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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAME

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Bethlehem, 241:would regard it as untrue. They hide behind the name of God. Death can, however, be more than theseBethlehem, 243:end and the overcoming of the last enemy, whose name is Death. This questioning of belief, and thisBethlehem, 279:or Buddhist, whether they are labeled by any name other than that of orthodox Christian? AnotherDestiny, 29:the progress of humanity into the new age. Their name is legion. They provide, however, a neededDestiny, 115:next stage of unfoldment to which we give the name of intuitional knowledge. The counterparts ofDestiny, 141:knows nothing and for which there is, as yet, no name. He will be a great and potent Avatar and isDestiny, 143:to which we give the somewhat unsatisfactory name of "harmony through conflict" and the forces ofDestiny, 146:every side today. The water-carrier (another name for the world server) is starting upon hisDiscipleship1, XIII:the teaching which is of importance and not the name of the disciple for what is said is applicableDiscipleship1, 11:place. This status (if I may call it by such a name) must be carefully striven for, accuratelyDiscipleship1, 44:many are coming out along this way under the name of science. There were also those outstandingDiscipleship1, 78:I have revealed to you, my disciples, my true name. The necessity for eradicating all reason forDiscipleship1, 109:[109] states of consciousness which is another name for the same thing) must come ever from withinDiscipleship1, 182:which to you is well known. I will not give it a name for that is needless, and you will knowDiscipleship1, 207:need at this time. It will be for you to give a name to the particular glamor in connection withDiscipleship1, 224:the adjustments of your soul. I will but give a name to your two glamors and will leave you to dealDiscipleship1, 264:for that stage called by the inappropriate name of "accepted disciple" are being taught to useDiscipleship1, 282:you to correspond at times with a brother whose name I will give you. He needs your wisdom and yourDiscipleship1, 354:I find it difficult to give this glamor a name. It is the reverse of his but then your two naturesDiscipleship1, 439:problem (e'en when you give it a technical name) is far more concerned with the pouring in of vitalDiscipleship1, 455:treading of the Path. It matters not the name. For you, it is the steady transference out of theDiscipleship1, 606:Way. Therefore, for the present most appropriate name for that part of the Path of Disciples thatDiscipleship1, 617:contact with myself. I here tell you my name - a fact that you already intuitively know. I am, byDiscipleship1, 673:the Master's time. This stage has the peculiar name of a "Chela on the Thread" or sutratma. TheDiscipleship1, 674:paraphrase of the terms used to cover the name. The six stages above mentioned have beenDiscipleship1, 697:his group. Instinct, in its early stages, is the name given to the response of the materialDiscipleship1, 700:when the power of the Triangles (the spiritual name given in The Secret Doctrine to the soul) isDiscipleship1, 710:of the stage to which Patanjali gives the name of "isolated unity." This is a phrase which is quiteDiscipleship1, 713:none of the Master's time. This has the peculiar name of the Chela on the Thread, or Sutratma. TheDiscipleship1, 713:paraphrase of the terms used to convey this name. I would have you note that the six stages aboveDiscipleship1, 717:and "isolated unity" lies one to which the name of "isolated identity" is given. It is with thisDiscipleship1, 741:the Master's attention. This has the peculiar name of the Chela on the Thread." The whole questionDiscipleship1, 745:at this stage of his chela's progress. As the name implies, the disciple at this point is permittedDiscipleship1, 754:the all-inclusive Ashram (to which we give the name Shamballa) has the outstanding characteristicDiscipleship1, 783:either in organizations or alone. Their name is legion. Some few are known to the workers in theDiscipleship1, 785:if truth is there - and not the authority of my name or of any status which I might claim, or whichDiscipleship1, 786:no authoritative requests have been made in my name, nor will they ever be made. The sumtotal ofDiscipleship1, 786:is generally conceded that I am a Master and a name has been given to me. To my own group ofDiscipleship1, 786:picked aspirants I have acknowledged my name when they themselves had interiorly arrived at it. ItDiscipleship1, 786:I necessarily took my rightful position and name. Some of these instructions have been deemed by meDiscipleship1, 786:upon the Stages of Discipleship issued under my name in The Beacon. They [787] were carefullyDiscipleship1, 788:of the Higher Evolution," as it is called. The name given to us by some disciples in Tibet givesDiscipleship2, XIII:with great care, for you will find your name and perhaps some suggestions occurring in other papersDiscipleship2, 29:yet beautiful - to which has been given the name of the "dark night of the soul." This dark nightDiscipleship2, 31:easily recognizable appearance - we give the name of aspiration. All these are, esotericallyDiscipleship2, 73:burning bush. I shall picture these to you and name them in your hearing. Note whether you can bothDiscipleship2, 167:a basic Intelligence to whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that, behind all outerDiscipleship2, 221:of the claims of Christ (no matter by what name he may be called in the East or in the West) uponDiscipleship2, 227:of the Christ; realize that no matter by what name he may be called in the many world religions, heDiscipleship2, 230:has said that whatsoever shall be asked in his Name and with faith in