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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATIONS

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Magic, 313:which demonstrates in man as selfishness and in nations as nationalism is carried forward. ThroughMagic, 394:of religious and political bodies and of nations in some cases. Thus do the dominant personalitiesMagic, 401:differentiation and crystallization among the nations and governments of the world. These twoMagic, 407:and thus form part of a world brotherhood of nations. [408] This concept does not even involve theMagic, 410:which have brought such changes in the nations. Under the fifth and third ray impulses, groups ofMagic, 410:and political groups. In relation to the many nations and the myriads of men on earth, theseMagic, 413:It is to be composed of men and women of all nations and ages, but each one must be spirituallyMeditation, 46:to the temperamental differences existing among nations. Each nation has its virtues and each hasMeditation, 167:human being or planet, or the form of races, nations, devas or the other evolutions. TheMeditation, 171:forms of men, of continents, of races, and of nations so that that law may be duly worked out. TheMeditation, 201:when those who work under the Manu, manipulating nations, directing their attention to governmentMeditation, 306:occult school. And, curiously enough, only those nations which originally had a training school forMeditation, 359:City of the Gods, which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North orPatanjali, 276:The historical record pertaining to races, nations, groups and families in their two greatProblems, 5:the intricate language systems of the present nations; the various modes of primitive communicationProblems, 6:right human relations between men and between nations. The immediate spiritual problem with whichProblems, 7:religious parties in any nation and among the nations of the world can revolutionize the world. TheProblems, 8:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations CHAPTER I The Psychological Rehabilitation ofProblems, 8:I The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations This problem is far more complicated and deepProblems, 9:psychological problems of the individual nations. Major world problems, such as the relationProblems, 9:world problems, such as the relation between nations and business and the forces of labor. BeforeProblems, 9:sweeter, saner and more beautiful place, all the nations must take stock of themselves and begin toProblems, 10:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Most men today think in terms of their ownProblems, 10:not so, and a very different psychology rules. Nations seek and demand the best for themselves, noProblems, 10:and as characteristic of good citizenship. Nations are colored by hatreds and prejudices, many ofProblems, 10:today as foul language in a religious meeting. Nations are split and divided within themselves byProblems, 11:and the disruption of right human relations. All nations are guilty of these qualities andProblems, 11:to their individual culture and genius. All nations, as all families, have also in them groups orProblems, 11:to the well-intentioned remainder. There are nations within the international community which areProblems, 11:problem of the interplay and interaction of the nations is largely a psychological one. The soul ofProblems, 11:becomes one in which all people share. Nations can be (and often are) anti-social [12], and allProblems, 12:can be (and often are) anti-social [12], and all nations have within them these anti-socialProblems, 12:of trade - must gradually fade out. The nations must pass eventually to a more beneficentProblems, 12:emotions and of a demand - by anti-social nations - for that which does not belong to them. LikeProblems, 12:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations The intense isolationism and the "hands off"Problems, 13:in their aggressive ways because the other nations were still too childish to take strong actionProblems, 13:and self-interest which prevented several nations from siding with the Forces of Light; theyProblems, 13:upon Germany, if the entire civilized world of nations (without exception) had likewise declaredProblems, 14:recognize the facts produced disunity. Had all nations seen clearly and renounced their individualProblems, 14:would have been over much earlier. Had all the nations swung into action when Japan first went intoProblems, 14:failure. It is hard to admit that none of the nations (including our own) has clean hands, and thatProblems, 14:as well as national and racial hatreds. All nations have much interior housecleaning to do and thisProblems, 15:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations It might be of value to study briefly some ofProblems, 15:some of the psychological adjustments which the nations must make within their own borders, becauseProblems, 16:opinion will [16] have to be re-educated. The nations are reverting to the deep seated modes ofProblems, 16:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations France A clamor is arising from France that herProblems, 17:herself innately weaker than those much smaller nations which fought until forced to accept defeat?Problems, 17:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Germany Of the faults of the German nation,Problems, 18:equal terms. The major trouble facing the United Nations will be to find the strong and good leaderProblems, 19:the test