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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTICAL

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Patanjali, xiii:hold that the Essenes and other schools of mystical training and thought, closely connected withProblems, 17:clear to the entire world. The Germany of the mystical poets and writers of the Middle Ages willProblems, 32:Let us remember, however, that visionary, mystical hopes and dreams, wishful thinking and theProblems, 35:characteristic to which one may give the name "mystical perception". This characteristic connotesProblems, 60:constitute an [60] impractical vision or a mystical hope, based on wishful thinking. It concerns anProblems, 81:in the hearts of men. This may be deemed a mystical and visionary reason; it is already moreProblems, 90:the same urges towards betterment, to the same mystical aspiration, to the same sinful tendenciesProblems, 179:on cooperative interdependence. [179] This is no mystical or impractical program; it does not workPsychology1, 16:declares. Guard yourself at the same time from mystical rhapsodies anent the One Life, which arePsychology1, 48:might, in order more clearly to understand the mystical significance of these names, point out thatPsychology1, 52:who are called initiates, for they add to the mystical vision a trained mental apprehension. ThePsychology1, 83:it led also to the publication of the mass of mystical and Oriental literature on meditation andPsychology1, 96:future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful, mystical and symbolic statement, but will be regardedPsychology1, 110:that the aspirant be practical. The days of a mystical and dreamy consciousness are rapidly passingPsychology1, 136:and also from the worlds of introspection and of mystical vision which seem sealed to all subhumanPsychology1, 290:in divinity. The great final drama of the mystical union between God and man, and between the soulPsychology1, 300:he will reap it here and now, and not in some mystical and mythical heaven or hell; he will have toPsychology1, 314:of soul and body, and thus have consummated the "mystical marriage." The aggregate of thesePsychology1, 358:that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of thePsychology1, 374:of force and the offering of a channel are all mystical ways of expressing a natural phenomenon asPsychology1, 388:are feminine in their psychology, - intuitive, mystical, sensitive, alluring, beautiful, fond ofPsychology2- to be ascertained through the medium of the mystical perception and the wisdom of the enlightenedPsychology2, 113:and no personal union sought. This is not the mystical union of the scriptures or of the mysticalPsychology2, 113:the mystical union of the scriptures or of the mystical tradition. It is not alignment and unionPsychology2, 162:to ponder on this duality. Truth and falsehood, Mystical and occult knowledge, The self and thePsychology2, 200:the One." These two ancient writings - one mystical and the other occult - convey but little toPsychology2, 364:or sense of oneness is not in any way a mystical realization, or that of the mystic who putsPsychology2, 377:he will stand steady at the center within the mystical pentagram, and there suffer until the lightPsychology2, 386:and about which much has been written in the mystical books. This latter illumination isPsychology2, 448:and the consummating act of marriage, the great mystical symbol of the greater inner fusions. May IPsychology2, 448:outstanding interest at this time because of the mystical tendency and the spiritual urge whichPsychology2, 449:in the world [449] of men. These results of mystical and spiritual aspiration and of applied occultPsychology2, 449:meditation (in contradistinction to the mystical approach) must be faced and understood or a greatPsychology2, 449:surprises you, does it not, when I speak of the mystical tendency of humanity? Yet never before hasPsychology2, 451:mind, because the trend of human aspiration is mystical and not occult. Hence the world widePsychology2, 464:they become students of true meditation (either mystical or occult) the fact remains that seriousPsychology2, 509:dreams. Much of the experiences recorded in the mystical writings during the past few centuries inPsychology2, 511:against them in the latent inertia of the mystical mind, plus the lowered vital condition of thePsychology2, 512:which constitute the major difficulty of the mystical life. With these we shall later deal. [513]Psychology2, 513:the physiological disturbances accompanying the mystical experience; much has also beenPsychology2, 513:- along with deep spiritual knowledge, definite mystical phenomena and high aspiration for divinePsychology2, 514:himself temporarily from the source of this mystical or spiritual potency; or he may be taught howPsychology2, 515:subject of the diseases and difficulties of the mystical life which it would be well to bear inPsychology2, 520:Many of our present problems (arising out of the mystical or the spiritual life) and a large numberPsychology2, 525:which are preparatory to the expression of the mystical life. A period wherein the heart and throatPsychology2, 525:of vision and periods of spiritual effort. The mystical life is definitely attracting him. He isPsychology2, 525:active and dominant. The life of feeling and of mystical effort is, at this time, liable to diePsychology2, 526:(in a fresh and more potent manner) of the mystical instinct, plus, this time, an intelligentPsychology2, 527:that we shall find three stages in the mystical work, each of which will mark a definite point ofPsychology2, 531:of duality, of the pull of the world and of the mystical