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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURAL

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Education, 132:time to time, ever employed the symbolism of natural process in order to illustrate and make clearEducation, 132:world of light which it is the purpose of the natural processes of evolution to reveal. This is theEducation, 135:lack of regulation and of essential rhythm, the natural consequences have occurred, and millions ofExternalisation, 111:understanding and an open mind, some of your natural bewilderment may disappear and you may then beExternalisation, 114:blindly or intelligently, regarding it as a natural and unavoidable process, but normal andExternalisation, 149:and more spiritual values. The control of the natural forces and the evocation of the desiredExternalisation, 188:is to men what childbirth is to women. War is a natural process and therefore eternally right. AllExternalisation, 191:recognize that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belongExternalisation, 193:problem of the distribution of wealth - whether natural or human - will need careful handling and aExternalisation, 208:imposed by those who hate war. Peace must be a natural outcome and expression of the human spirit,Externalisation, 225:initiates and disciples are facts in the natural processes of evolution, historically proven andExternalisation, 231:at by those whose normal inclinations and natural tendencies are on the side of law and order, andExternalisation, 251:happening, some dramatic cataclysm of natural process or some supreme appearing which [252] wouldExternalisation, 252:upon the three points which I have made above - natural law, free will and karma. In so doing I mayExternalisation, 252:some of the confused thinking of many students. Natural law is the inevitable working out upon theExternalisation, 252:do. When it is realized that certain aspects of natural law are concerned purely with the forces -Externalisation, 252:and effects which can come under the category of natural law which are yet not so far removed fromExternalisation, 252:and induce mental reactions. It is here that natural law and the law of karma meet and interactExternalisation, 253:be drawn forth an act of divine intervention. Natural law is today producing great changes inExternalisation, 259:over employing it by the custodians of natural law and the workers who understand divine purpose,Externalisation, 259:Which of the two methods - divine embodiment and natural cataclysm - will be employed will reallyExternalisation, 260:to make clear in these opening remarks is that natural law, free will, and karma are becomingExternalisation, 261:forms of divine intervention: Divine embodiments Natural cataclysms Evocation of slumberingExternalisation, 261:those far distant realms where They have Their natural and everlasting abode. They cannot beExternalisation, 272:and understanding of the spiritual, yet natural, laws of Rebirth and of Cause and Effect, and whichExternalisation, 290:the innate capacity to pass beyond so-called natural law. This surmounting of limitation is everExternalisation, 313:failure and to an introspectiveness which is natural but useless at this time. Some disciples (bothExternalisation, 380:with what he has. In this way, his normal and natural sense of futility will disappear, and he willExternalisation, 428:argues a general weakness, lack of courage and a natural predilection for evil guidance. TheExternalisation, 440:three aspects of this ray, but which will be a natural outcome of this activity. The will-to-knowExternalisation, 492:of the Spirit and not just under what you call natural laws; they are the result of the impellingExternalisation, 583:mind. They will, normally and through natural trends and predilections, find their way into thatExternalisation, 583:they will follow these lines of activity through natural inclination and not because they are beingExternalisation, 615:IV - Stages in the Externalization These are natural reactions when considering the present fieldExternalisation, 626:place and power, and for the possession of the natural resources of the Earth - coal, oil, etc.,Externalisation, 639:can be good and proper if they follow lines of natural cleavages, of language differences and ofExternalisation, 654:move. At no time will the Hierarchy infringe the natural processes of evolutionary growth or theExternalisation, 654:utilize the more advanced specimens of the natural types - in a selective process - in order toExternalisation, 699:all must be done under correct, temperate and natural law and in a spirit of loving understanding,Fire, 57:the inner warmth. This blending, which is now a natural and usual growth in every human being, wasFire, 105:etheric body correctly, they cooperate with the natural latent bodily [106] warmth, and (mergingFire, 319:which is, as it were, the doorway between the natural and the spiritual man. It is the seat of thatFire, 319:It is the spiritual man seeking to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man toFire, 319:to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man to concern himself with the things ofFire, 472:each of them may be in itself, would yet by the natural process of accretion, combine themselvesFire, 525:remembered that this cleavage will be part of a natural process, and not a drastic ruling, imposedFire, 525:not. This cleavage will be self-induced, and a natural outgrowth of the group life; it will inFire, 625:Logos has to superimpose a higher note. To the natural