. To make it more simple for generalMeditation, 148:for general comprehension: after initiation the mystic is merged in the occultist for he has becomeMeditation, 148:the building devas work. Before initiation the mystic path might be expressed by the term,Meditation, 149:safely venture on the path of occult law. The mystic seeks to work from the emotional to theMeditation, 149:of love; the other along the line of will. The mystic fails in the purpose of his being - that ofMeditation, 149:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation The Mystic Form The expression, "the mystic form," isMeditation, 149:Meditation The Mystic Form The expression, "the mystic form," is almost a paradoxical remark, forMeditation, 149:form," is almost a paradoxical remark, for the mystic - if left to himself - eliminates the formMeditation, 150:the fire of the universe. The only form that the mystic may be said to use would be a ladder ofMeditation, 151:We studied, two days ago, the method whereby the mystic attains union, and outlined very brieflyMeditation, 151:of meditation, contrasting it with that of the mystic, and pointing out later how the two have toMeditation, 151:between the two types is at first apparent. The mystic eliminates or endeavors to transcend mind inMeditation, 152:the form becomes all in all. [152] He, like the mystic, has three things to do: He has to learn theMeditation, 152:threatening the occultist are not those of the mystic. Pride, selfishness, and a wielding of theMeditation, 152:Here, therefore, is the merging point of the mystic and the occultist. Here their paths become one.Meditation, 152:noting the difference in the forms built by the mystic and the occultist in meditation. I mightMeditation, 152:VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Occult and Mystic Forms Clairvoyantly seen The mystic who isMeditation, 152:Occult and Mystic Forms Clairvoyantly seen The mystic who is meditating has built before him andMeditation, 153:in the upward surge of emotional colors as the mystic form is apt to be. Later, when the man inMeditation, 153:out development, and is both an occultist and a mystic, the forms built will combine bothMeditation, 154:studied briefly, Meditation as followed by the mystic, and Meditation as pursued by the occultist.Meditation, 157:attributive rays are more easily followed by the mystic. These forms are for three objects: TheyMeditation, 158:[158] They tend to merge the occult and the mystic paths in the life of the pupil. Should he be onMeditation, 158:in the life of the pupil. Should he be on the mystic path he will work at the forms upon the RaysMeditation, 204:and demand... Blind faith is right for the mystic. It is one of the means whereby the DivineMeditation, 251:Think not that only the religious devotee or mystic, or the man imbued with what we call higherMeditation, 251:and their evolution parallels that of the mystic and the occultist. I seek most strongly toPatanjali, 47:before the revelation can be truly made. The mystic must eventually become the occultist: the headPatanjali, 101:is here that the language of the occultist and mystic both fail, for language deals withPatanjali, 135:to warmth and a good meal to the rapture of the mystic. Desire is a generic term covering thePatanjali, 141:The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potency of sound, ofPatanjali, 169:in the Hall of Wisdom. The terms human life, mystic life and occult life apply to these threePatanjali, 293:This marks the transition which the mystic has to make onto the path of the occultist, keeping, asPatanjali, 314:precede that wonderful experience wherein the mystic turns his lamp and light into other realms andPatanjali, 337:various states of consciousness. Only the true mystic and aspirant will comprehend the nature ofPatanjali, 355:work. This may be called "illumination" by the mystic or "pure vision" by the occultist but it isPatanjali, 415:is developed; he can be sensed and felt by the mystic and the devotee but knowledge of him (in thePatanjali, 424:feeling and the devotional heart approach (the mystic line) on to the path of intellectual control,Problems, 33:price. The day has now come when the practical mystic and the man of high mental development asPsychology1, xxiii:the academic and critical mind, and in which the mystic finds such relief and joy. I will howeverPsychology1, 52:When I say the religious man I refer to the mystic and to the man who senses the beatific vision. IPsychology1, 155:of God the Holy Ghost, you arrive at the mystic number 22, which is called (in esotericism) thePsychology1, 160:the Seven Rays What is the real nature of a true mystic or introvert? He is [161] one whose soulPsychology1, 161:outer "pull," and the man becomes a visionary mystic. I refer not to the practical mystic who is onPsychology1, 161:a visionary mystic. I refer not to the practical mystic who is on the way to becoming a whitePsychology1, 319:The solar plexus center. Psychic sensitivity. Mystic. 3rd and first human race. The sacral center.Psychology1, 359:magic. Hence, therefore, the need to turn the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modernPsychology1, 359:which was visioned. The sixth ray produced the mystic as its culminating type of aspirant. ThePsychology2, 48:It signifies that complete merging which the mystic endeavors to express in terms of the "marriagePsychology2, 93:death of the Sons of God, the immolation of the mystic Christ, the crucifixion in time and space ofPsychology2, 102:of men on Earth, who know the ecstasy of the mystic, the exaltation of the initiate, and thePsychology2, 155:for illumination which is the demand of the mystic, or the longing for identification with realityPsychology2, 237:human life into the silence of the unknown. The mystic and the occultist have both testified toPsychology2, 238:which lies beyond, or behind the vision of the mystic is forgotten in the forms built up in time;Psychology2, 244:He must not only see the vision (for that the mystic has always done) but he must penetrate behindPsychology2, 336:pronounced types, which are primarily the [336] mystic, the aspirant, the notable people, and thosePsychology2, 336:It ends finally in the production of the Mystic, with his aspiration, his sense of [337] duality,Psychology2, 364:any way a mystical realization, or that of the mystic who puts himself en rapport with divinity.
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