of the true intentions of the United Nations. The spiritual potentialities of the GermanProblems, 19:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Great Britain Great Britain has been a greatProblems, 19:wrought with diligence for a stability among the nations which will enable her to function smoothlyProblems, 19:shop keepers" has been applied to her by other nations. The British are frequently disliked byProblems, 20:as the old-age pension system long before other nations did so. They are deeply paternalistic inProblems, 20:in their handling of smaller and less developed nations and have really helped them. BeingProblems, 20:tendency of the British race is to serve the nations and the races which are gathered togetherProblems, 20:is now a commonwealth of entirely independent nations. The major psychological problem before theProblems, 20:gain the confidence of the world and lead other nations to recognize the existent justice and theProblems, 21:given free play, Great Britain and the other nations of the world could walk the way of lifeProblems, 21:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Russia Russia remains a great enigma for theProblems, 21:of other lands, beginning with the smaller nations upon her western frontier. She is lifting theProblems, 22:of a revelation, is sensed by the other nations in the world; and the first reaction has been fear,Problems, 22:in a quarter of a century what other nations have taken many generations to work out. Russia is aProblems, 22:moves were an attempt to infiltrate into other nations, in order to upset their stability and soProblems, 23:within her sphere of influence; the other nations must also work out their own destiny and must notProblems, 23:problem before Russia is to give to the other nations of the world such an example of wise rule,Problems, 23:of an inclusive and sound education, that other nations will pattern themselves upon what RussiaProblems, 23:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Poland As for the Polish people, a longProblems, 23:of a definitely cultural effect upon surrounding nations and of a spiritual giving of which theyProblems, 24:undertakings loom large in the eyes of all nations, the fact that the emphasis is so purelyProblems, 24:finest minds and the idealists among the Allied Nations as being fought ostensibly for humanProblems, 24:comes the test of the success of victory. If the nations throughout the world reap the benefits ofProblems, 25:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations The United States The psychological problemProblems, 25:origin is determining the race. Steadily in all nations, the power in government and in determiningProblems, 26:tolerant and yet most intolerant of other nations; they are ready to tell other nations how toProblems, 26:of other nations; they are ready to tell other nations how to handle their problems but as yetProblems, 26:already has her own solution but the lesser nations of the world will be guided and conditionedProblems, 27:of this battle in the British Commonwealth of Nations and in the United States. Order must beProblems, 27:Americans feel superior to more mature fellow nations; they are apt to think that they have aProblems, 27:outlook and a greater love of freedom than other nations; they are apt to forget that though thereProblems, 27:to forget that though there may be some backward nations, there are many nations in the world withProblems, 27:may be some backward nations, there are many nations in the world with as high an idealism, asProblems, 27:in America as there is in any other nation; all nations have a vast house cleaning to do, and theProblems, 27:of humanity. The goal is right human relations; nations will stand or fall just in so far as theyProblems, 28:discover just exactly what we are - as [28] nations, in our group relationships, through ourProblems, 28:people violently against certain groups or nations and others working on behalf of them. The onlyProblems, 28:unison and swell the great chorus from all the nations. This will only be possible when pureProblems, 29:I - The Psychological Rehabilitation of the Nations Humanity, as has been said before, is the worldProblems, 29:to bear in mind is that it is one spirit and the nations have each to learn to recognize thatProblems, 30:The cleaning up process carried on in all the nations without any exception whatever so that aProblems, 30:United States, and the British Commonwealth of Nations stand together for the total good ofProblems, 30:breeds a growing hatred, and recognize that all nations are made up of human beings, at differentProblems, 31:it to fall into the hands of a few powerful nations or a mere handful of powerful men and financialProblems, 38:spirit (which is the background of all nations) has faded, in most cases, into a soft civilization.Problems, 38:greed; material ambition has motivated all the nations without exception; all our planning has beenProblems, 39:national selfish interests would control. All nations, in their own way and degree, haveProblems, 39:the music and the creative life of all nations - past and present. It concerns the refiningProblems, 41:with all our good intentions that the various nations, involved in the world war and whoseProblems, 41:position, believe to be good for them. These nations want understanding cooperation; they want theProblems, 42:and of Fascism must be swept away, but the nations must be free to work out their own destiny. They
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