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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Destiny, 80:ruled by Gemini (which understands both the soul nature and the personality nature), can do much toDestiny, 80:both the soul nature and the personality nature), can do much to help. I cannot elaborate thisDestiny, 81:and which should assist spiritually the Leo nature of the French personality. It is not, however,Destiny, 81:right methods of law and order; yet her Gemini nature at times offsets this, whilst TaurusDestiny, 83:or Power - 1st. Ray influences of an indirect nature, coming via the planetary rulers: Ray 4. -Destiny, 87:conflict - 4th. Ray influences of an indirect nature, coming through the planetary rulers: Ray 2. -Destiny, 89:place as an adult among the nations. Its Gemini nature and its Aquarian soul should (when developedDestiny, 91:Uranus. This produces a conflict of a different nature than that which takes place when the MoonDestiny, 96:brotherly love" and with the expression of the nature of service. This planetary center, whichDestiny, 99:present point of crisis is surmounted. Of its nature and its effect I have naught to say to you atDestiny, 103:Research into the realities of man's spiritual nature and centers, the nature and influences ofDestiny, 103:of man's spiritual nature and centers, the nature and influences of their governing planets, theirDestiny, 103:to discover the soul quality and the personality nature (the spiritual and the materialisticDestiny, 105:time when there is enough love present in human nature to offset the possible misuse of energy withDestiny, 106:however, to overcome the inertia of the material nature in response to human need, individually andDestiny, 111:itself for the emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature. This is slated (if I might use such aDestiny, 112:for the following reason. The fourth kingdom in nature has been definitely attracted upwardsDestiny, 112:has been the expression of the idealistic nature of man, or of his instinctual response to theDestiny, 116:reality the expression of its soul and intrinsic nature, which - impinging upon the conditionDestiny, 116:- definitely does three things: Changes the nature of the civilization and the culture of humanityDestiny, 117:between the fourth and the fifth kingdoms in nature. Of the fifth kingdom, the Hierarchy is theDestiny, 117:living nucleus. Changes in the other kingdoms in nature, producing a different quality in theDestiny, 118:three lower physical levels and this is in its nature deeply symbolic of racial unfoldment. TheseDestiny, 120:the will in direction and guidance, and to the nature of dynamic force. The quality, for instance,Destiny, 120:for instance, of the explosive and dynamic nature of war in this century is indicative of this, forDestiny, 120:effect of the Shamballa force upon the forms in nature, due to the misuse of the incoming energy byDestiny, 121:by economic necessity, or it has been in the nature of the imposition of the will of some nation orDestiny, 123:functioning in any form in every kingdom in nature as it brings the form under its control, therebyDestiny, 124:into a closer synthesis the four kingdoms in nature. This must be done as preparatory to the longDestiny, 124:effects upon the fourth and third kingdoms in nature. These are as follows: [125] All animal bodiesDestiny, 126:phenomena. He is apt to regard matter as evil in nature and form as a limitation, and only lays theDestiny, 127:to see the broad implications and the universal nature of these recognized ideas. I amDestiny, 128:thing which every disciple has to learn is the nature, control and direction of energy; he doesDestiny, 128:working with initiating causes, by learning the nature of the realm of causes and by developing theDestiny, 128:Automatically and of necessity, his physical nature responds to the impulse sent from the astralDestiny, 130:The sixth ray disciple, working with the laws of nature and of the soul, will qualify his resultsDestiny, 130:means whereby the attractive and expressive nature of the energies to be employed are organized andDestiny, 133:reason that we find a growing interest in the nature of vitality; the function of the glands isDestiny, 150:the complete control of the emotional nature and of all Piscean characteristics. The thirty yearsDiscipleship1, X:point of view of the general public as to the nature of these Masters who take pupils and who,Discipleship1, XIV:each other. At the same time, his emotional nature, his mental equipment and his physical brain areDiscipleship1, XV:There is the emergence of a new kingdom in nature, the fifth kingdom; this is the Kingdom of God onDiscipleship1, XV:a self-initiated perfection (even if relative in nature) and will be identified with certain groupDiscipleship1, 10:value and power of love, regarded as a force in nature. Make this demonstration your endeavor. YouDiscipleship1, 10:- such is the inherent selfishness of human nature; it is a difficult thing to apply to allDiscipleship1, 19:direct conflict between the soul and the lower nature, so there is now an analogous crisis upon ourDiscipleship1, 19:militates against this is evil. Manifest the nature of the soul, through the integratedDiscipleship1, 19:soul, through the integrated personality. The nature of the soul is love and the will-to-good.Discipleship1, 19:of spiritual unfoldment in every kingdom in nature. At the close of this period, the door into theDiscipleship1, 30:be rated. This contact is not of the same nature as that direct and individual contact between aDiscipleship1, 32:be the manifestation of