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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAMELY

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Astrology, 274:the reverse side of those usually emphasized, namely, death or the activity of the DestroyerAstrology, 327:This demonstrates a second fact of importance, namely that, as yet, it will only be possible toAstrology, 639:a double sign in ancient astrological magic - namely: it was Taurus-Eve; and Scorpio was Mars-Lupa,Astrology, 642:planets and often even identified with them - namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus andAstrology, 668:of the planet and the God of the Hebrews... namely Jehovah... to whom is dedicated the seventh dayAtom, 121:now is one that affects us very closely: namely, the attainment by man of that group consciousnessAtom, 147:of substance. Then we saw that if this is true, namely, that there is a self-centered stage, orBethlehem, 89:"the three cardinal elements of a great mind, namely, enthusiasm, intuitive insight, andBethlehem, 102:secret of his existence was disclosed to him - namely, that he was the One whom God had destined toBethlehem, 227:the service of Jesus to an unlimited number, namely, to all such as were to benefit by hisBethlehem, 255:made its choice. But there is a better choice; namely, the choice of both. For the life of each isFire, viii:what H. P. Blavatsky prophesied he would give, namely, the psychological key to the CosmicFire, 604:three principal deities spoken of in the Veda, namely, Surya, the sun, representing the solar fire;Fire, 1176:planets that make a triangle with the earth, namely Mars, Mercury, and Earth. These three planets -Hercules, 142:Merchant in the myth seems more accurate, namely that nine heads were destroyed and then theHercules, 152:we have the death of the elemental being (namely, man) in order that the human being can come intoIntellect, 80:into group consciousness. A fifth instinct, namely the urge to inquire and to investigate, whichMagic, 466:which convey three items of information, namely, the name of the stage, its esoteric color, and itsMeditation, 339:keying up the throat and foremost head center, namely, violet and gold. Remember that the work isPsychology2, 44:final process which we have considered briefly, namely the stage in the liberation of the spiritSoul, 10:region of the life of each of them, the region, namely, of their philosophical and psychologicalSoul, 21:in their interpretations of inorganic nature; namely mechanistic, or strictly determined, andSoul, 24:among themselves, would hold just the reverse, namely, that all is physical, and that all humanSoul, 34:mechanism warrant closer attention than others, namely the nervous system, and the system ofSoul, 59:animal bodies move at the command of the will, namely by the vibrations of this spirit, mutuallySoul, 75:principle or theory of the vital processes, namely pneuma... With the introduction of the pneumaSoul, 75:became differentiated into two conceptions... namely, on the one hand, the vital force of theSoul, 111:to the nervous system in its three divisions, namely: the cerebro-spinal, sympathetic andSoul, 128:and another part is in the dense physical realm, namely the endocrine glands and the nervous
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