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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYSTICALLY

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Astrology, 237:and experiment, scientifically applied and mystically motivated. When I say religious, I do notAstrology, 307:initiation, he must be fully self-conscious, mystically oriented and occultly developed. He must beAstrology, 520:these words, I am not speaking idealistically or mystically. I am pointing out the immediate goal;Astrology, 674:according to whether the schemes are counted mystically or occultly." (C. F. 595) "Venus isAstrology, 678:Secret Doctrine "All the Sun-Gods... have been mystically connected with the constellation TaurusBethlehem, 57:undergo the experience. This vital, dramatic, mystically pictured yet living truth, when grasped byBethlehem, 181:cross God is eternally crucified. "The sky is mystically spoken of as the Temple and the eternalDestiny, 61:materialistic regime and the unselfishness of a mystically and spiritually minded people, and allDestiny, 95:today. I am not here speaking idealistically or mystically. I am pointing out an immediate andEducation, 68:a practical sense and not just theoretically and mystically. We have to live down some of theEducation, 117:enabled to express themselves. Instinctively and mystically, humanity perceives that need with aExternalisation, 141:or mantram every day. It is a modernized and mystically worded version [142] of the one which wasExternalisation, 511:knowledge must be spread; the sacraments must be mystically interpreted, and the power of theFire, 369:according to whether the schemes are counted mystically or occultly. Inversely, Jupiter will beFire, 673:the East and the West. The two great Masters are mystically connected, if you will listen to H. P.Fire, 852:born lotus buds, or of lotuses which are termed "mystically transplanted." These latter areFire, 1184:cross the streams of will and karmic energy are mystically called the "Caves of dual light" andGlamour, 152:for man to sense - intelligently and not just mystically - the Angel and so intuit the PRESENCE.Healing, 366:way in order to lead them into the light. Those mystically inclined people and those rightlyHercules, 44:is of interest in this connection: "The sky is mystically spoken of as the Temple, and the eternalMagic, 193:When this is the case then - again speaking mystically - an hiatus or a gap occurs, in part of theMagic, 583:mystics into those of the practical, though mystically minded, occultists. This is an intenselyPatanjali, 336:of hearing. This might also be grasped mystically by the aspirant when he realizes that when theProblems, 107:missionary. The Negro is naturally religious and mystically inclined, and the major tenets of thePsychology1, 90:mind, which is so different to that of its more mystically inclined brother. All research,Psychology2, 410:those "spiritual enterprises" which affect the mystically inclined or those who are aware of thePsychology2, 487:forces upon the more intelligently inclined and mystically motivated people is producing seriousPsychology2, 488:all his subconscious "wish life." This, as he is mystically inclined and probably aspires normallyPsychology2, 510:of the subject. The superficial student or the mystically inclined person is apt to feel that allPsychology2, 602:as he is known. When, in these modern times, the mystically oriented person comes under the care ofPsychology2, 604:from the mystics or those who are at this time mystically inclined will violently disagree. I wouldPsychology2, 625:diseases and disturbances of the man who is mystically oriented, introspective and enquiring, will,Rays, 181:be dissipated by the disciple as he "escapes" mystically on to the Path of Initiation, just as theSoul, 69:of energy or life, is not the vague dream of a mystically inclined people, but is regarded as a
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