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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURAL

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Astrology, 123:to find increasingly potent expression. The natural spiritual tendencies of man are inhibited (forAstrology, 123:a sign of inhibition and hindrances) and the natural animal and personality powers - particularlyAstrology, 139:this produces evolutionary development - both natural and spiritual. It is the urge to betterAstrology, 205:all, the test of appetite. This appetite is the natural predilections and tendencies which areAstrology, 234:to sex has its basis either in normal and natural animal instinctual desire or in emotionalAstrology, 240:out of the plan under [240] spiritual and natural law which is evolutionary in expression; this isAstrology, 245:give the clue to the three lower kingdoms. Law, natural law (the externalization of the subjectiveAstrology, 245:of divine life: Taurus - animal kingdom - law - natural law. Libra - vegetable kingdom - sex -Astrology, 245:- natural law. Libra - vegetable kingdom - sex - natural affinity. Capricorn - mineral kingdom -Astrology, 282:desire give place in this powerful sign to the natural processes of form production and to theAstrology, 292:and in the modern exoteric sense - the natural response to the inner psychological factors and toAstrology, 385:in the densest, most concrete expression of the natural world (from the human angle). He is the oneAstrology, 635:or the adoration of the Heavenly Host is the natural result of only half-revealed astrology...Astrology, 646:are the Builders of the Universe. They are the natural Guardians of the seven regions of ourAstrology, 653:the Signs of the Zodiac From the angle of form. Natural order. Retrogression through signs. PiscesAstrology, 673:is the most prominent. It presides over the natural generation of men. It is called the 'otherAtom, 23:to [23] convey the same general idea, such as "natural selection," or "attraction and repulsion." IAtom, 41:path, to reject and to select, and showed that natural selection can be traced in all forms ofAtom, 119:conditions, and to ascertain somewhat racial and natural tendencies, and thus follow, as logicallyAutobiography, 69:what it was to be afraid. Part of this was a natural thoughtlessness, part of it ignorance, andAutobiography, 96:are to the young, and how over emphasis is a natural reaction of youth. Autobiography, 200:in an innocent group of young people in creative natural living. The whispers, the secrets, theAutobiography, 224:even what you yourself felt was unwise, their natural cleanness and their natural fastidiousnessAutobiography, 224:was unwise, their natural cleanness and their natural fastidiousness were full protection. We neverAutobiography, 233:only touch a very few people, produced these natural reactions. Some influence, emanating from theAutobiography, 299:he had been for a very long time. It seems natural that he should have looked for and found theBethlehem, 44:a citizen of that kingdom, and this is as much a natural process connected with his inner life asBethlehem, 50:realities, because "there is a road from every natural group of facts to every spiritual reality inBethlehem, 81:of initiation. The new birth is as much a natural event and as much a result of the evolutionaryBethlehem, 102:determination can strengthen each other, was the natural outcome of this recognition. He saw whatBethlehem, 106:in the Bible. The Old Testament stands for the natural lower man, the virgin Mary aspect, carryingBethlehem, 112:case a moral law is broken, and in the other a natural instinct is followed. An animal may killBethlehem, 113:normal psychology of the primitive, a state of 'natural somnambulism' with its distinctive forms ofBethlehem, 139:two fundamental aspects of human nature - the natural and the divine - which education shouldBethlehem, 139:and refuse recognition of its existence. The "natural man" exists, as does the "spiritual man," andBethlehem, 140:God had been expressing Himself through natural processes, through humanity as a whole, and throughBethlehem, 158:God is revealed through humanity. The great and natural phenomenon which humanity will some day -Bethlehem, 162:unfolding expression of divinity possible in the natural world. It is deep within the heart ofBethlehem, 170:that greatness in action which will redeem our natural mediocrity and reveal progressively theBethlehem, 197:all that was given to man as a product of the natural processes of the earth, is as old as manBethlehem, 200:terms: Men are saved from the wrath of God in natural phenomena through animal sacrifices, precededBethlehem, 226:by the dogmas of the past, and there is today a natural revolt against the idea of individualBethlehem, 250:conditions and to master himself as well as the natural world, must have an objective; else allBethlehem, 251:overcoming the tendency to death inherent in the natural man. Surely, then, we can say thatBethlehem, 253:through all parts of God's manifestation, the natural world. The kingdoms of nature have one by oneBethlehem, 276:which must surely have a basis in some natural inheritance which is the guarantee of our origin.Bethlehem, 277:and if the life which pours through the natural world is not working towards something greater,Destiny, 11:seeking to govern human thought, to determine natural and human evolution and to produce widelyDestiny, 37:case with the Masters of the Wisdom. Yet in the natural process of form evolution, these workers onDestiny, 44:research groups, would seek for and find the natural sensitives (and not the trance mediums) andDestiny, 44:they would