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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Astrology, 456:within the limitations of its own kingdom in nature; the Hierarchy is attempting to becomeAstrology, 466:intuitive and entirely one-pointed whilst the nature of the pairs of opposites is clearer to him.Astrology, 467:through - Taurus - Mars - Scorpio Their peculiar nature, objective in evolution and basic purposeAstrology, 471:buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediator inAstrology, 471:the mass. The recognition of the Christ life and nature, as, the aspirant for the first initiationAstrology, 471:world individuals. The awareness, universal in nature, of the initiate, as he emerges out of theAstrology, 475:and rhythm of the spiritual content of the man's nature. It is the establishing of a certainAstrology, 476:in effecting entrance into the fifth kingdom in nature. You have, therefore, the 12 + 7 + 5, makingAstrology, 480:symbols for Virgo and Scorpio are triple in nature - the only two which are. When the discipleAstrology, 485:affecting humanity as a whole - as a kingdom in nature. Leo: the sign of the self-consciousAstrology, 486:of the new types in the different kingdoms in nature. This activity has only been felt since 1835;Astrology, 487:and producing the appearance of a new kingdom of nature on Earth is steadily becoming more and moreAstrology, 493:be evoked, not only in the fourth kingdom in nature but in all the kingdoms. Our solar system isAstrology, 496:only of man's response apparatus, the [496] form nature, but also of his expanding perception ofAstrology, 497:which are of necessity revolutionary in nature and, therefore, disturbing, if not apparently untrueAstrology, 497:the personality opportunity, offered by the nature of the vehicle of response. These two ideas areAstrology, 505:Just as a discussion of the intuition or of the nature of the eternal revelation would be utterlyAstrology, 506:He carries with Him all the four kingdoms in nature. For both these lives - microcosmic andAstrology, 507:attitude, you have the four kingdoms in nature and the veiled fifth kingdom, the kingdom of God.Astrology, 508:of the personality or the fourth kingdom in nature, but all ruled by the fourth Ray of HarmonyAstrology, 510:planets influence more specifically the form nature; much light on the pull between the pairs ofAstrology, 514:the centers in the fourth kingdom in nature or in the Earth (viewing it as the vehicle of theAstrology, 516:The man who is attempting to master his lower nature and has the goal of expressing his innateAstrology, 517:into or are a part of the fifth kingdom in nature. Intensifying the problem for humanity as a wholeAstrology, 518:he shares as a part of the fourth kingdom in nature must be added the effects of his two major raysAstrology, 518:conditioned not only by the centers in his own nature and their rays but also by the centers foundAstrology, 519:Life and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature. Humanity, being the most developed - bothAstrology, 522:love" and [522] with the expression of the nature of service. This planetary center, whichAstrology, 524:present point of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effect, I have naught to say to you atAstrology, 528:into several categories: 1. Research into the nature of man's centers, the nature and influences ofAstrology, 528:Research into the nature of man's centers, the nature and influences of their governing planets,Astrology, 529:to discover the soul quality and the personality nature (the spiritual and the materialisticAstrology, 531:time when there is enough love present in human nature to offset the possible misuse of energy withAstrology, 533:however to overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need, individually andAstrology, 537:mysteriously related to the fourth kingdom in nature and therefore to the evolution and the destinyAstrology, 539:and which affects also the three kingdoms in nature, climaxing in the fourth. It is responsible forAstrology, 539:who, because of the seeds of evil in their own nature, respond to the lower aspects of this force.Astrology, 543:wherein the light of the initiate's own nature illumines the darkness and so demonstrates hisAstrology, 543:greater light, the manifestation of the soul nature and the recognition of the "light which isAstrology, 544:itself. It is time that men woke up to the nature of these beings who sought (under the presentAstrology, 545:or matter, soul or personality? Such is the nature of these points of crisis. As in the planetaryAstrology, 545:then the aspect of true love in its divine nature and with its group emphasis will be possible.Astrology, 545:when it does not serve the need of the spiritual nature of the people (as is today the case); ofAstrology, 545:processes which fail to educate the developing nature of man and serve only to delude and imprison.Astrology, 549:related to the fourth [549] kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. It is the esoteric ruler of AriesAstrology, 549:and the following diagram is descriptive of the nature of that relation: When visualizing theseAstrology, 556:Man, then no longer man, will transcend nature and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-mentAstrology, 557:the Mutable Cross governs the form or body nature, controls the whole life cycle of the individualAstrology, 560:by the swastika. The man is unconscious of the nature of the four entering energies and interpretsAstrology, 563:planetary centers) and the five kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of