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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Autobiography, 278:appearance, and thus gains some insight into the nature of the divine Trinity and the electricalAutobiography, 278:nature of the divine Trinity and the electrical nature of all phenomena, including the human being.Autobiography, 278:the new schools, the emphasis will be upon the nature of the soul within the forms and upon thatAutobiography, 280:This kingdom is as much one of the kingdoms of nature as are the human or animal kingdoms; it isAutobiography, 280:is the purpose of the Arcane School? What is the nature of its teaching? What are the principlesAutobiography, 284:a human being is a synthesis of the physical nature, vital activity, the sumtotal of emotionalAutobiography, 284:other and in the majority of cases the emotional nature dominates all the others, the mind havingAutobiography, 284:is attained, when the mind, the emotional nature and the vital, physical person constitute oneAutobiography, 284:so that it may effectively control the emotional nature and direct the activities of the man uponAutobiography, 287:holds true as regards the belief in the factual nature of the Spiritual Hierarchy; this truth isAutobiography, 287:by us as constituting the fifth kingdom in nature, a necessary product of the experience of life inAutobiography, 288:to light" and out of the fourth kingdom of nature into the fifth. The laws and rules of a Master'sAutobiography, 288:higher degrees, the Arcane School emphasizes the nature of the Plan, the new evolutionary cycleAutobiography, 288:expectancy is a major argument for the factual nature of the truth involved. The widespreadAutobiography, 294:be recognized as the culminating kingdom in nature. That there has been a continuity of revelationAutobiography, 295:the multiplicity of forms in all the kingdoms of nature, and that the sons of men are, therefore,Autobiography, 295:That an ultimate perfection (though relative in nature) is possible for the individual aspirant andAutobiography, 295:atom up through the four recognized kingdoms of nature, and on through the fifth kingdom (of whichAutobiography, 295:governed by the Law of Rebirth, the cyclic nature of all manifestation, the nature and aim of theAutobiography, 295:the cyclic nature of all manifestation, the nature and aim of the evolutionary process, theAutobiography, 295:existence of the Masters and Their work, and the nature of consciousness with its various stages ofAutobiography, 300:Those movements in the world of spiritual nature that survive the rigours and confusions of theAutobiography, 301:a considerable degree the whole thing was in the nature of an experiment. Another real need in theBethlehemof the Christ Consciousness and the Christ Nature in individual man, and in the race as a whole,Bethlehem, 8:frequently to be regarded as symbolic in their nature. Yet behind symbol and myth stands reality -Bethlehem, 16:Buddha we have the three ways in which the lower nature can be changed and prepared to be aBethlehem, 16:and to turn a deaf ear to the calls of the lower nature. Detachment imposes a new rhythm upon theBethlehem, 16:he becomes immune to the suffering of the lower nature as he detaches his interest from secondaryBethlehem, 17:the life-situation, and irradiates the lower nature. It leads to group activity, and self, as weBethlehem, 18:bridging that essential duality which is his nature, and bringing about that at-one-ment of theBethlehem, 20:be qualities and characteristics of the divine nature which are as yet totally unrecognized andBethlehem, 21:urge towards perfection in all the kingdoms of nature, proves the fact of God and is our eternalBethlehem, 23:sacrifice and its call to the death of the lower nature. This was the lesson which St. Paul knewBethlehem, 23:must come a purification of the emotional desire nature and a dedication of the desire nature toBethlehem, 23:desire nature and a dedication of the desire nature to the life of the soul. The initiates of theBethlehem, 24:takes every power of every aspect of one's nature. It is no easy task. To face the inevitable testsBethlehem, 26:in the life of Christ. He revealed to us the nature of essential love, and then told us to love. HeBethlehem, 27:to man the quality of his higher and his lower nature; it is this realization which marks St. PaulBethlehem, that i:and of fire, and the transfiguration of the nature can deliverance be found, can unity [28] withBethlehem, 28:as all real occult knowledge, are spiritual in nature, and these are aids to that expansion ofBethlehem, 29:life which we can call the fifth kingdom in nature. But it cannot yet be generally perceived. It isBethlehem, 30:Man, then no longer man, will transcend Nature, and impersonally, yet consciously, in at-one-mentBethlehem, 33:God, the Supreme, the One and Only, was in the nature of a balancing pronouncement, coming forth asBethlehem, 35:steep path of Mount Golgotha. In his innermost nature he must learn to understand the words ofBethlehem, 35:their awareness of the divine Life, immanent in nature, has led them to the recognition of theBethlehem, 36:coming revitalization of the essential and inner nature of humanity, with the consequentBethlehem, 40:circle life pursues. For men begin to pass their nature's bound, And find new hopes and cares whichBethlehem, 43:and the fifth, the Resurrection. There is in nature some mysterious value which is connected withBethlehem, 44:Through discipline he has coordinated his lower nature, the personality, so that it is a "vesselBethlehem, 49:Deity