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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATIONS

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Externalisation, 358:be assumed individually by every person, and by nations as collective wholes. The first is beingExternalisation, 358:remains as yet to be done. Bringing home to the nations of the world the truths taught by theExternalisation, 358:it might be pointed out that basically: The Axis nations need to grasp the teaching of the BuddhaExternalisation, 358:- desire for that which is material. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love asExternalisation, 364:owing to the disunity existing among those nations which today form the United Nations. There wasExternalisation, 364:among those nations which today form the United Nations. There was also a lack of understanding andExternalisation, 364:and a selfish perspective among those nations at that time neutral. Above everything else was theExternalisation, 364:of liberty be strong enough to weld the free nations into one united and steadfast whole? Today theExternalisation, 364:issue is clear and the end inevitable. The free nations and the defeated and enslaved littleExternalisation, 364:nations and the defeated and enslaved little nations are subjectively and practically unified intoExternalisation, 364:to win the war; the fate of the Axis Nations is therefore unalterably settled, even though, at thisExternalisation, 365:the enormous prepared strength of the aggressor nations and the unpreparedness of the democracies.Externalisation, 365:be no true reconstruction activity if the Axis nations triumph. But there are many today whose taskExternalisation, 365:in the civilian aspects of the life of the nations. These can think, and talk, and work inExternalisation, 367:of materialism through the medium of the Axis nations, using the aggression of Japan as the initialExternalisation, 367:The second was the failure of the neutral nations, in the early stages of the war, to take theExternalisation, 367:steps to ally themselves actively with the nations fighting totalitarianism, and their inability toExternalisation, 367:deep seated than was grasped, and the United Nations came into cooperative activity only after twoExternalisation, 367:war and the planned rape of many of the neutral nations. The blindness of the neutral nationsExternalisation, 367:neutral nations. The blindness of the neutral nations definitely upset the calculations ofExternalisation, 367:and the unity existing among the Allied Nations, guarantee the inevitable defeat of the AxisExternalisation, 368:by Italy. [368] The resources of the United Nations are vast and are now in process ofExternalisation, 368:dictatorship, the slavery of the many conquered nations, its anti-racial bias and its blatantExternalisation, 368:and which will willingly sacrifice lives, nations and the future of humanity in order to attain itsExternalisation, 369:both in the conquered lands and in the nations fighting, with their backs to the wall, for humanExternalisation, 369:they constitute a great army within all nations, and they are an invisible army, but one which isExternalisation, 370:to the necessary adjustments between the nations. Any adjustment made upon the basis of historicalExternalisation, 370:facts of Nazi activity. The task of the United Nations after the war will of necessity be - amongExternalisation, 371:those who have suffered at the hands of the Axis nations that they must not hate, or by exhortingExternalisation, 371:love and understanding on the part of the United Nations - a love which will work out in the formExternalisation, 371:exceedingly wise action on the part of the free nations. [372] Externalisation, 372:war upon the children and the adolescents of the nations. The children of today are the parents ofExternalisation, 372:entry of even the most enlightened democratic nations. That to these selfish incentives they haveExternalisation, 373:there would have been no war if the democratic nations had been the determining factor. That inExternalisation, 373:stages? Also, given the existent aggressor nations, collective self-interest forced the democraciesExternalisation, 373:developed, and the good of the entire family of nations must be substituted for the good of oneExternalisation, 373:for the good of one nation or a group of nations. The education of the public in this idealExternalisation, 373:culture which must be changed. The family of nations, viewed as a unit, its correct and properExternalisation, 373:of the soil, the intellectual heritage of the nations, belong to the whole of mankind and to no oneExternalisation, 374:inevitably perish off the face of the earth. All nations have made this selfish attempt, asExternalisation, 374:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process Some nations, particularly the great democracies, like theExternalisation, 374:democracies, like the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America, now realizeExternalisation, 374:other states and for humanity as a whole. Other nations, such as the Axis Powers, are violentlyExternalisation, 374:state counts. They divide the family of nations into a superstate for the control of Europe andExternalisation, 375:be recognized. For its abolishing, the United Nations are fighting, but the difficulties are many,Externalisation, 375:own and in which to build up a nation. The small nations are full of fear, wondering what place inExternalisation, 375:of fear, wondering what place in the family of nations they will be permitted to hold, and whetherExternalisation, 375:as the important unit is little heard. Those nations impede the path of progress who live in theExternalisation, 375:years of travail and agony. We could take the nations, one by one, and observe how thisExternalisation, 377:reactionary is no longer popular. The small nations