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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAME

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Rays, 273:true name; it is only the first letter of that name which is known only to the Masters, whilst theRays, 273:only to the Chohans. The first syllable of His name is known in the Council Chamber at Shamballa,Rays, 273:Chamber at Shamballa, but the rest of His name remains unknown as yet. The three Buddhas ofRays, 282:To this development I have given the inadequate name of Identification. This is a word whichRays, 299:inner organization, to which we have given the name of the New Group of World Servers for the sakeRays, 306:produce a form-reaction to which we may give the name of death. But the death of that form was notRays, 311:Spiritual Triad, to which we give the inadequate name of "divine Will." Students are apt to forgetRays, 312:initiation and to which we give the inadequate name: Resurrect. Prior to considering that word, IRays, 318:Way" to which we have given the cumbersome name of the Antahkarana; this Way leads straight andRays, 367:the base of the spine"; this is the inadequate name given to the reservoir of threefold fire,Rays, 385:initiatory process to which we have given the name of the third initiation. The Hierarchy for theRays, 391:the orthodox Christian, but this is not its real name; it is in reality the Initiation ofRays, 391:undefinable purpose to which we give the simple name: the Will of God. Intelligence and love haveRays, 404:aspects of one Law for which, as yet, we have no name. It might be said that the Masters working onRays, 417:it), emanates from Sirius and for it we have no name; it is the law of which the three cosmic lawsRays, 417:This is not, as you may well surmise, its true name, for in the last analysis, freedom andRays, 418:as aspects, it is not possible for the name of the law which embodies the Law of Freedom to beRays, 424:intermediate, individual goals. Hence the name of the fifth initiation is that of the "InitiationRays, 437:by their love of the Christ - no matter by what name they may call Him - and by their effort toRays, 470:Powers of the cosmos, no matter by what name you call them. The appeal goes forth. The invocationRays, 520:might be expressed as follows: Religion is the name given to the invocative appeal of humanity andRays, 522:we have as yet only this somewhat cumbersome name) the initiate-disciple treads the Way ofRays, 526:the early animal-men - is still more than just a name, even though He has passed out of ourRays, 532:that the fifth initiation is given the name of Revelation. You therefore have a sequence ofRays, 538:Path of Initiation. Initiation is in truth the name given to the revelation or new vision whichRays, 568:of a certain great Life to Whom we give the name "Lord of a Ray." You will find much about theseRays, 591:and its fusion with the love aspect is given the name of "wisdom" by us, because all wisdom isRays, 592:the multiplicity of forms to which we give the name of "world thought." This energy transforms theRays, 606:the major pair of opposites to which we give the name of spirit-matter. It is this fourth rayRays, 607:illusion; I mean the rejection of Maya, the name of that all-inclusive effect which overwhelms aRays, 609:to which I can give no truly appropriate name, but which climaxes in the ninth Initiation ofRays, 643:been called in the Christian church by the name of the Resurrection, whereas it is the seventhRays, 643:which is the true resurrection. The correct name for the fifth initiation is the Initiation ofRays, 649:processes of what he (for lack of a better name) calls "the will of God." This is one of theRays, 686:of that quality to which we give the inadequate name "compassion." More I cannot say. [687]Rays, 695:feature. This is preserved for us in the name which is frequently given to this fourth initiation:Rays, 716:the great planetary center to which we give the name of the Hierarchy. This direct impact willRays, 716:all contact with the energy to which we give the name of love. They have cut themselves off fromRays, 730:state of Existence to which we have given the name Shamballa. The consciousness of the UniversalRays, 734:Hierarchy and Humanity, and to it we give the name of the New Group of World Servers. All theseRays, 734:of Synthesis will be apparent to you in the name He is known by; He is coming to the Earth in orderRays, 745:men upon the ignorant masses, under the name of Communism. They are fighting the technique ofRays, 760:the last stupendous event in the book by that name; and in the book, The Externalization of theReappearance, 28:of complete "peace" (which is the meaning of the name "Jerusalem") is the "center where the will ofReappearance, 34:a basic Intelligence to Whom we vaguely give the name of God, the truth that, behind all outerReappearance, 42:toward high spiritual sources, no matter by what name such sources may be called. Today, theseReappearance, 43:certainly take them back to God. Religion is the name, surely, which we give to the invocativeReappearance, 54:in The New Testament to which we have given the name of the Ascension. Of it we know nothing. OnlyReappearance, 63:may not call Him Christ, but they have their own name for Him and follow Him as truly andReappearance, 