expressing Himself through the forces of nature. As time elapsed, this distant God drew aBethlehem, 50:reality in the universe; and the essential nature of mind forces it always in some degree toBethlehem, 58:come forth, manifested as much of the divine nature as the racial development warranted, spokenBethlehem, 63:has survived, and is in marked contrast to its nature amongst the Latin races, with whom theBethlehem, 67:that it shows no sign, and only the material nature controls and rules. Then there comes the laterBethlehem, 69:cave of initiation, all the four kingdoms of nature can be seen unmistakably symbolized for us. InBethlehem, 69:kingdom. The ox and the ass represent the animal nature, but they represent also far more thanBethlehem, 73:that man is a threefold person in his human nature, and this truth is endorsed by the psychologistsBethlehem, 73:wishes to do. Gold is a symbol of the material nature, which must be consecrated to the service ofBethlehem, 73:of man. Frankincense symbolizes the emotional nature, with its aspirations, wishes and longing, andBethlehem, 81:Much is to be overcome and faced. The lower nature (the Mary aspect) draws back from the issue, andBethlehem, 82:to achieve the reorientation of the entire nature so that a closer identification with that soulBethlehem, 87:lay emphasis upon the purification of the lower nature which it is essential should preface theBethlehem, 88:personality - the physical body, the emotional nature, and the mind. These three compose the formBethlehem, 88:entity. When these three parts of man's lower nature are functioning smoothly, and together form aBethlehem, 88:universe, and therefore with God, immanent in nature. The physical body enables us to touch theBethlehem, 88:tangible, visible world. The emotional, feeling nature enables us to say, "I lift up my heart untoBethlehem, 88:unto the Lord." Most people live in their heart nature and in the feeling body, and it is throughBethlehem, 90:aspects, qualities and purposes of the divine nature had been revealed by earlier incarnations ofBethlehem, 90:this outstanding characteristic of the divine nature had to be revealed and in such a manner thatBethlehem, 92:God. Under the evolutionary revelation of the nature of divinity it appears that Christ climaxedBethlehem, 92:may be aspects and characteristics of the divine Nature of which we cannot as yet have the faintestBethlehem, 92:is possible for us to envisage the limits of the nature of Deity? How can the human intellectBethlehem, 93:us, new aspects of our own hidden spiritual nature emerge, and we begin to discover in ourselvesBethlehem, 94:of deity. In the subhuman kingdoms of nature we find three major types of consciousness: theBethlehem, 94:and for wider contacts, through its instinctive nature. The human kingdom embodies all these typesBethlehem, 95:scheme, the appearance of another kingdom in nature. This constitutes the great task of Christ.Bethlehem, 95:and produced a synthesis of all the kingdoms in nature, thus causing the appearance of a fifthBethlehem, 95:in Himself the best of all the kingdoms in nature, mineral, vegetable, animal, which means, inBethlehem, 95:and brought to the birth another kingdom in nature, the fifth. Christ, having produced in HimselfBethlehem, 97:[97] activity. The purification of the lower nature is a requirement which the Christian Church hasBethlehem, 98:the evolution of the race the sentient feeling nature is [99] first developed, and water has everBethlehem, 99:and water has ever been the symbol of that nature. The fluid nature of the emotions, the constantBethlehem, 99:ever been the symbol of that nature. The fluid nature of the emotions, the constant shiftingBethlehem, 99:of this interior subtle world of the lower nature in which most of us live, and wherein ourBethlehem, 99:testified to the purification of the emotional nature, which must always be a preliminary step toBethlehem, 99:the activity of that divine spirit in the lower nature. Conscience, with its call to theBethlehem, 99:baptism, for the purification of the emotional nature must precede in time the purification of theBethlehem, 99:precede in time the purification of the mental nature, just as in the evolution of the race (and ofBethlehem, 99:of religion, is ever symbolic of the mind nature. This baptism by fire is the baptism of the HolyBethlehem, 100:We have seen that water symbolizes the emotional nature, and that the purification in Jordan,Bethlehem, 100:and consecration to divinity of the desire nature, with its emotional reactions and its potentBethlehem, 104:light, in its seven stages, reveals God - God in nature, God in Christ, God in man. It is the causeBethlehem, 105:upon the river of existence, and it is in the nature of a whole experience. There is noBethlehem, 106:as we have seen, is the symbol of the emotional nature, which nature, when purified throughBethlehem, 106:is the symbol of the emotional nature, which nature, when purified through initiation, becomes aBethlehem, 106:limpid pool, capable of reflecting the divine Nature in its purity. Thus, in the form of a dove,Bethlehem, 106:and for the birth of that which the material nature carried and veiled for so long. The OldBethlehem, 109:Selbie, "which shows the real greatness of human nature. Apart from it we should be merely unmoralBethlehem, 110:reach Him? Through the agency of His own human nature, through the medium of loneliness, of hungerBethlehem, 110:He was tested throughout all the parts of His nature which might be vulnerable. "As He is, so are
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