the fifth kingdom in nature, the kingdom of God. In the past history of theDiscipleship1, 32:brought into manifestation the fourth kingdom in nature, the human kingdom. We stand now on theDiscipleship1, 32:usher in the New Age wherein five kingdoms in nature will be recognized as existing side by sideDiscipleship1, 35:an experiment. This experiment is fourfold in nature and a concise statement about it may proveDiscipleship1, 37:the astral plane and dispel the illusory nature of its life. 3. The third group is that of theDiscipleship1, 37:of individuals in all aspects of their nature. The work to be done is that of the intelligentDiscipleship1, 37:transmission of energy to various parts of the nature - mental, emotional and physical - throughDiscipleship1, 48:to show his power and his highly developed love nature so that he may evoke admiration or, atDiscipleship1, 50:of the emotional, astral, desire and glamorous nature be controlled and rendered quiescent by theDiscipleship1, 50:must pour into all the dark places of the lower nature. [51] These are the results of mentalDiscipleship1, 53:force, distributing it to the other kingdoms in nature. Discipleship1, 53:it expresses our immediate objectives and the nature of the field of service in which you - as aDiscipleship1, 56:the disciple's situation where his lower nature is concerned: excessive fatigue, emotionalDiscipleship1, 60:the members of the group. This is of such a nature that there emerges eventually a group steadinessDiscipleship1, 61:group business and not to speculate as to the nature of the work being done by the other groups.Discipleship1, 63:cultivation of an interrelation of a telepathic nature upon the mental plane is essential. This hasDiscipleship1, 69:have mastered, too well perhaps, the forces of nature and have brought out for our own benefit theDiscipleship1, 70:much of our initial work must be of a clarifying nature because there is so much distorted sensingDiscipleship1, 70:the Spiritual Triad. The fourth kingdom in nature is, in its turn, a bridging kingdom between theDiscipleship1, 80:hint will have to suffice. It is foundational in nature and will have to be accepted and somewhatDiscipleship1, 83:Teachers of the race. He seeks to understand the nature of that Plan and to facilitate itsDiscipleship1, 83:Other points (of a more individual nature) could be enumerated, but I would have you lay theDiscipleship1, 93:and all the training offered was of an exoteric nature. You can see for yourselves that it wasDiscipleship1, 93:see for yourselves that it was preparatory in nature and that the training for initiation was soDiscipleship1, 94:and resources can be made. Secondly, the nature of energy and its wise utilization through theDiscipleship1, 99:hints which will lead you to understand the nature, purpose and methods of educating acceptedDiscipleship1, 100:body and brain, the inertia of the feeling nature and the sense of futility of the mind whenDiscipleship1, 100:the world darkness will demonstrate the nature of the undying human [101] spirit. To all of you IDiscipleship1, 104:have followed them for years and need a respite. Nature grows and progresses through cyclicDiscipleship1, 108:any thinking along the old lines is more in the nature of a relapse of thought than a step backwardDiscipleship1, 109:must come ever from within the disciple's own nature; we, the teachers, are only permitted to putDiscipleship1, 110:rounded out equipment; it will be of a psychical nature which can identify itself with theDiscipleship1, 116:there might happen a temporary warping of your nature. You will understand whereof I speak and thisDiscipleship1, 116:The second thing which will integrate your nature and increase your magnetic and spiritualDiscipleship1, 118:which I have imposed upon your minds are in the nature of what might be called "catch" questions.Discipleship1, 119:group activity certain assets of a pronounced nature and certain liabilities, equally pronounced -Discipleship1, 123:predisposition to polarize yourself in the mind nature, with consequent detachment from human touchDiscipleship1, 124:to look, aye, to demand results of a phenomenal nature; it incites you to believe and urges you toDiscipleship1, 126:anew: How can I convey to this disciple the nature of his problem? I will put it in this form. YourDiscipleship1, 126:of the soul. All the forces of your lower nature should be at the disposal of the higher Self,Discipleship1, 126:forces - the soul, the mind and the physical nature - serve your devoted personality. You shouldDiscipleship1, 127:you capable of increased service of a different nature to that with which you are now occupied. ItDiscipleship1, 127:or - if it is - what must you do to "change the nature of the seed which must therein be sown." YouDiscipleship1, 129:do well along so many lines as somewhat in the nature of a handicap. You must learn to regard itDiscipleship1, 135:should aim at the outer expression of the inner nature with greater frequency and should seek toDiscipleship1, 135:If your awareness of being is of a personality nature, so will be your activity. If yourDiscipleship1, 143:susceptible of two methods of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realized. ThereDiscipleship1, 155:I have already pointed out to you the difficult nature of your problem which is that most subtleDiscipleship1, 159:two points I have in view as I consider the nature of the meditation which I must assign to you.Discipleship1, 160:quality you must meditate. Realization of the nature, the purpose and the quality of the Plan to
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