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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NAMES

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Psychology1, 77:of the Hierophants This fifth ray has so many names, owing to His close connection with man (sincePsychology1, 80:increase the world's pain or sorrow. Some of the names for this beneficent yet somewhat violentlyPsychology1, 85:the magical work of the Lord of the Temple. The names whereby this ray Lord is known are many, andPsychology1, 85:of the future can be seen from a study of these names: The Unveiled Magician The Worker in thePsychology1, 238:and they are called by the following five names, which are an attempt on my part to interpretPsychology1, 281:a symbolic happening which we call by various names but which is usually referred to as the adventPsychology1, 369:I dealt with the seventh ray Lord, with His names, and with His purpose. When this has been done,Psychology1, 377:be borne in mind that these laws are called by names which indicate their relation to humanity.Psychology2, 130:in the world of human affairs under varying names, such as the science of vocational training.Psychology2, 196:upon the outer plane, with their diversity of names and stated aims, are not connected with thisPsychology2, 237:have called the method of their search by many names - life-experience, scientific research,Psychology2, 483:schools of thought which are called by many names such as Mental Science schools, New ThoughtPsychology2, 648:the men of good will are being discovered. Their names and addresses are being noted and collectedRays, 59:they are not descriptive of Deity but are the names of Lives of a potency and activity of which menRays, 121:of future public opinion. The labels and the names whereby these schools may call themselves meanRays, 129:sixth and seventh kingdoms. To these kingdoms no names have as yet been given, because theRays, 196:from the same source and give you the ancient names of the veils: "Next to the earthly plane isRays, 251:her day, to regret ever having mentioned Their names. That earlier presentation was useful but hasRays, 252:the teaching given in the Esoteric Section; the names of the rays were given, and some informationRays, 257:be found within the areas to which we give the names the head center, the ajna center and the altaRays, 271:realm, where every country, under differing names, has its chosen ruler, and its ministersRays, 280:points of living purpose to which we give the names of spirit-matter or life-appearance. The lessonRays, 324:of spiritual transference, which is one of the names given by the Masters to the basic mystery ofRays, 368:is. The Christ (I am using one of His official names) is indeed the Master of all the Masters. andRays, 389:disciples. Years ago (in 1922) when I gave the names of the seven Paths along one of which a MasterRays, 418:Christian, though permeated with Jewish names and words. This too should end. This Jewish coloringRays, 535:up to Those great Lives Who are little more than names to the disciple. This initiation processRays, 596:Socialism as the British accept it, and the names of many schools of psychology and philosophy,Rays, 700:of the divine Mind - to mention some of the names of this fourth level of awareness or of spiritualReappearance, 7:the entire world in such a manner that Their names and Their influence are known and felt thousandsReappearance, 41:of God has come forth and under many different names. Then the Christ came and apparently left us,Reappearance, 122:which can express (when freed of its Jewish names and nomenclature, which are long out of date,Reappearance, 127:of Jachin and Boaz - to give them their Jewish names which are, of course, not their real names -Reappearance, 127:names which are, of course, not their real names - came into being approximately eight thousandReappearance, 144:for it cannot be defined or conditioned by names. Human beings perforce always use names in orderReappearance, 144:by names. Human beings perforce always use names in order to express that which they sense, feelReappearance, 148:and planetary affairs. It is called by many names by many people. It is spoken of as the SpiritualReappearance, 179:of goodwill all over the world, under their many names. We come now to the fifth prerequisite: aSoul, 61:if it were matter, would be called by those names. What these terms really express we have not yetSoul, 110:centers of force (with their complete Indian names) are as follows, from the head downwards: [111]Soul, 145:thought which we dignify with the high sounding names of the World and the Universe. In the lastTelepathy, 154:plane - the etheric levels, to which we give the names: the logoic level, the monadic, the atmicTelepathy, 156:for the cosmic ethers to which we have given the names of universal life, monadic intensity, divineTelepathy, 167:by the four cosmic ethers, to which we give the names of the energies of the buddhic plane, theTelepathy, 168:of transference of energies is called by several names, such as "radiatory substitution,"Telepathy, 180:same fundamental triplicity to which I gave the names of Life, Quality, Appearance in an earlier
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