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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAMES

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Statement:knows who I am and recognizes me by two of my names. I am a brother of yours, who has traveled aAstrology, 144:I might here give you the following names for the three crosses taken from the ancient archives andAstrology, 188:and Persevering Devotion. All the above names which are related to the planets governingAstrology, 188:of The Secret Doctrine. They are the "quality names" of the Divine Manasaputras, the AgnishvattasAstrology, 204:to note that each of the great Sons of God Whose names are pre-eminent in the minds of men -Astrology, 218:This is one of the five Hierarchies whose names are unknown to us and this particular one standsAstrology, 252:I would, however, point out that four of the names whereby the Virgin is called are familiar to allAstrology, 273:It has been said esoterically that four of the names by which the Christ Avatar is ever called are:Astrology, 300:There is more real occultism hidden in the names given to the various stars by astronomers down theAstrology, 314:differentiated relationship to which we give the names of Life (Aries) of Consciousness (Taurus,Astrology, 612:Eternal Youth, the planetary Logos - His many names are of relative unimportance - is the onlyAstrology, 636:of the divisions of the Zodiac and of the names of the Planets applied in the same order everywhereAstrology, 642:different aspects." (S.D. Vol. I, 626) 3. "The names of the Planets are applied in the same orderAstrology, 652:seven sacred planets are called by the following names: The seven Planetary Logoi. The sevenAstrology, 676:612) "There is a mystic connection between the names Makara and Kumara. It means and is connectedAtom, 26:you may call it nature, or you may call it God. Names matter not. It corresponds to the adult stageAtom, 134:treading of this Path, calling it by different names, such as the Way, the noble Eightfold Path,Autobiography, 129:whatever, to do with me. I did not know the names of these men and women. I had never done them aAutobiography, 192:some antagonistic Theosophist (I could mention names but I will not), as "the peculiar lady whoAutobiography, 220:they were, where they came from and what their names were, and they were most popular. [221] Only aAutobiography, 236:of peace made great [236] strides. Millions of names appeared on lists demanding peace. The AxisAutobiography, 248:even set up a chart nor could she tell you the names of the planets and the houses which they rule.Autobiography, 254:trained and no information will be available; names, dates and locations will all be changed,Autobiography, 255:regretted ever mentioning the Masters, Their names and functions. A.A.B. has been of the sameAutobiography, 275:mystery schools of the past has - under other names - become recognizable as modern psychology. TheBethlehem, 25:of the race, and who are known to us under many names in different parts of the world and inBethlehem, 41:soul, as we have already seen, is called by many names in the New Testament, and in the otherBethlehem, 45:of the 'little ones,' as a 'little child,' - the names ever given to the new Initiates. Such is theBethlehem, 59:the mother of Buddha was Maya; now, all these names whether Myrrha, Maia or Maria, are the same asBethlehem, 65:through a study of the significances of the names we meet in the Bible and in tradition, we canBethlehem, 65:Cruden's Concordance. The interpretation of the names is taken from Cruden's Concordance. [66]Bethlehem, 101:John means "which God gave," and in the three names which appear together in this episode - John,Bethlehem, 112:and Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas? These names embody opposing ideas. Each of them symbolizesBethlehem, 153:which they played their part? A study of their names and the interpretation of them as given in theBethlehem, 153:a clue. Take, for instance, the meaning of the names of Job's friends. They were Eliphaz theBethlehem, 153:revealed. The same is the case when we study the names of Daniel's three friends. Abednego meansBethlehem, 154:of Peter and James and John, and in their names we find the same essential symbolism working out,Bethlehem, 178:life of toil for Mankind. And were called by the names of Light-bringer, Healer, Mediator, Savior,Bethlehem, 208:of Gethsemane, is as familiar to us as our own names, and much less arresting. That is the tragedyBethlehem, 235:invented a place of discipline, called by many names, such as purgatory, or the various stages ofBethlehem, 236:148.) There is the same legend attached to the names of Tammuz, to Zoroaster, to Esculapius. To theBethlehem, 263:and world unity; but these are mere words and names which differing types of mind apply to the oneDestinyare seven in number. They are called by many names in many different lands, but for our purposesDestinylands, but for our purposes the following seven names will be used: The energy of Will, Purpose orDiscipleship1, XII:in it in order to help the students. Their names will not be divulged. The initials at the head ofDiscipleship1, 26:individual to humanity as a whole. Here are the names of some of these glamors: The glamor ofDiscipleship1, 201:which is the true significance of the subsidiary names of this ray, called frequently the Ray ofDiscipleship1, 422:to me and to the group) of four people whose names will be sent to you. Discipleship1, 488:consciously with certain of my disciples whose names I will give you and who are senior to you.Discipleship1, 558:you with them along the Way. I mention not their names, nor have I told anyone