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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATION

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Destiny, 89:its rulers, Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon (the Nation). Gemini - with its rulers, Mercury, Venus andDestiny, 89:its rulers, Mercury, Venus and the Earth (the Nation). Cancer - with its rulers, the Moon andDestiny, 90:blows, that linking network which covers all the nation and makes it hold together." This rayDestiny, 94:of the rays will dominate. If the person or the nation is spiritually oriented, the result of theDestiny, 99:and activities inevitable once the soul of each nation is functioning potently. India and GreatDestiny, 100:So it is with nations and races. The fate of a nation lies in the hands of its leaders usually;Destiny, 100:hands of its leaders usually; they marshal the nation's forces, focus the national intent (ifDestiny, 103:nations will be studied, the centers within each nation which focus certain ray energies will beDestiny, 104:of the force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with the BritishDestiny, 105:the peoples reaches down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people. TheirDestiny, 111:time; their peculiar tenets, adapted to specific nation, race or time, embodied some truth throughDestiny, 113:it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or some response to a major world need, orDestiny, 121:the nature of the imposition of the will of some nation or group of nations and their desire toDestiny, 121:to impose some ideology or other upon some nation or to rid itself of a worn out system of thought,Destiny, 123:is true of the soul of man, of the soul of a nation and of the soul of humanity itself. Bear thisDiscipleship1, 20:is among the nations. Yet at the heart of every nation lies latent the mystical soul and eventuallyDiscipleship1, 38:concern itself with political factors in every nation. They will work in the world of humanDiscipleship1, 88:with the group endeavor, or they love their own nation; they may also love an ideal or theoreticalDiscipleship1, 451:import. Though no person or group of persons or nation at this time knows the meaning of motiveDiscipleship1, 653:a key position and meeting people [653] of every nation, your opportunity to fire other lives, toDiscipleship1, 785:endorse the nations or the people in any nation who are against human freedom and happiness. InDiscipleship1, 785:free humanity, and on the side of those in any nation who thus work. If being on the side ofDiscipleship2, 33:of France. His past incarnation in the French nation has well fitted him for this task; his heartDiscipleship2, 180:agony brought all men together, irrespective of nation, religion or class. Therefore, for the firstDiscipleship2, 261:by world leaders and serving workers in every nation is an indication of an unconscious response toDiscipleship2, 273:converge upon that point; we shall then have a nation, galvanized into activity by interiorDiscipleship2, 273:spiritual energy will flow into every phase of a nation's civilization and culture; the nation willDiscipleship2, 273:of a nation's civilization and culture; the nation will then be linked up - through the point atDiscipleship2, 284:of manifestation, a civilization, or a race or nation. Here, therefore, are the six conditioningDiscipleship2, 361:are recognized by the world thinkers in every nation, either [362] favorably or with antagonism.Discipleship2, 379:is nevertheless related to the group or to the nation with which he is by birth or inclinationDiscipleship2, 477:a soul, construct, and the nature of the race, nation and type of service to which theDiscipleship2, 497:dominate the sons of men, speak through a nation, focus through a group. Lean on your Soul. YourDiscipleship2, 600:is unbelievable. The subjective life of any nation, producing as it does racial psychology,Discipleship2, 600:they have been born into any particular race or nation and this only from the personality angle.Discipleship2, 600:conflict. So it is with you. In every race and nation there are those who - down the ages - haveDiscipleship2, 600:certain valuable qualities with which a race or nation can endow a man, or to use that racial andDiscipleship2, 616:escape you; the national thought-form of any nation is necessarily a powerful entity. You canDiscipleship2, 616:the most powerful of all because they are not a nation in any true sense but an ancient religion;Discipleship2, 616:centuries and are now attempting to call it a nation. It is as if the ancient Incas and AztecsDiscipleship2, 616:learn. But you, my beloved brother, belong to no nation; disciples of your standing have noEducation, 38:major importance, to believe that his particular nation is also of major importance and that everyEducation, 38:is also of major importance and that every other nation is secondary; it has fed pride and fosteredEducation, 38:fostered the belief that he, his group and his nation are infinitely superior to other people andEducation, 39:the tide of life in the youth of any nation can be trusted to swing the thought of the race into aEducation, 41:and this has been strictly materialistic. A nation today is regarded as civilized when it isEducation, 41:make the material life of the citizen of every nation the dominant factor in the national thought,Education, One of:the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a close relationship. These key peopleEducation, 45:we to revert to the bad old ways wherein each nation glorifies itself at the expense frequently ofEducation, 45:and thefts which have distinguished every great nation without exception are facts and can not