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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURALLY

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Astrology, 246:of spiritual incentive. They normally and naturally (because that is where their focus ofAstrology, 280:has taken the third initiation. It is connected naturally with the Spirit or first aspect ofAstrology, 282:of the sixth Ray of Idealistic Devotion, is naturally rendered more impotent in this sign andAstrology, 291:the destruction of the form by soul energy would naturally supervene and a shattering of the lowerAstrology, 375:to soul purpose. People who are Taurians naturally and by natal inclination would do well toAstrology, 401:this sign. Its activity adds constantly to the naturally warlike nature of Taurus but the potencyAstrology, 438:aspect of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active at the close of the Piscean age and isAstrology, 439:from Leo, Saturn and Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of theAstrology, 451:may take place automatically, normally and naturally and through the development of the discipleAstrology, 580:shown by the [580] allies; they were animated naturally by desire for victory, desire for theAstrology, 581:so, their problem in relation to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. For the vastAstrology, 593:of the efforts of the Masters of the Wisdom is naturally overlooked. It is in reality no concern ofAtom, 18:From the evolution of substance we are led very naturally to the evolution of forms, or ofAtom, 48:for ourselves our place in the group to which we naturally belong (in which we are as the electronsAtom, 88:with no thought of any other self. Children are naturally, advisedly, and wisely selfish. It is theAtom, 119:before you, drawing upon my imagination. Naturally it is not possible for finite mind to gaugeAutobiography, 6:due to an over-sheltered childhood) ; who is naturally so shy that even today, if she has to go toAutobiography, 22:power to feel (and to feel accurately) should naturally and normally precede the mental approachAutobiography, 26:of life - as all young people normally and naturally do - I have been forced to recognize what aAutobiography, 37:that He was not the Master Jesus, as I had naturally supposed, but a Master of Whom I could notAutobiography, 42:it was too bad that God had created hell but, naturally, I assumed that He knew what He was doingAutobiography, 73:and telling the soldiers how the human being naturally and normally turns towards God. I used theAutobiography, 75:and dealing with the many problems which naturally arise when hundreds of men are stationed awayAutobiography, 110:so charming and nice about me that people naturally helped me. I have an idea that I was not a bitAutobiography, 145:to ask if I had ever known a nice Gentile and I naturally replied, "Of course. In fact, I think IAutobiography, 150:door was next to mine. Finding an open door he naturally thought it was his dressing room. In theAutobiography, 191:passed over to the other side. They [191] were, naturally, all old people when I first met them.Autobiography, 195:at me with blank astonishment and said that they naturally objected to my not putting people intoAutobiography, 202:when they know. The average boy and girl are not naturally degenerate and are not going to takeAutobiography, 203:canter because during the next few years I naturally had to face the boy and girl problem. I haveAutobiography, 217:all of us, but not our travelling expenses. We naturally could make no sudden decision but promisedAutobiography, 251:and Their workers, and the goodwill work fell naturally into abeyance. That part of the work inAutobiography, 285:then we drop his name from our active list. We naturally reserve to ourselves the right to drop aAutobiography, 286:school secretaries but their numbers increase naturally as the school grows, and it is growing veryBethlehem, 43:five initiations there are three which seem, and naturally so, to be of supreme importance. In theBethlehem, 61:of the winter solstice (when any one may very naturally doubt the rebirth of the Sun) to St.Bethlehem, 69:mineral kingdom appears. The fodder and the hay, naturally there, symbolize the vegetable kingdom.Bethlehem, 197:the wickedness of man. The theme of sin runs naturally and normally throughout human history; andBethlehem, 222:by the onlookers, who have given it most naturally a physical connotation; but it surely had aDestiny, 6:the work of reconstruction, and of rebuilding is naturally committed. The energy of intelligence,Destiny, 44:(and not the trance mediums) and those who are naturally clairaudient and clairvoyant and wouldDestiny, 94:centers and the energy which they release is naturally of great interest and, could we but realizeDiscipleship1, 23:rhythm and demonstrating spontaneously and naturally - this will be the glory of the New Age. Discipleship1, 35:later when the Plan is further perfected, fails naturally to meet with full comprehension in theDiscipleship1, 54:interested me and I have specialized in them. Naturally, I looked around among those whose lives IDiscipleship1, 55: with other people. He may be a naturally isolated person, with a deep craving forDiscipleship1, 73:of group usefulness will arrive. This will naturally depend upon two things: 1. When the groupDiscipleship1, 95:lies cause for encouragement and humility. It is naturally not my intention to state who is beingDiscipleship1, 117:of stimulating a group. My vibration, which is naturally strongly colored by the second ray. TheDiscipleship1, 118:it is of value to remember that all sensing is naturally and normally an astral or an