who they are. It isDiscipleship1, 780:cannot set up a chart nor could she tell you the names of the planets with the houses which theyDiscipleship1, 786:and no information will be made available; names, dates and locations are changed, though theDiscipleship1, 787:regretted ever mentioning the Masters, their names and functions. A. A. B. has been of the sameDiscipleship2, 108:who were or are in the reorganized group. The names will be sent to you without comment and withoutDiscipleship2, 108:moon - to sit down and mention each of these names of your co-disciples in the light, sending outDiscipleship2, 124:(D.K.). Then slowly with love, mention aloud the names of each of your group brothers, not omittingDiscipleship2, 599:full light of the soul, and if I give to them names which are not usual you may, perhaps - by dueDiscipleship2, 632:ashramic position. I will give you the esoteric names and symbols of this differentiation: Discipleship2, 710:and it is not my intention to mention their names, as this relationship is entirely your ownEducation, 5:intelligence principle, and is called by many names in the esoteric literature, such as the SolarEducation, 85:and the dry-as-dust information, dates and names will fall into the discard. All branches of humanEducation, 143:and source. To these major energies, the names of "sutratma" or "life thread" or "silver cord" haveExternalisation, 53:and of intelligence, which are only other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom andExternalisation, 60:activity and rhythm or - giving them their Hindu names - tamas, rajas and sattva. When the mineralExternalisation, 116:upon the life aspect and not upon the form. The names of the Lords of Karma signify, symbolicallyExternalisation, 143:get in touch with such people, keep records of names and addresses and capacity to serve and help,Externalisation, 158:or the three Buddhas of Activity. What do these names and these great Individualities mean to youExternalisation, 158:all and this is necessarily so. They remain but names and possible hypothetical expressions ofExternalisation, 210:to get into immediate touch with those whose names are already known to you, and set them to workExternalisation, 210:into the way of reconstruction. Let all these names and addresses be gathered together in centralExternalisation, 257:the Masters of Wisdom, as these (under diverse names) constitute the spiritual Hierarchy of theExternalisation, 258:Goebbels, Goering, Hess, Himmler and Streicher - names well-known to you all. These men embody andExternalisation, 300:Avatars in my earlier writings under different names and categories. I deal with Them here simplyExternalisation, 339:and fighting. They call the vision by many names: better world conditions, the new world order,Externalisation, 372:and frequently do not even know their own names. Even when the family unit has been preservedExternalisation, 383:foreign lands, and lists can be made of their names and addresses. As soon as the war is over andExternalisation, 385:your lines of activity. Keep a register of the names and addresses of these people, adding alsoExternalisation, 407:and planetary affairs. It is called by many names by many people. It is spoken of as the SpiritualExternalisation, 515:The public must be familiarized with Their names and attributes, with Their work and purpose, andExternalisation, 595:of God has come forth and under many different names. Then the Christ came and apparently left us,Externalisation, 596:toward high spiritual sources, no matter by what names such sources may be called. Today, all theseExternalisation, 630:of goodwill all over the world, under their many names, and here I have done naught but indicateFire, 5:force, and in this Treatise are known under the names of Lords of the Rays. The names of the RaysFire, 5:known under the names of Lords of the Rays. The names of the Rays are Ray I - Ray of Will or PowerFire, 67:deva. Their grades and ranks are many, but their names matter not save in one instance. It may beFire, 114:ray of active intelligence, or adaptability. The names of the rays are as follows: The three majorFire, 183:planetary scheme are frequently called by the names of the seven sacred planets, making the studyFire, 183:the globes Of any chain are called by planetary names, as is the case here. There are planetaryFire, 207:planets. - S. D., I, 100, 155. Some of their names and qualities. The seven planetary Logoi, or theFire, 237:the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos. Other names for these Beings: The seven planetary Logoi orFire, 238:life, of intelligence, and to call it by diverse names according to the trend (religious,Fire, 270:Who are known in the Secret Doctrine by diverse names, are the Mind-born Sons of Brahma, the thirdFire, 298:out the inadvisability of the method whereby the names of the globes in a chain, just as the namesFire, 298:the names of the globes in a chain, just as the names of a chain in a scheme, follow the planetaryFire, 389:carefully in mind the fact that these are simply names, affixed to the chains and globes for theFire, 389:the chains by their numbers, and to drop the names as at present used: Neptune. Venus. Saturn.Fire, 406:need be attached to the sequence of these names. The dual fact is all that is necessary to grasp.Fire, 417:the need of attaching no importance to the names of the chains and globes, and the necessity of aFire, 417:is, as said, the "Nameless One" who has so many names, and yet whose names and whose very natureFire, 417:One" who has so many names, and yet whose names and whose very nature are unknown. He is the
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