vision, of divine possibilities andPsychology2, 531:to be found, blended with a true and pronounced mystical aspiration and yearning, and a genuinePsychology2, 532:that which is unpleasant. In the early stages of mystical development, if there were right guidancePsychology2, 533:to which [533] humanity seems heir, once the mystical experience becomes a goal and appearsPsychology2, 533:exterior forces, you have the beginning of the mystical and occult life. There are two reasons forPsychology2, 537:have a reciprocal action for a long time in the mystical experience) produce also a powerful effectPsychology2, 538:to it only because in the course of the mystical life there is often a period of sexual difficultyPsychology2, 538:the spine during the final stages of the higher mystical experience carries with it its ownPsychology2, 542:- both to religion and education. When the mystical approach and its consequences - good and bad,Psychology2, 542:point out that I am using the words "mystic and mystical" in this section of our treatise because IPsychology2, 543:interest of those who recognize the fact of the mystical approach to God and the mystical life ofPsychology2, 543:the fact of the mystical approach to God and the mystical life of the soul, but who refuse as yetPsychology2, 543:manifestation. This is not the same thing as the mystical union. And yet, the whole theme isPsychology2, 543:the mystical union. And yet, the whole theme is mystical and innately subjective. The time mustPsychology2, 544:in his turn, must learn to include the mystical experience in full understanding consciousness as aPsychology2, 544:to a synthesis and an inclusiveness to which the mystical approach is but the beginning, and ofPsychology2, 544:The occultist is equally apt to despise the mystical way and to regard the mystical method asPsychology2, 544:to despise the mystical way and to regard the mystical method as "lying far behind him". But bothPsychology2, 544:is not a true one until he recovers the mystical experience and translates it into terms ofPsychology2, 544:my theme. I use therefore the words "mystic and mystical" in this section of the treatise toPsychology2, 555:of the psychic powers, the evolution of the mystical vision and the revelation of the light and ofPsychology2, 558:the intelligentsia of the world. Next comes the mystical stage wherein the advanced human being,Psychology2, 559:to the Word. c. Sight. Seeing. Perspective. The mystical vision. d. Taste (embryonic). Taste.Psychology2, 559:a. Clairvoyance. Extension through vision. The mystical vision. b. Clairaudience. Extension throughPsychology2, 565:to the higher things and towards the world of mystical realization (in contradistinction to that ofPsychology2, 575:stage of Psychism. [575] The evolution of the mystical vision. This is the stage of Mysticism. ThePsychology2, 584:It might here be pointed out that mystical development and aspiration are the way of escape fromPsychology2, 586:By the transference of the attention to the mystical life and to the expression of an intensePsychology2, 598:and Mystics Problem of the Development of the Mystical Vision This process of sensing the goal, ofPsychology2, 599:purpose, are the recognized prerogative of the mystical aspirant. The mystical literature of allPsychology2, 599:prerogative of the mystical aspirant. The mystical literature of all the world religions is, as youPsychology2, 600:point out here that the true attainment of the mystical goal, so that it is no longer seen but isPsychology2, 601:and have brought the whole subject of the mystical unfoldment into disrepute, particularly in thisPsychology2, 601:between the manufactured unreal of the ages of mystical activity and the Real which stands ever inPsychology2, 601:of the mystics down the ages who have blazed the mystical trail, who have used the same terminologyPsychology2, 602:possible. The true and valuable fruits of the mystical experience of the past are never lost. ThePsychology2, 602:with the dangerous and difficult stages of the mystical life. When the delusions of the mystic andPsychology2, 603:has no real inner control, he develops the [603] mystical sense to the point where he has no sensePsychology2, 604:him; it can be brought over from another life of mystical experience which should, in this life, bePsychology2, 604:you this teaching upon the difficulties of the mystical life - devitalization, delusion, deliriumPsychology2, 605:to make myself clear on these [605] points. The mystical way is the right way for people at aPsychology2, 605:such is the vision. There the life forces of the mystical physical nature, of his astral body andPsychology2, 605:will be, as time goes on, less and less of this mystical approach. The work of realizing beauty andPsychology2, 606:in consciousness will continue with the mystical approach and the beauty of that contribution willPsychology2, 606:the heritage of the race. But the cycle of the mystical effort and experience will be considerablyPsychology2, 606:of Reality" will be better understood. This mystical cycle is the correspondence to thePsychology2, 606:in our consciousness as God's Plan and the mystical vision is the necessary though passingPsychology2, 613:third ray, will be found. The registering of the mystical vision with its attendant difficulties isPsychology2, 614:powers, the problems incident to the [614] mystical vision and the revelation of light and power -Psychology2, 614:and the physician. Psychic sensitivity, mystical duality, and dominating power - these are thePsychology2, 614:for psychic sensitivity is related to the heart, mystical duality to the ajna center and the
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