emotionalDiscipleship1, 127:temporary upheaval in your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solar plexus, producing aDiscipleship1, 129:impulses. You have a genius for contact and are naturally a good psychologist. You are prone alsoDiscipleship1, 179:and in your chosen field of service. This is naturally true of all, but your particular battlefieldDiscipleship1, 217:of testing and of suffering. From this you have naturally not been exempt. Let not this, however,Discipleship1, 300:becoming an integrated part within it. You will naturally demand: "How can I do this? Questions andDiscipleship1, 309:with its results and effects to take place naturally without any forcing of the process. Your soulDiscipleship1, 316:it becomes possible to do this world work (done naturally behind the scenes) then there will haveDiscipleship1, 328:the ideas in proper and true form will come more naturally. Discipleship1, 379:as your first ray powerful personality (focused naturally in your first ray astral body) wouldDiscipleship1, 407:of the Ageless Wisdom will come later and naturally when you have proved to them that you "stand inDiscipleship1, 451:it, as a whole and not as a part. This must naturally include themselves and is safe, provided thatDiscipleship1, 467:I say, more frequently. Your personality ray is naturally very dominant and should give you powerDiscipleship1, 561:will promptly see the wisdom of this. You are naturally a teacher, and a teacher in training; youDiscipleship1, 566:of this line of divine energy. As you will naturally see, this complicates your problemDiscipleship1, 601:It is one of identity. You are at liberty naturally as a disciple to receive communications fromDiscipleship1, 643:in mind that I but make suggestions. You are naturally a good psychologist and have an intuitiveDiscipleship1, 664:life of service and activity. That will go on naturally, and as ever in the case [665] with allDiscipleship1, 684:of these ideas. By its purity. This grows naturally out of a growing capacity for unlimited,Discipleship1, 697:center which we call humanity. The disciple now naturally and rightly questions how thought powerDiscipleship1, 761:entities. The six stages of discipleship are naturally related to the six schools of IndianDiscipleship1, 771:group awareness and to a deep humility and, naturally, to a well-developed intellect and controlledDiscipleship1, 784:and their workers, and the goodwill work fell naturally into abeyance. That part of the work inDiscipleship2, XIII:to one's fellow man the centers will unfold naturally and safely without attention to them. TheDiscipleship2, 21:evocation. The teaching upon the etheric body naturally follows upon any instructions which I mayDiscipleship2, 22:be evoked and an uprising of skepticism will be naturally aroused; those who see no need orDiscipleship2, 63:living power and beauty? Though Sanat Kumara is naturally unaware of the individual disciple orDiscipleship2, 122:ray quality. One new item of information comes naturally here. The throat center is not included inDiscipleship2, 131:instructions. Telepathic interplay, unrealized, naturally exists among you and your thought andDiscipleship2, 190:with humanity in particular. 2. This works out naturally in understanding. Because there areDiscipleship2, 264:He does the required work and the results naturally and simply happen. Here is a hint as to theDiscipleship2, 269:a measure of monadic inflow. This inflow comes naturally via the antahkarana or across the "rainbowDiscipleship2, 277:you mean when you speak of a disciple. You might naturally have assumed that the needed changesDiscipleship2, 331:way that brings attack upon the Ashram, that is naturally recognized, but these issues areDiscipleship2, 336:came up for consideration. Most of them would naturally be too abstruse for your comprehension -Discipleship2, 375:the soul and that of the personality. There are naturally exceptions to this rule, and theseDiscipleship2, 381:for you to consider. Many questions must naturally arise. Can, for instance, the faults of aDiscipleship2, 395:as regards time than any other; that would naturally be expected, because time is only a word forDiscipleship2, 414:is applied to the modern disciple. Being naturally a mental type, he is unfolding rapidly a correctDiscipleship2, 421:Ability to see the expanding Whole. This leads naturally to the inference that, from a point ofDiscipleship2, 518:into two groups, generally speaking; there are, naturally, numerous exceptions. Souls on the wisdomDiscipleship2, 571:From that you, with thousands of others, naturally suffer and this is quite unavoidable though itDiscipleship2, 584:of the group, and a sense of failure which it naturally engenders. I cannot too strongly urge uponDiscipleship2, 609:rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, is naturally closely related to that of K.H., which isDiscipleship2, 614:and quite unconscious jealousy. This you will naturally deny, and this matters not if you willDiscipleship2, 659:their own staying power. When such a disciple is naturally upon the teaching line as you are, heDiscipleship2, 682:clouded by your resentment to what you, perhaps naturally, regarded as a criticism. YourDiscipleship2, 747:center (not the solar plexus, as you might naturally think) to the throat. In the sacral center lieEducation, 25:the years 1935 and 1942, will normally and naturally respond to this evocation of the mind element.Education, 76:wherein the child can become, normally and naturally, a seeker after the light of knowledge;Education, 79:in the East and culminating today in the West. Naturally, I am speaking only in terms of the last
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