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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MYTHS

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Astrology, 79:brother." The symbolism underlying these ancient myths will be easily interpreted by the intuitiveAstrology, 153:and triumphant creature" of the ancient myths. Under the symbolism of the above creatures, thisAstrology, 175:a horse. The horse symbolism dominated Atlantean myths and symbols, just as the ram and the lambAstrology, 252:then dominated civilization and to which various myths and legends bear evidence and which haveAstrology, 546:questioning. But the imposition of the ancient myths in an effort to still the demand for truth andBethlehem, 7:divine possibilities of the future. The ancient myths and the old mysteries give us a sequentialBethlehem, 9:a myth is a fact which can be proven. Upon the myths we take our stand, but we must seek toBethlehem, 51:and the reality. He looks out at all [51] the myths and symbols of the world; he reads and knowsBethlehem, 59:Myrrha and Maria, as well as Mary... " - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 332. In the symbolicBethlehem, 65:the virgin Maya, gave birth to her son." - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 5. We are told in theBethlehem, 75:of the Sacred Language of all Scriptures and Myths, by G. A. Gaskell, p. 773. And again, "ThisBethlehem, 112:divine. "The key is supplied by mythology. The myths demand a serious interpretation inBethlehem, 112:The world is full of spirits, of souls. The myths speak of them. Who invented these myths? Nobody.Bethlehem, 112:The myths speak of them. Who invented these myths? Nobody. For inventions are arbitrary, areExternalisation, 110:in the science of symbols, in the racial myths, and in inherited and transmitted legends. Secondly,Externalisation, 286:cyclic appearance of the Sun Gods of the ancient myths, the World Saviors and the Avatars bearHercules, 51:ride the bull. To ride an animal, in the ancient myths, signifies control. The bull is notHercules, 177:learn by hearsay. As has happened before in the myths, Hercules then had to pause and perform anRays, 526:was successful. Others have been resolved into myths by the thought-form-making faculty of man butRays, 559:architecture, language roots, traditions and the myths of religions. [560] During these earlier
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