are realizing their helplessness and theirExternalisation, 378:is now so large (especially among the United Nations) that there is a chance of eventual successExternalisation, 396:masses, focused everywhere through the United Nations who are fighting for the liberation ofExternalisation, 399:plane war, aiding the armed forces of the United Nations to wage war to a successful finish,Externalisation, 404:shape in human thinking, and for them the United Nations fights. Two more great and foundationalExternalisation, 407:political movements and the destiny of races and nations and their progress are determined, just asExternalisation, 424:all in the East. The bewildered peoples of both nations were led to believe that they had a greatExternalisation, 426:polarized interpret the Law of Love. The United Nations, working for human liberation and freedomExternalisation, 427:the houses of legislature in the various United Nations, in Parliament, in Congress, and in theExternalisation, 428:to take a proper place in the community of nations. The Japanese nation, in spite of its great age,Externalisation, 428:in the world. It is normal, as are the United Nations; the German nation and the Japanese race areExternalisation, 428:Hierarchy is literally fighting against the Axis nations. This is not so in the physical sense. TheExternalisation, 428:"the Forces of Light" I mean those enlightened nations upon whom the light of Freedom shines andExternalisation, 429:but Italy must be counted among the enlightened nations, for it could not be held in duress. TheExternalisation, 429:in duress. The Forces of Light comprise those nations (working through their armies and in theExternalisation, 429:to the spiritual realities. Behind these nations stands the Hierarchy. Freedom is the birthright ofExternalisation, 429:into the cities and congested areas of all the nations. No one is exempt from the consequences ofExternalisation, 429:hope or right world relationships as long as two nations - one in the Western hemisphere and theExternalisation, 431:and national prides. Of these faults all nations have been guilty. A sense of separateness of whichExternalisation, 431:of which the border issue between such nations as Russia and Poland is symbolic. The need ofExternalisation, 432:general well-being comes [432] eternally first. Nations and their ephemeral disputes are ofExternalisation, 432:behalf of their own interests, to plunge other nations and races into war. Today they have achievedExternalisation, 433:the thinking of the leaders of the United Nations; this stream has, for instance, conditioned theExternalisation, 435:and used to stiffen the purpose of the United Nations to carry the war to a finish of victory andExternalisation, 437:to separation among certain of the Allied Nations, with which the Christ must deal. Several of themExternalisation, 438:the Black Lodge have turned loose into the Axis nations; this has been made possible by theirExternalisation, 439:directed by evil, and was focused through those nations who had succumbed to the glamor ofExternalisation, 442:triumphant progress of the armies of the United Nations, and for that triumph to be won first ofExternalisation, 443:of others - other people and other allied nations. See the issues of this conflict clearly, and letExternalisation, 443:to walk in the light. The children of the Axis nations must not be penalized for the wickedness orExternalisation, 447:new cycle of group functioning. The League of Nations was an abortive effort [448] well intentionedExternalisation, 448:work, through conferences, through Leagues of Nations, [449] organized parties and legislation. AllExternalisation, 450:much power - the ignorance of humanity itself. Nations and people are still ignorant of the trueExternalisation, 451:her citizens as a whole know nothing of other nations; on a higher turn of the spiral, thatExternalisation, 451:still basically ignorant of the history of the nations from which they spring, because they haveExternalisation, 452:its basic ignorances of factual history, or of nations and their psychology; humanity is stillExternalisation, 458:exist in every nation - even in the younger nations of the world. Hence the war; hence theExternalisation, 458:to life, and this hope which can restore all nations. At the Full Moon of March, let the demand goExternalisation, 461:at San Francisco. The isolationists in all nations, particularly in the United States, FrenchExternalisation, 464:the war to an end through the defeat of the Axis Nations. [465] But another great "division" ofExternalisation, 467:those who have to guide the destiny of races, nations and world groups. On their shoulders lies theExternalisation, 475:manifested itself, and that to which certain nations and certain individuals had respondedExternalisation, 475:of the earth through the medium of the Axis nations. The Germans marched into Poland. This countryExternalisation, 475:and her hatred of the Jews. The United Nations then began slowly to organize under the impressionExternalisation, 476:had simply been a fight between human groups and nations, the Hierarchy would have remained outsideExternalisation, 476:has not only been an aggressive conflict between nations or of hate between the exponents ofExternalisation, 476:inevitably prove too strong for even the United Nations, if they were left unassisted to meet theExternalisation, 476:took its stand upon the side of the United Nations and let it be known that it had done so. InExternalisation, 476:and of authority. The leaders of the United Nations and of their armies are not Godless men, as areExternalisation, 477:forces fighting under the leaders of the United Nations and by openly taking Their stand upon theExternalisation, 477:handicapped by the commercially minded in all nations, particularly in the neutral countries, who
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