the response will see itDiscipleship2, 248:his new astral conditioning. This is given the name of the Revelation of Group Feeling. ThisDiscipleship2, 256:consciousness of all disciples - and their name will be Legion. The astral body provides noDiscipleship2, 286:some of the factors which have earned him that name. These might be stated to be as follows, amongDiscipleship2, 350:have undergone the first initiation (and their name is Legion), and the initiates of higher degree,Discipleship2, 432:a point therein attained to which we give the name of Polarization, or else he is serving to theDiscipleship2, 436:solar system; to it we give the inadequate name of the "light of the intelligence." It is reallyDiscipleship2, 455:meditation, I would request you to call him by name three times, and then to send out your heart'sDiscipleship2, 510:of the true mystic and to which he has given the name of "the dark night of the soul." All this isDiscipleship2, 585:of success), and then - in my presence - name each [586] of the people in the groups of nine and inDiscipleship2, 593:the six years of that work during the war - your name necessarily came up as did that of yourDiscipleship2, 617:Those who bear or have borne the same family name as yourself invoke your loving sense ofDiscipleship2, 635:- W.D.S. 5. The stage to which is given the name "the right of entry." When this stage is reached,Discipleship2, 750:OF MINE: I find it most difficult to give a name to the glamor which holds back the full expressionEducation, 113:inevitably present - to which one might give the name of "mystical perception." I use this term inEducation, 138:that form of divine manifestation to which the name "the Kingdom of God" has been given in theEducation, 140:integrated elemental forces to which we give the name of the Personality, [141] producing theEducation, 143:For the sake of clarity, we will give the name of ENERGY: to all forces pouring into the individualExternalisation, 20:you to the best of my ability. The Hierarchy (a name covering the working disciples of all degrees)Externalisation, 26:sound simple, but the "Forces of Light" is the name for certain new Powers which are being invokedExternalisation, 38:Right illumination - which is another name or aspect of right direction - will take the place ofExternalisation, 53:or by some statesman (no matter by what name he may choose to be called) who is frequently anExternalisation, 76:those whom we now call the Jews (a purely modern name and distinction, as I tried to show in theExternalisation, 117:evokes a general recognition when called by this name. When called the Law of Karma, it isExternalisation, 121:quality from that which now goes under that name. It was in the nature of an aspiration towards aExternalisation, 122:much more than that which today comes under the name of scientific discovery were known in oldExternalisation, 127:blend of Fascism and Communism which goes by the name of Hitlerism or Nazism. All these ideologiesExternalisation, 130:that group or organized body which goes by the name of humanity there are similar focal points orExternalisation, 150:themselves to the Christ, no matter under what name they recognize Him and then, with love in theirExternalisation, 156:in the Hierarchy which are given the exoteric name of Nirmanakayas are responsive to TheirExternalisation, 185:direction of humanity. I care not by what name they call that guiding Purpose. Some may call it theExternalisation, 201:divine Intelligence or of God (by whatever name the all-embracing Life may be called) there is aExternalisation, 253:of this same law, to which we have given the name of free will. It is the right use of free willExternalisation, 257:Hierarchy of the planet. Call Them by what name you choose, the most cherished belief of humanityExternalisation, 262:claim your allegiance, no matter under what name - then there is just a chance that this type ofExternalisation, 275:divine Potencies, is esoterically given the name of "the saving Force." Of its exact nature andExternalisation, 298:of the Christ, I would remind you that the name "Christ" is that of an office - an office that hasExternalisation, 302:something for which we have as yet no true name. It is neither love nor will as we understand them.Externalisation, 303:twelve months. I have called this Being by this name because it expresses the quality and theExternalisation, 304:of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to Him, which is found in so many of theExternalisation, 346:and strengthen the lower self-will, which is the name we give to realized and determined desire. ItExternalisation, 362:and of spiritual enterprise among men. Their name is legion and they are to be found in everyExternalisation, 377:all to that supreme power to which we give the name "God." This is the vision and it is holdingExternalisation, 379:negative receptivity (which does not deserve the name of public opinion) can be as easily turned toExternalisation, 406:Spiritual center to which the Christ gave the name "the Kingdom of God." Here dwell the "spirits ofExternalisation, 407:center is to be found, for which the West has no name but which is called in the East by the nameExternalisation, 407:no name but which is called in the East by the name Shamballa. Perhaps the Western name isExternalisation, 407:East by the name Shamballa. Perhaps the Western name is Shangri-Lha - a name which is findingExternalisation, 407:Perhaps the Western name is Shangri-Lha - a name which is finding recognition everywhere and whichExternalisation, 413:new idea and quality for which we have as yet no name or word and of which we have as yet [414] noExternalisation, 416:leaders of the world, no matter by what name they called Him. In the future we shall draw closer
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