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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATIONS

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Problems, 42:is surely the function of the wealthier and free nations to help them to build so that the newProblems, 42:to preserve the integrity and the sovereignty of nations whilst committing each and all to aProblems, 42:advisory councils, and above all, of the United Nations, are hopeful indications of the movingProblems, 43:should govern the educational systems of the nations, even though uniformity of method and ofProblems, 43:itself at the expense frequently of other nations, in which facts are systematically garbled, inProblems, 44:great and good ideas which have conditioned the nations and made them what they are? To emphasizeProblems, 44:known country; over fifty different races or nations compose the U.S.S.R. The United Kingdom is aProblems, 44:United Kingdom is a Commonwealth of independent nations bound together into one group. India isProblems, 45:contact. Unless this is done, the wounds of the nations will never be healed and the barriers whichProblems, 53:and of their nation in its relation to other nations. This covers training for citizenship, forProblems, 57:relations between individuals, groups, parties, nations and throughout the entire internationalProblems, 60:guarantee that the children of the different nations (beginning with the millions of children nowProblems, 62:It consists in the fact that every race and all nations have always produced those who haveProblems, 63:racial hatreds and the separative attitudes of nations and people, we shall have succeeded inProblems, 63:family and not as a fighting aggregate of many nations and peoples, competitively engaged inProblems, 64:chaos and for the banding together of the United Nations. It has produced the conflictingProblems, 67:by the men of goodwill to be found in all nations. This energy must be safeguarded from moniedProblems, 67:be kept in these hands indefinitely. Other nations and races are discovering this "secret ofProblems, 68:resources for the good of all. [68] Certain nations, because of their international character andProblems, 68:of humanity as a whole than are the others. Such nations are the United States, the BritishProblems, 68:the United States, the British Commonwealth of Nations and the united Soviet Socialist Republics.Problems, 68:and the united Soviet Socialist Republics. Many nations and races constitute these three GreatProblems, 69:inaugurate the new world. The other powerful nations, little as they may like to realize it, areProblems, 69:with humanity as a whole. The smaller nations have not quite the same attitude; they are relativelyProblems, 69:power politics; they will not be combinations of nations banded together versus other combinationsProblems, 71:other. These men belonged to both the Allied Nations and the Axis Powers; they have worked togetherProblems, 77:into its rightful place in the life of the nations and the essential dignity of man has beenProblems, 77:that there should be right human relations among nations, it is obvious that such relations shouldProblems, 80:feed our hatreds or our dislike of other nations, and set us one against the other. The love ofProblems, 85:today, the imperialistic control of certain nations, the lack of educational attainments, or aProblems, 87:the pernicious doctrine of superior and inferior nations and races; it produces economicProblems, 89:to the general good of the comity of nations and not as a means of self-glorification; it defendsProblems, 89:for any reason, the rights of other people or nations. It aims to improve and perfect its own modeProblems, 89:a problem because of their relation to the nations within which or among which they findProblems, 90:and to plan. All evolution is cyclic in nature; nations and races pass through the same cycles ofProblems, 91:are championing the cause of the small and weak nations, not from any humanitarian reasons but forProblems, 91:Big Four or the Big Five and numerous smaller nations, demanding equal rights, equal votes andProblems, 91:equal votes and equal position. These smaller nations are afraid of the more powerful nations andProblems, 91:smaller nations are afraid of the more powerful nations and of their ability to enforce their will.Problems, 91:by some powerful nation or amalgamation of nations, distrustful of favors and support because ofProblems, 91:in the world today great and influential nations such as the U.S.S.R., the British Commonwealth ofProblems, 91:as the U.S.S.R., the British Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America; you haveProblems, 91:but resent it greatly, and finally many small nations each with its own individual life,Problems, 92:end the great heresy of separateness. All these nations, great and small, have suffered cruellyProblems, 92:lessons of pain in other ways and more slowly; nations in the western hemisphere have not sufferedProblems, 92:to see the old manner of life restored; all the nations, great and small, are fightingProblems, 92:among the minorities. Some of the great nations, with a sound realization that there is no peaceProblems, 92:which will give place and opportunity to all nations but their efforts are largely based on aProblems, 93:infringe the so-called rights of powerful nations, encroach on settled boundaries and outrageProblems, 93:U.N. and by championing the cause of the smaller nations in Europe. As the Great Powers