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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATION

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Astrology, 236:various schools of thought in any community or nation. It will be the result of the united activityAstrology, 309:group is small, as in a home, or vast as in a nation. He is then polarized above the diaphragm, forAstrology, 378:it is the environment of an individual man, of a nation or of a group of nations. As you know,Astrology, 386:relation between man and man, between nation and nation whilst Vulcan establishes relation betweenAstrology, 386:relation between man and man, between nation and nation whilst Vulcan establishes relation betweenAstrology, 458:rays will dominate and control. If the person or nation [459] is spiritually oriented, the resultAstrology, 460:of the planetary centers, above referred to, a nation or an individual or one of the centers in theAstrology, 524:and activities inevitable, once the soul of each nation is functioning potently; and that India andAstrology, 529:nations will be studied, the centers within each nation which focus certain ray energies will beAstrology, 529:of the force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with the BritishAstrology, 530:the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people. TheirAstrology, 542:a part of the divine Plan is not around any one nation but a grouping based on the ideal ofAstrology, 546:succeed in quenching the spiritual life of the nation because religion in Germany was not corruptAstrology, 591:life manifestations in any cycle, through any nation or race, where humanity is concerned. ThisAutobiography, 102:middle classes is a great balancing force in any nation. The push and the rebellion of the lowerAutobiography, 102:of the aristocracy is a great asset to the nation that possesses it. All these factors have a rightAutobiography, 102:into a stupifying paternalism. There is no nation without its class distinctions. There may be anAutobiography, 121:of their citizenship they are separate from the nation in which they dwell. I have not found it soAutobiography, 145:everywhere. No matter what the race or nation, basically we are all alike. We have the same faultsAutobiography, 145:have laid upon us. The past history of every nation is a sorry story but it conditions ourAutobiography, 145:thought-forms rule the activities of every nation and it is from these that we need liberation.Autobiography, 146:the good of Europe, has to be overcome. Every nation has its outstanding faults and of these theAutobiography, 146:of virtue could be posited for all and every nation and it is the same with people. We all haveAutobiography, 200:may have a plurality of wives. Men of every nation, American, British or any other nation haveAutobiography, 200:of every nation, American, British or any other nation have always had plurality of contacts. OutAutobiography, 200:The French haven't got it, for with the French nation there is the demonstration that "the mind isAutobiography, 234:The old barriers between man and man and nation and nation will, during the next 2000 years slowlyAutobiography, 234:old barriers between man and man and nation and nation will, during the next 2000 years slowlyAutobiography, 234:relations expressed in every community, in every nation and, eventually, on an international scale.Autobiography, 252:endorse the nations or the people in any nation who are against human freedom and happiness. InAutobiography, 252:free humanity, and on the side of those in any nation who thus work. If being on the side of [253]Autobiography, 289:of the Arcane School. Students belong to every nation and every religion. The school lessons andAutobiography, 289:brotherhood which knows no distinction of race, nation or religion. The new Invocation which isAutobiography, 293:level of existence. We ask our students in every nation to study the effective implementation ofBethlehem, 10:except in the case of a select few in every nation. He is, as the psychologists have indicated, aBethlehem, 25:initiates of the world are to be found in every nation, in every church, and in every group whereBethlehem, 50:to respond to that which is greater than the nation - humanity itself - and to conceive itsBethlehem, 63:says that 'the ancient people of the Anglian nation', by which he means the pagan English beforeBethlehem, 71:which divide man from man, group from group, nation from nation, religion from religion. WhereBethlehem, 71:man from man, group from group, nation from nation, religion from religion. Where there is goodwillBethlehem, 199:suffers for the sins of his forebears and of his nation, and thus gives substance to a truth whichDestiny, 10:him as an individual nor meet the need of the nation to which he belongs. The recognition of theseDestiny, 12:to self-assertion (of the individual or the nation) and to war with its accompaniments -Destiny, 47:of Cleavages; however, advanced groups in every nation are beginning to respond to the Law ofDestiny, 48:this Law of Loving Understanding. Many in every nation are responding to the broader syntheticDestiny, 49:only by the disciples and the aspirants of any nation. This soul ray must be evoked into anDestiny, 49:do is to point out the energies governing each nation, and leave you to study and note their effectDestiny, 49:is that those rays which govern a particular nation and which are at this time actively working areDestiny, 49:certain nations, are not at this time active. Nation Personality