beEducation, 46:epochs which - suddenly appearing in some one nation - enriched the entire world and gave toEducation, 47:regarded as of importance and the rest of the nation as of little importance. In still otherEducation, 82:to the group, to the family unit and to the nation in which their destiny has put them. They willEducation, 82:in terms of world relationship and of their nation in relation to other nations. This coversEducation, 91:and the conservative peoples in every nation can be prevented from swinging civilization back on toEducation, 100:part of that organized whole which we call a nation; that he may be so disciplined that he can takeEducation, 102:with the proven effect upon the young of every nation who have been subjected to these systems. TheEducation, 102:itself, the good of the Empire, the need of the Nation is held before the child from its earliestEducation, 102:taught that he must serve the State, Empire, or Nation with the very best that is in him; it isEducation, 102:subordinated to the greater life of the State or Nation, and that it is his duty to meet theEducation, 103:not only members of a state, empire or nation, and not only people with an individual future, butEducation, 108:the peculiar contribution which each specific nation has to make to the world whole. We will try toEducation, 119:ambition, but are controlled by love of their nation and thus by some definite form of idealism -Education, 124:be met. This process is going on today in every nation and in all parts of the world, and a censusEducation, 130:and person, between group and group, and between nation and nation, thus establishing that newEducation, 130:between group and group, and between nation and nation, thus establishing that new world ofEducation, 132:statement. Parenthood is what makes a state, a nation, and a group possible as far as manifestationEducation, 149:processes (imposed upon the very young of every nation) will enable mankind to take them. A newExternalisation, 21:group of world servers will be active in every nation and found functioning throughout the entireExternalisation, 63:aggression and pride of any particular nation. It is not basically the result of the wrong economicExternalisation, 70:the emergence of one or two key people in every nation have a close relationship. These key peopleExternalisation, 84:This statement, I think, the people of every nation would regard as true. The basic underlyingExternalisation, 85:us who know it the possibilities latent in any nation, the point of attainment and theExternalisation, 112:and have been registered by some group within a nation or by a nation itself (if advanced enough).Externalisation, 112:registered by some group within a nation or by a nation itself (if advanced enough). Such aExternalisation, 112:crises have taken place in practically every nation in modern times and have been recognized toExternalisation, 112:the majority of nations in both hemispheres. No nation remains at this time unaffected and theExternalisation, 121:assumes responsibility for the welfare of the nation. The Hierarchy was, in those days, presentExternalisation, 127:and social - of the different nations. In every nation a relatively small group of people decideExternalisation, 128:engaged, nor is it properly admissible. No nation or group of nations can be classed in a broadExternalisation, 131:experiments, though employing factors from every nation in Europe; the U.S.S.R. in its turnExternalisation, Esoter:conqueror, Napoleon; Bismarck, the creator of a nation; Mussolini, the regenerator of his people;Externalisation, 134:Britain, the drift of the people from every nation in Europe to America, North and South, theExternalisation, 136:down the ages, has [136] influenced first one nation and then another, the tendency last century toExternalisation, 136:hand - these are universal qualities and no nation and no race is free of guilt or has entirelyExternalisation, 136:direction of the life of the individual, of a nation and of the world. In the last analysis, andExternalisation, 137:employ those phrases understand them. No one nation is expressive of the spirit of Antichrist, justExternalisation, 137:of the spirit of Antichrist, just as no one nation expresses the spirit of Christ. Christ andExternalisation, 139:the task of binding men and women of every nation together in a spirit of loving understanding;Externalisation, 139:of loving understanding; they must interpret nation to nation in terms of brotherhood and of theExternalisation, 139:understanding; they must interpret nation to nation in terms of brotherhood and of the new order.Externalisation, 167:the whole and not for the good of the separated nation or unit) are also calling the masses ofExternalisation, 167:fundamentally the good of the larger unit (the nation or the group of nations). Therefore,Externalisation, 178:to acquire material power, the glory of a nation and the subjugation of the defenceless; and theExternalisation, 178:selfish purposes, stood with the aggressor nation; immediately, panic swept the remaining nations,Externalisation, 180:an individual who is murdering, or fighting a nation which is warring on the defenceless. TheExternalisation, 188:be related to the good of Germany, and no other nation will be considered. Christian teaching andExternalisation, 189:as the Pole, the Jew, the Czech or any captive nation. In effecting this freedom, the alliedExternalisation, 191:the new world order, the governing body in any nation should be composed of those who work for theExternalisation, 191:upon the nations. The sovereign rights of each nation will be recognized and its peculiar genius,
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