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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURAL

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Psychology2, 203:back" and never appear among what are called the natural savages, or the peasantry. The souls whoPsychology2, 204:they eat, sleep and procreate, following the natural instincts of the animal body. Emotionally,Psychology2, 218:place within the larger picture. It is easy and natural for man to emphasize those aspects of thePsychology2, 297:him also to his personality and intensifies his natural problem. - The line of 2.4.6. must also bePsychology2, 329:word "desire" to signify aspiration which has a natural object in the consciousness of man,Psychology2, 331:to the evolutionary stage in the great cycle of natural processes, concerned with the form life. ItPsychology2, 336:of the purely animal, with its emphasis upon the natural physical appetites, into that of thePsychology2, 369:available is poured into the lower nature, the natural man, it might result in the shattering ofPsychology2, 478:have been developed with no difficulty and to be natural to the man, they should nevertheless bePsychology2, 486:the voice of God. Mystics of all kinds, with a natural predisposition to the introspective,Psychology2, 538:proportions to his other life activities and natural instincts in his consciousness. Else, as hePsychology2, 542:is forced into effect instead of following the natural course of evolution. This accounts,Psychology2, 556:developed. Hitherto, the development has been natural, normal and part of the evolutionary urge.Psychology2, 567:life - from Atlantean times. These powers are natural to them, but are usually neither understoodPsychology2, 585:with full control. The prime difficulty of the natural psychic and of the man who is born as aPsychology2, 589:the door to the astral plane is open because of natural birthright, the activity of previous livesPsychology2, 703:a period wherein nothing seemed to occur, it was natural for the majority to experience a sense ofRays, 76:brought about by an act of God, such as a great natural catastrophe or a universal epidemic, andRays, 138:initiate knows that they have to become his natural habitat, and that eventually he has to relegateRays, 156:(as an individual) to the control of these natural though divine [157] laws, to a recognition ofRays, 197:In the early stages of evolution, blindness is natural, innate, unavoidable and impenetrable. ForRays, 200:nurtures and protects, provided it is innate and natural, soul-imposed or spiritually engendered.Rays, 374:"condensation or concretization"; all their natural qualities (the qualified substance of theirRays, 448:manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritual and natural, can be focused where needed. This bridgingRays, 453:- as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of natural process, and not to theRays, 453:pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of natural process, and not to the recognition of theRays, 474:which - though existent and occult facts in a natural process - are as yet unrealizable. My problemRays, 493:is increasingly understood and becomes a natural, spontaneous expression of individual intention.Rays, 532:as has all else in nature, for initiation is a natural process. There is first, its form aspect;Rays, 571:the negative and positive aspects of the natural processes. It consequently governs the sexRays, 604:of cycles; this repetition is distinctive of natural process, leaving each stage of man's evolutionRays, 669:and steadily into its proper place as simply a natural phase of existence in the three worlds andRays, 670:from two angles: They have sought to stamp out natural desire and have endeavored to emphasize anRays, 670:frequently warped the nature and subjected the "natural man" to rules and regulations which wereRays, 678:fundamental distinctions between that which is natural and objective and that which is supernaturalRays, 700:service. He is separated off from that which is natural, material, transmitted and handicapping,Rays, 713:the Master has to learn the uses of the will. A natural sequence can be seen closely related to theRays, 760:itself has cleared the way for them. They are a natural and normal outcome of the war and haveReappearance, 77:spiritual will. He works under the great natural Law of Synthesis, producing at-one-ment,Reappearance, 118:no contradiction: The Law of Rebirth is a great natural law upon our planet. It is a process,Reappearance, 146:necessarily the recognition of two great natural laws; the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Cause andReappearance, 162:the good? Why attempt anything now?" These are natural and wholesome reactions. The poverty andReappearance, 175:and power, and for the possession of the natural resources of the earth - coal, oil, etc., and alsoSoul, 52:Paul, in short, right in saying that man has a natural body and a spiritual body, and in implyingSoul, 52:body, and in implying that the glory of the natural is one, and the glory of the spiritual another?Soul, 78:the form aspect of nature and the laws governing natural phenomena engrossed attention, untilSoul, 90:and produced a structure of knowledge, based on natural facts, which has offset the errors andSoul, 93:The electrical nature of the human unit is a natural outgrowth of a necessary recognition that theSoul, 93:body is formed of atoms, as are all forms in the natural world. The Occidental scientist recognizesSoul, 107:assuming control of the energies of the entire natural man. This is Yoga or union, which is notSoul, 126:subtle form, are pouring in upon us. What more natural than this, that man, who has constructedSoul, 129:and nervous system, so is he. His temperament, natural qualities and intelligent handling of hisSoul, 146:and seer testify are simply demonstrations of natural forces and powers. These powers man hasTelepathy, 48:with the sensitive response of the entire natural and supernatural world to the "One in Whom weTelepathy, 73:the ordinary telepathy prevalent among men and natural to so many, as this has been dealt withTelepathy, 95:that sensitivity to impression is a normal and natural unfoldment, paralleling spiritualTelepathy, 162:health of the physical body, and falls into five natural stages which we call initiations. TheTelepathy, 172:here that "energy follows thought." The natural focus or point of polarization is at times mostTelepathy, 172:this can be found in the fact that a disciple's natural focus might be the solar plexus center, butTelepathy, 172:is laid upon the centers as expressions of his natural unfoldment, whereas that is of relativelyTelepathy, 182:This consciousness varies according to the natural receptivity of the form, according to its point
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