Ray Soul Ray National Motto IndiaDestiny, 55:engrossed with the prime importance of their own nation and its supreme significance, for me to beDestiny, 55:not yet come when the bulk of the people of any nation can see the picture whole or be permitted toDestiny, 55:or be permitted to know the exact part their nation must play in the history of nations. EveryDestiny, 55:must play in the history of nations. Every nation - without exception - has its peculiar virtuesDestiny, 55:of the soul ray, and the general focus of the nation. It is useful to bear in mind that someDestiny, 57:the form nature, whether it be that of a man, a nation or a planet. These three patterns are: theDestiny, 57:pattern, embodying the aspiration of a man, a nation or a race; it is the sumtotal of the desireDestiny, 57:and governing the thought processes of a man, a nation or a race. The emotional and mental patternsDestiny, 57:positive aspects of the personality of a man, a nation or a race. The soul pattern is theDestiny, 58:imposing upon the [58] personality of a man, a nation or a race. This soul pattern eventuallyDestiny, 58:fifth ray, which is the soul ray of the French nation, can make its potency felt in the stress andDestiny, 59:the Rays A close study of that for which each nation stands will be most revealing and theirDestiny, 61:which will justify the crucifixion of a great nation and which will demonstrate itself and beDestiny, 62:But the same methods can be applied to any nation and race and should prove of deep interest toDestiny, 64:future, they will not be synonymous. The British nation is, for instance, a great synthesis ofDestiny, 64:normally feeds pride in the individual and the nation; it runs counter to the true progress ofDestiny, 65:It is one with the right element in every nation and set against all separate, isolationist andDestiny, 66:govern the ego or the soul of the country or nation, and the other that which governs at theDestiny, 68:and therefore by the sun sign of the specified nation. NOTE: This tabulation is arrangedDestiny, 68:of importance and influence of a country and nation. Country Ruling Sign Egoic Ray Ruling SignDestiny, 69:as a sign governing the egoic expression of any nation but quite often as governing the personalityDestiny, 70:which govern the soul or the personality of the nation or country under consideration. The problemDestiny, 70:the horoscope of the territory, housing the nation, and the people themselves who compose that unitDestiny, 70:themselves who compose that unit which we call a nation. Some nations are fluid and not properlyDestiny, 71:therefore, be either that of the soul of the nation or of the personality of the nation, based onDestiny, 71:soul of the nation or of the personality of the nation, based on the form aspect; there are noDestiny, 71:the date, for instance, of the birth of a nation or of a race. Boundaries are not determiningDestiny, 71:very modern, as for instance the German nation, yet the strain is very ancient. Strains, types,Destiny, 72:its personality and yet the soul of the French nation [73] is nurtured in that great capitalDestiny, 73:and the self-protective interests of the French nation can be offset, France then stands free someDestiny, 73:any great outer dissolution of the form of the nation through the beneficent influence of Jupiter,Destiny, 74:Pisces - with its rulers Jupiter and Pluto (the Nation). Leo - with its ruler the Sun (the Nation).Destiny, 74:(the Nation). Leo - with its ruler the Sun (the Nation). Virgo - with its rulers Mercury, Moon,Destiny, 75:fifth ray, can bring about, through the French nation, a consummation of the Piscean influence orDestiny, 75:the extent of the influences which determine any nation and make it for the time what it is. TheDestiny, 76:a climax and high point in the evolution of the nation. Since then Capricorn and Pluto haveDestiny, 78:- with its rulers, Mars, Mercury and Uranus (the Nation). Pisces - with its rulers, Jupiter andDestiny, 78:Pisces - with its rulers, Jupiter and Pluto (the Nation). Scorpio - with its rulers, Mars and PlutoDestiny, 79:of Leo. Thus the personality ray of [79] the nation and the personality ray of Berlin tend at thisDestiny, 79:of Pisces, governing the personality of the nation in cooperation with the death giving power ofDestiny, 80:Taurus governs the material outer form of the nation; it is this factor that has led her people toDestiny, 81:has produced - viewing the [81] work of the nation from the personality or lower angle - the secretDestiny, 81:the past but is not as justifiable now, for the nation is old and experienced and is fast learningDestiny, 83:its rulers, Mercury, Venus and the Earth (the Nation). Taurus - with its rulers, Venus and VulcanDestiny, 83:Taurus - with its rulers, Venus and Vulcan (the Nation). Leo - with its ruler, the Sun (theDestiny, 83:among the influences which affect the German nation. Venus rules Taurus [84] and Libra as well asDestiny, 84:developed lower concrete mind of the British nation. The intuitive mind however needs development.Destiny, 85:an ironic fate which determines that this great nation, having in past centuries been one of theDestiny, 87:clear: [87] Leo - with its ruler, the Sun (the Nation). Sagittarius - with its rulers, Jupiter,Destiny, 87:- with its rulers, Jupiter, Earth and Mars (the Nation). Taurus - with its rulers, Venus and VulcanDestiny, 89:and - as I have told you elsewhere - as the nation's power shifts, as it will and as it now really
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