discover much about some of the natural and normal powers of man - powers which haveDestiny, 49:lines of racial understanding. There is a natural rapport indicated between the present personalityDestiny, 62:Spanish consciousness. As to the fanaticism, the natural cruelty, the fervent idealism, theDestiny, 131:physical life, oft making sinful that which is natural. This has been a necessary stage in theirDiscipleship1, 35:of selfish pleasure and some ambition. This is natural, for no perfection is yet to be expectedDiscipleship1, 51:impersonal is it the result of training or is it natural to you? Is it simple self-defense? or isDiscipleship1, 95:of your co-disciples. That is, after all, both natural and human. Some of you are too humble in theDiscipleship1, 120:as you know) is insulated, isolated and has a natural tendency to that discrimination which leadsDiscipleship1, 184:by a habit of loneliness, induced by inherent natural tendencies, or by executive position and theDiscipleship1, 206:safety as the grace of humility is fundamentally natural to you. Your field of service is growing,Discipleship1, 315:knows the quality of the present life and its natural tendencies (due to ray influence) to thinkDiscipleship1, 329:in words. This is never an easy task for a natural intuitive such as you are, but it is one thatDiscipleship1, 358:such as seed thoughts, or with ideas. You are a natural occultist and have the key to the realm ofDiscipleship1, 471:have built a shell around yourself owing to a natural sensitivity which - as a child and in yourDiscipleship1, 530:box bush at either end. In front of it is a natural rock, of chair shape and height, where theDiscipleship1, 554:and my friend of olden time, because of your natural "facility in contact," regarded as a serviceDiscipleship1, 556:a lower level of consciousness. The area of your natural being which is as yet the most inhibited,Discipleship1, 562:you as is the case. It is so easy to confound a natural self depreciation with true spiritualDiscipleship1, 638:but from a full experience in other lives and a natural intuitive grasp of people's problems. YouDiscipleship1, 653:in spite of your opportunities, and your natural equipment. But you could be one of the most usefulDiscipleship1, 736:to be [736] loving, certain attitudes - either natural and belonging to a developed personality orDiscipleship1, 738:Sometimes disciples become discouraged - from a natural morbidness, self-centeredness, lethargy andDiscipleship2, 87:as a doctrine but as an existent and provable natural kingdom; the rules of the Ashram and the dualDiscipleship2, 144:how the meditation now to be outlined is a natural sequence to the one which presumably youDiscipleship2, 237:God, the fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment. So muchDiscipleship2, 250:consciousness, the circle and the point are the natural symbols. This applies equally to the atom,Discipleship2, 297:of imposed sacrifice and at a cost; it is not natural to you; it is still the result of hopefulDiscipleship2, 422:This law is the basic law of nature and of the natural evolving man. After the first initiation, heDiscipleship2, 443:others into activity, is rare, but is for you a natural result of your spiritual Polarization. ThisDiscipleship2, 482:agent. Basically, this ran counter to your natural inclination. Yet it was supremely necessary andDiscipleship2, 484:misunderstandings and lack of response will be natural at first until your "technique of contact"Discipleship2, 503:world of men. This activity, on account of the natural and normal deterioration of the physicalDiscipleship2, 516:possible, owing to your sixth ray soul, whose natural and predetermined destiny was to fuse itsDiscipleship2, 542:freedom, spiritual freedom, within a world of natural law, has garnered for you sound results. YouDiscipleship2, 561:He knows that now his mind and all the lower natural forces must radiate the light he has attained.Discipleship2, 594:them or to do anything with them. It lies in the natural isolation of the first ray type. Have thisDiscipleship2, 653:there and my understanding welcome. Your natural diffidence and humility will permit this andEducation, x:of the Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences, and different from the departmentsEducation, 10:in three directions. First, to ascertain the natural trend of his impulses: Are they towardsEducation, 14:We are passing through one of the great natural transitional periods at this time. We are layingEducation, 30:manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritual and natural, can be focused where needed. This bridgingEducation, 44:for world betterment, group elevation and natural self-determination with a view - unconscious forEducation, 71:the fact of the Law of Rebirth as a governing, natural process. This will serve as a determiningEducation, 82:an intelligent technique of conduct, are the natural results. This also involves training forEducation, 97:with group purposes and plans is the natural attribute of the soul. As this identification isEducation, 98:consciousness), will seem to them normal and natural. What I am here outlining to you is aEducation, 102:with the narrow selfish goal of the teacher. The natural idealism of the child (and what child isEducation, 104:From childhood I have been taught that my natural inclination is to do wrong, to be naughty, or (ifEducation, 104:happiness. How can I escape the penalties of my natural predilections? [105] The result of all thisEducation, 114:for world betterment, group evaluation and natural self-determination, with a view - unconscious
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