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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAME

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Externalisation, 460:and [460] which could be made possible. The name of these people is legion, and at this time theyExternalisation, 474:to mobilize the disciples of the world under the name of the New Group of World Servers and toExternalisation, 482:of spiritual Forces which (for lack of a better name) we will call the Forces of Reconstruction. IExternalisation, 504:peoples may call this great Official by another name than that of "The Christ" has no bearing onExternalisation, 513:occult groups, in the church, by whatever name it may be called, and in Masonry you have the threeExternalisation, 556:two or three are gathered together in the name of the Master of the Hierarchy, energy will flow;Externalisation, 558:of the Christ he is referring to His official name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ works forExternalisation, 596:certainly take them back to God. Religion is the name, surely, which we give to the invocativeExternalisation, 607:in the New Testament, to which we have given the name of the Ascension. Of it we know nothing. OnlyExternalisation, 635:to the office of the Christ, no matter by what name the exalted Son of God may be called in anyExternalisation, 665:of this Master (Who has always withheld His name from public knowledge) is a lesser Ashram withinExternalisation, 685:books which A.A.B. has introduced under her own name to the public (in so doing acting under myExternalisation, 695:warm group contacts and fails to seek (in the name of service) the love of the group, and as longExternalisation, 696:the reappearance of the Christ (under some name familiar to the aspirant's religious background),Fire, VII:actually is in the books published in her name, the truths imparted are so partial and subject toFire, 39:saguna, attributeful, implies possession of name and form. The World-process (as embodied in ourFire, 81:Prana is not Prana in the gross sense, but is a name for the Brahman as the author of theFire, 176:This is the system of the SON, whose name is Love. This is the divine incarnation of Vishnu. TheFire, 183:is still another cosmic center. The name of this center is one of the secrets of the finalFire, 195:but as yet knows not enough to correlate nor name. When he succeeds in naming, he has made a bigFire, 227:recognized in all systems that merit the name of philosophy; they are the two factors of spirit andFire, 273:totality They are the Secret Unpronounceable Name. - S. D., I, 473. They are the collective DhyanFire, 359:through their particular scheme; The purpose and name of the center they stand within; The centerFire, 364:number, and are esoterically known by the same Name. One point here needs emphasis: all Monads passFire, 387:call attention to the dual significance of that name, "Buddha of Activity," bearing out, as itFire, 389:might now, prior to continuing with our subject, name the different chains of the Earth scheme. WeFire, 390:of forming (the Earth, Venus, and a scheme whose name it is advisable to withhold) to the other. AnFire, 414:eventuate and then Uranus (the chain of that name in our scheme) will flash into objectivity.Fire, 416:in the Earth chain, which makes it merit the name of the Sphere of Suffering, and the mystery ofFire, 449:up the Sacred Word, in the three utterances that name and form the three worlds, and in the threeFire, 449:he discharge any other duty or not; for the very name of the Brahmana is 'the friend of AllFire, 460:to the wanton cruelties practiced under the name of science, nor to certain practices which takeFire, 493:stand upon the Path, 'a little child' being the name applied to probationers and disciples. In theFire, 493:and Indra are the embodiers along with one whose name is not to be given) are the external agenciesFire, 624:center which we generalize by calling it by the name of the sun Sirius. Sirius-kama-manas - theFire, 625:occult reason why man is called by his father's name and not his mother's. When man has dominatedFire, 633:of these devas will be apparent at a glance: Name Cosmic Plane Systemic Plane Nature RulerFire, 648:body which harbors kundalini. This scheme, whose name must not as yet be revealed, is largely givenFire, 676:many groups, and that there are numbers whose name is utterly unknown to man and would beFire, 685:a Reality; the divine Man incarnates." 23 This name is given to them in the Secret Doctrine, VolumeFire, 699:of the Pleiades, and a small constellation whose name must be ascertained by the intuition of theFire, 705:be found in the archaic records in lieu of His Name or description is an inverted five-pointedFire, 707:specially under the influence of its Number, Name, or Lord.) When the hour [708] strikes and theFire, 711:Portals," referred to in the book of the same name, correspond very probably to the seven cantos ofFire, 711:from the time of Manu the Vyvaswatha. As his name implies, he is a king whose car can travel in tenFire, 752:thought upon the Initiate, and "calls him by His Name." Again the Kumaras are embodied principles,Fire, 758:quite unknown to the average occult student by name, have already sought physical incarnation - oneFire, 780:with a planet, they are called by a mysterious name which may not be revealed, as it conceals theFire, 781:yogis. - S. D., II, 257. 