note of the center (which is found throughFire, 701:took bodies and molded the type. [701] 33 A very natural question might here be asked: - Why do weFire, 706:and adepts - will be left to pursue the natural course of evolution on this scheme. The mystery ofFire, 715:burn." It was the result of the knowledge of natural law and its adaptation to opportunity. In theFire, 720:gradual evolution of self-consciousness under natural law. In the Earth chain that of achievedFire, 816:action upon the higher unit, and that of the natural energy of the self as it makes its directFire, 829:in later rounds the whole process will follow natural law. In this round and on this chain, ourFire, 911:ray will arrive those who belong thereon, with a natural gift of seeing etherically. Children willFire, 969:and to make it conform step by step with natural evolutionary law. The above is necessarily butFire, 984:Isis Unveiled, I, 279. Magic is the sumtotal of natural knowledge. - Isis Unveiled, II, 99, 189.Fire, 1002:its mission. Thus many thought forms die a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inabilityFire, 1080:coming in of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egosFire, 1116:the personal self, of love forces which are the natural energies of the solar Angel, and ofFire, 1125:to him; one will keep him in touch with the natural substance aspect concerned with the cosmicFire, 1136:the laws of nature are the laws governing the natural processes of that body. The Life of God, HisGlamour, 29:or place for the realities which are within his natural grasp. When a man is highly developed, theGlamour, 95:existing between him and the material and natural world, seeks to identify himself with it and toGlamour, 105:of the kingdoms into which science divides the natural world. These are but a few of the innate,Glamour, 141:reactions to the facts of daily life, are not natural to the soul and constitute eventually aGlamour, 184:and their conscious training. There are many natural intuitives whose work is a blend of the higherHealing, 29:and whole; it will then disintegrate, under the natural process, and its constituent atoms willHealing, 30:of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposesHealing, 57:primarily is an effort on the part of the natural physical body to seek relief and achieve releaseHealing, 58:the sake of self-preservation dammed back the natural flow of desire (the [59] flow of life as itHealing, 90:an entirely new science, and the rhythm of the natural processes and the establishing, as habits,Healing, 93:animals, even in their wild states and in their natural habitat, uncontaminated by man. Hence, manHealing, 93:of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposesHealing, 133:of group origin; third, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes onHealing, 158:the inflow of hierarchical energy follows as a natural consequence, for all souls are only aspectsHealing, 191:Owing to this, we come up against another great natural Law which can be expressed simply asHealing, 192:the stage of final liberation [192] from the natural and material limitations which today controlHealing, 250:paralleling which goes on in every department of natural life. Above everything else, I seek toHealing, 250:on earth as the result of past misuse of the natural powers. There must therefore be brought aboutHealing, 278:is how to cure a person here and now; this is a natural reaction, and advanced thinkers seek to beHealing, 311:will endow it with a body having a tendency or a natural predisposition to this disease. [312]Healing, 351:our deep attachment to form, we arrest the natural processes and hold the life, which is strugglingHealing, 425:attitude towards death; it will be regarded as a natural and desirable process, cyclicallyHealing, 439:not governed or controlled by the laws of the natural world, as we call it. Their consciousnessHealing, 500:of which all forms are made goes forward under natural process and the "karma of matter" is theHealing, 501:of Dissolution. This law is a fundamental and natural law governing the life of the form in all theHealing, 501:passes out of the control of this universal, natural law and uses or discards the body at will - atHealing, 509:themselves as personalities because of their natural self-will, or because they are occultHealing, 510:Who went about doing good, or because of a natural, deep seated life tendency. This is a hopefulHealing, 532:of group origin; third, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes onHealing, 541:be healed apparently by nature itself, or by the natural and normal way of adequate vitality, andHealing, 543:are of group origin; third, he shares with all natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes onHealing, 544:which are of group origin. His sharing with all natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposesHealing, 562:person has had no normal expression of a natural and universal process, and to whom therefore sexHealing, 578:prana which is distributed or transferred by a natural healer (one without any training, withoutHealing, 606:To preserve a state of equilibrium wherein natural healing can take place. In the first case, theHealing, 607:implications. The very simplicity of this great natural law veils the far-reaching significances ofHealing, 609:and attempting to work with elementals. The natural trend of these elemental lives, all of themHealing, 661:imposed by the spiritual man and by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or the
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