playProblems, 94:unification; they recognize the problems of the nations, great and small, and the difficultProblems, 95:for instance with the struggle of the little nations for recognition and for what they considerProblems, 95:their just rights. The story of the little nations would take years to write and years to read. ItProblems, 99:forces with men and women gathered out of all nations who belong to humanity and who have outgrownProblems, 102:for redress and help; they blame the non-Jewish nations for their miseries; they fail always toProblems, 103:set up an ancient pattern of living within other nations; as a citizen with all the rights ofProblems, 103:racial identity, creating dissension among the nations, attempting in no way to meet harmoniouslyProblems, 104:also to Poles, Greeks and the helpless of many nations. This is a point which the Jews today appearProblems, 104:found. This problem child within the family of nations is a child of the one Father and spirituallyProblems, 106:They have been exploited also by the European nations who seized vast territories in Africa andProblems, 107:he owes to the aggressive and acquisitive white nations. Contact with them has stimulated hisProblems, 109:eliminate white control? Will the white nations who today commercially exploit Africa, holding onProblems, 110:materials to the world? The [110] European nations and the British peoples are now following aProblems, 110:possible national groups) in the great family of nations and bring into the world arena a race withProblems, 112:by fighting for the freedom of distant small nations in Europe; at the same time they steadily defyProblems, 112:a mystery in the minds of other enlightened nations why the broadminded people of the United StatesProblems, 114:illicit unions between the soldiers of all nations and the peoples of the countries in which theyProblems, 115:arena, group against group and (within the nations) party against party and man against man. TheProblems, 115:an era of right human relations within nations as well as internationally, an [116] impossibleProblems, 116:the great lines of demarcation between races, nations and groups, and the cleavages that are to beProblems, 117:way from the great deliberations of the United Nations down to the tiny meetings held in someProblems, 118:in churches, in municipalities, in cities, in nations, between races and internationally all callProblems, 118:and as a mode of contact between groups, between nations and their minorities, between nation andProblems, 119:quite a few of the discussions of the United Nations organization on quite difficult and touchyProblems, 148:to express itself through individuals, nations and races. The true expression of this realizedProblems, 167:as sought for and emphasized by the United Nations at this time, it becomes immediately apparentProblems, 167:and where there is a situation in which some nations have or take everything and other nations lackProblems, 167:some nations have or take everything and other nations lack the necessities of life, it is obviousProblems, 168:and condition the deliberations of the United Nations. Though there is no major war, there is noProblems, 170:negligible. The unity, peace and security of the nations, great and small, are not to be attainedProblems, 171:well the conditions with which the United Nations have to deal. Unity, peace and security will comeProblems, 171:process which will train the youth of all nations to function as world citizens and [172] not asProblems, 172:to prevent world unity and keeps the United Nations from arriving at those necessary settlementsProblems, 172:The answer is not hard to find and involves all nations: nationalism, capitalism, competition,Problems, 172:nation so difficult a member of the family of nations; it is materialism and fear, plus a lack ofProblems, 172:the United States one of the most feared of the nations, plus her gestures of armed power; it isProblems, 172:could well be turned over to the United Nations; the hope of Great Britain lies in her socialisticProblems, 172:the United States. It is the smug greed of the nations which escaped the war which is hinderingProblems, 173:peoples in ignorance of the attitude of other nations on world affairs; it is the wrong use ofProblems, 173:through individuals, in communities and among nations. Such is the sad and sorry picture of theProblems, 174:Great Powers, in collaboration with the little nations, have solved the economic problem and haveProblems, 174:Unity The true problem of the United Nations is a twofold one: it involves the right distributionProblems, 174:and of education for all men everywhere. The nations which have a wealth of resources are notProblems, 175:and security - the capitalists in the various nations will be forced to realize this and will alsoProblems, 175:lines. But these commodities are reserved by the nations involved as "talking and bargainingProblems, 175:this will, however, take place until the United Nations begin to talk in terms of humanity as aProblems, 176:[176] on his behalf in the conclaves of the nations. As yet selfish opposition has rendered theirProblems, 176:complicates the problems confronting the United Nations. Church and State are not in sympathy;Problems, 176:to guarantee constructive attitudes. The United Nations, through its Assembly and Committees, mustProblems, 176:look. Therefore, he must support the United Nations but, at the same time, let this group of world
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