57 "Nirmanakaya" is a name made up of two words which signify "having noFire, 781:Teachers of Nirvanic spheres are called by this name. Fire, 898:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The name Neptune is one under which the planetary LogosFire, 984:the Zend where we find it doing duty as the name for the whole priestly caste. The magi wereFire, 1008:the first great logoic aspect, and under that name is hidden much of esoteric moment. Shiva standsFire, 1081:upon a few out of a vast number, and only name those the terminology of which conveys informationFire, 1081:heavy rhythm, The points of fiery excellence (a name given oft to magnetic, highly-evolved types),Fire, 1082:These naturally exist in ten groups. Each name conveys to the mind of the initiate some knowledgeFire, 1122:of the purest type of prana, and deserves the name sometimes given to it of "the body of the Sun."Fire, 1138:of the fourth spirilla, to which we give the name of buddhic energy, and this fourth group has,Fire, 1140:relative and in degree. This law has the generic name of the "Law of Cycles," and is expressed inFire, 1164:intuition the hint here conveyed may reveal the name of the planet, and the nature of itsFire, 1171:plant." 6. The Law of the Lotus. This is the name given to the mysterious influence from the cosmicFire, 1178:EARTH - The School of Magnetic Response. Another name given to its pupils is "The graduates ofFire, 1178:of force in constructive magical work. Another name given to its halls is "The Palace of Opulence"Fire, 1212:masses. Our planetary Logos has been given the name of the "experimenting divine Physicist." It isFire, 1216:Law of Service. This law, for want of a better name, concerns the identification of an atom withFire, 1217:or the stream of energy for which it is but a name, can work from any center, but as dealt withFire, 1219:upon the nomenclature of the Law, its occult name and its symbol, much may be gathered anent groupFire, 1220:circles. The Laws and Symbols No. Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy 1. Law ofFire, 1220:The Laws and Symbols No. Exoteric Name Esoteric Name Symbol Ray Energy 1. Law of Sacrifice. The LawFire, 1220:Evolving factor. 6. Law of Expansive Response. (Name not given) Flaming Rosy Sun. Expansive energyFire, 1234:unconsciously. Nevertheless, he merits the name of creator, because he utilizes the faculty of mindFire, 1250:astral body, it is not permitted to hint at the name of the constellation. The reason is that ifFire, 1250:of the constellation. The reason is that if the name were known and if enough people could do theFire, 1255:cosmic Path is that of the sun Betelgeuse. This name is, however, a blind. The reason that certainFire, 1257:gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one or other of the planetary Schools inFire, 1259:that cosmic rapture for which we have as yet no name. Cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss are theFire, 1268:and [1268] richly colored blaze for which no name on earth hath yet been found." Its tone isFire, 1272:upon the outer rim. The second group has for its name "the Lords of the Inner Lotus." These areFire, 1273:is the strange mysterious triple group whose name must not be heard as yet within those planetaryFire, 1278:Lord from out the greater seven (Whose sacred Name is hid) seeketh the center of His life from outFire, 1279:present. The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name holdeth for us the wisdom of the spheres, seeketh aFire, 1279:Love Whose essence is the fire - the sacred Name is heard. The cosmic Second approaches to theFire, 1279:shew forth as one. The cosmic Lord, Whose sacred Name as yet is hid [1280] e'en from the highestGlamour, 7:in some synthetic idea, concept, meaning or name. Glamour, 7:underlying idea, which may be expressed in its name; at its [8] meaning as that emerges in theGlamour, 42:consideration. [42] THE ASPECTS OF GLAMOR Name Plane Opposite Objective Battleground TechniqueGlamour, 134:developed sensuous perception. Today, under the name of Brotherhood, the same idea is seekingGlamour, 159:world aspirants and world disciples, and their name is Legion. Humanity today is the Dweller whilstGlamour, 170:and of spiritual enterprise among men. Their name is Legion and they are to be found in everyGlamour, 171:approach the great Idea to which we give the name of God, the Macrocosm. We shall in this sectionGlamour, 224:a world glamor so that they can occultly "name it" and, by so doing, contact it. They must,Glamour, 228:the names of the group members and as each name is called, the other group members look directlyGlamour, 241:third aspect of illusion, to which we give the name Maya, and to the technique which can overcomeHealing, 71:and the intelligent men of goodwill. Their name is Legion. Healing, 132:of Masonry and to the Sound of the Ineffable Name. The sound of the AUM, the sound of the OM, andHealing, 180:principle of mysticism, which is the name we give to the urge to union with the divine. Like allHealing, 191:unsound and untrue systems to which we give the name Unity, Mental Science and Christian Science.Healing, 225:causes of all that can be considered under the name of "sin," which may surprise you. It is alsoHealing, 226:kingdom that we call them by the cumbersome name of "animal-man." During the vast period betweenHealing, 262:everywhere. They may not call it by that name, but they are well aware that in all today's events
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