68:to this state of consciousness we can give the name of "spiritual perception," in contradistinctionReappearance, 70:is embodied in that Identity to Whom we give the name of God. No longer need Christ, in agony say,Reappearance, 75:2. The evolutionary force to which we give the name "the Christ consciousness" (a term largely usedReappearance, 90:and their influence (which is only another name for energy) against all that was new. This, theyReappearance, 94:[94] something for which we have as yet no name. It is neither love nor will, as, we understandReappearance, 103:possible to say when He truly lived; even His name is a modernized one, given to an ancientReappearance, 103:one, given to an ancient hero-teacher. His name is Hercules. He presented to the world, throughReappearance, 130:The so-called "astral plane" is simply the name given to that sumtotal of sentient reactions, ofReappearance, 144:God. That central Reality can be called by any name that man may choose according to his mental orReappearance, 148:spiritual center to which the Christ gave the name "the Kingdom of God" (Matt., VI, 33.) Here dwellReappearance, 149:new idea or quality for which we have as yet no name or word, and of which we have no slightestReappearance, 157:might be expressed as follows: Religion is the name given to the invocative appeal of humanity andReappearance, 181:and integrated group to which can be given the name of the New Group of World Servers. He findsReappearance, 188:today awaits the Coming One - no matter by what name they may call Him. The Christ is sensed as onSoul, 16:the psychologists, to which has been given the name libido. All the sciences seem to be convergingSoul, 40:of special importance to be listed. These are: Name Location Secretion Pineal gland Head UnknownSoul, 47:cells. The adrenal cortex secretion (to which no name has been given) is one source of the internalSoul, 53:Oversoul as Emerson does, or by any other [53] name - but in any case a transcendent whole, theSoul, 60:reality, to which therefore some other name is appropriate. The term used is unimportant, but longSoul, 67:and life. To matter so infused we give the name of a living organism. Living organisms are to beSoul, 81:Matter; or what, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul and Matter in man. Matter is theSoul, 83:a principle of self-determination, to which the name of 'soul' is generally given. In the strictSoul, 97:which theories are usually attached to some name given the principle, we, in this work, will speakSoul, 98:together by the Will of the Ego. "Prana is the name by which we designate a universal principle,Soul, 110:the Bhagavad Gita, pp. 37, 40, 107. The Indian name of a force center is "chakra." The location ofTelepathy, 17:communicator's one thought-contribution was the name of the recipient, plus the name or noun formTelepathy, 17:was the name of the recipient, plus the name or noun form of that which was the idea to beTelepathy, 41:under a more subjective designation or name, but one which is interpretive of the more universalTelepathy, 44:divine Nirmanakayas. I only mention Their occult name so that you may learn to recognize Them whenTelepathy, 48:as definitely nebulous and to which we give the name of intuitions. Telepathy, 50:Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. The name Science of Impression is that given to the processTelepathy, 50:The Technique of Invocation and Evocation is the name given to the mode or method whereby theTelepathy, 51:is brought about. [51] The Creative Work is the name given to the manifestation of the results ofTelepathy, 59:the process to which we give, technically, the name: The Science of Impression. Another point toTelepathy, 69:quality to which man has erroneously given the name of "love". This emphasizes the sentimentalTelepathy, 92:forward today, and to this activity we give the name of the Science of Impression. It involves theTelepathy, 104:the vast majority of astral psychics - and their name is legion. Impressions from mental levelsTelepathy, 120:and to this thought we give always the unmeaning name of "GLORY"; this stands for all that we canTelepathy, 130:energy to which we give the quite unsuitable name of Love. It is this energy which constitutes theTelepathy, 136:To that subdiaphragmatic center I give no name. Though the human throat center is primarilyTelepathy, 145:to which the Eastern occultist has given the name "nadis." These nadis are the carriers of energy.Telepathy, 155:Shamballa (which, I must remind you, is not the name of a locality) is brought into contact with,Telepathy, 165:its communicating point, and to this we give the name, the "jewel in the lotus." You have thereforeTelepathy, 179:To this form the esoteric science gives the name of SPACE; it is the fixed area in which everyTelepathy, 183:that cosmic Consciousness to Whom we give the name of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, theTelepathy, 184:we give - as far as humanity is concerned - the name of Hierarchy, for it is the controlling factorTelepathy, 195:the stream to which the non-initiate gives the name, 'the light of love'." The members of theTelepathy, 197:the Way of that approach. The Mantram bears the name, "The Affirmation of the Disciple." It
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