theAstrology, 569:first unconsciously, in which case it is in the nature of a diffused call, and, later, consciously,Astrology, 569:outgoing into matter; the needs of the physical nature no longer dominate him; he is afraid of theAstrology, 579:a great spiritual awakening (of a quality and a nature quite unpredictable today) will arrive. TheAstrology, 580:- The Rays, Constellations and Planets - The Nature of the Will 1. The Nature of the Will But allAstrology, 580:and Planets - The Nature of the Will 1. The Nature of the Will But all this determination is inAstrology, 580:the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man. Only this can evoke the trueAstrology, 580:in with the recognition of the unconquerable nature of goodness and the inevitability of theAstrology, 583:- The Rays, Constellations and Planets - The Nature of the Will These three aspects are all relatedAstrology, 584:expression of the Shamballa force in its true nature. One is the sensitivity of the lower nature toAstrology, 584:true nature. One is the sensitivity of the lower nature to its impact and its consequentAstrology, 586:- The Rays, Constellations and Planets - The Nature of the Will There is only one way in whichAstrology, 586:mental plane. Fire is an aspect of the divine nature. Fire was an outstanding aspect [587] of theAstrology, 587:sought to understand the use of the will, its nature, purpose and its relation to what youAstrology, 587:the effort to be made to comprehend somewhat the nature of [588] the direct impact of the firstAstrology, 591:to events, happenings and occurrence, but to the nature of the life manifestations in any cycle,Astrology, 593:in terms of death as it affects the form nature of manifestation. The note of synthesis and triumphAstrology, 598:one knows what is the will of God or what is the nature of His intelligent purpose. It is the WillAstrology, 601:is the prime conditioning factor of the divine nature - the necessity to express itself; theAstrology, 603:of the Will, in its planmaking, form-building nature. Esoteric books and esoteric teaching haveAstrology, 603:the precipitation of will and quality. The nature of the will is as yet undeniable for only theAstrology, 603:the third initiation does man somewhat grasp the nature of the will. All that is possible toAstrology, 604:is different. This is dependent upon the nature of the etheric web through which all transmissionAstrology, 608:of the One Life - soul and the dual psychic nature, called in some of the esoteric booksAstrology, 608:of the esoteric books kama-manas, plus the vital nature. These four are the expression of the OneAstrology, 614:unfoldment (into full expression) of the love nature. This begins to take place and reaches aAstrology, 614:Path of Discipleship. Unfoldment of the love nature. Achievement of illumination. Response to theAstrology, 616:That is This. But That must shew to This the nature of the whole, and showing prove itself untoAstrology, 617:moves outward into all the other kingdoms of nature. Each great center is, therefore, aAstrology, 618:then bring about the needed changes in the form nature without identifying himself with it or beingAstrology, 620:plane and the Heart of the Sun revealing the nature of the soul. 3. Capricorn This is theAstrology, 621:the reason for this relation is inherent in the nature of the informing Lives of the particularAstrology, 626:reality though two in manifestation. Their real nature as the "elder brother and the prodigal son"Astrology, 628:is necessarily from the angle of the form nature and upon the phenomenal side. Today, however, theAstrology, 634:Ray V, we develop the means to understand the nature of that synthesis and will; through Ray VI, weAstrology, 634:and through Ray VII we demonstrate on Earth the nature of that synthesis through the medium of theAstrology, 637:is the builder of one of the seven kingdoms in nature - the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral,Astrology, 639:I, 440) [639] 2. "Enoch, the type of the dual nature of man (spiritual and physical) occupies theAstrology, 639:constitute the greatest mystery of occult nature." (S.D. Vol. II, 580) 4. "From the beginning ofAstrology, 639:cosmic origin, was connected with his psychic nature and with the struggles which led toAstrology, 641:transference of force between the kingdoms in nature. Inter-human - interplay between men.Astrology, 643:who uphold the eternal stability of the laws of Nature throughout incessant transformation andAstrology, 646:the beneficent forces on to the gross material nature of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms everyAstrology, 647:great lives who inform... the kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature of the karmicAstrology, 647:the kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature of the karmic influences working out in theAstrology, 648:exist only in physical matter of an etheric nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they are potent inAstrology, 650:This is the Exoteric division. The Kingdoms of Nature and the Planets. In this cycle: The mineralAstrology, 655:of the Great Bear, and, therefore, of the same nature as the Angels of the Planets or the sevenAstrology, 664:which emanates from the occult side of her nature. For she is a dead, yet a living body. TheAstrology, 679:science as having any relation of an intimate nature to our solar system, owing to its tremendousAstrology, 683:form. Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found between the planetary
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