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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NATURE

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Discipleship1, 162:a larger measure of physical strength. Your body nature is so constituted that it responds toDiscipleship1, 168:soul purpose), it took a fourth ray mental nature (with its love of harmony through conflict) toDiscipleship1, 171:all reactions are of an astral or emotional nature, except the reactions of the physical mechanismDiscipleship1, 172:energy of the personality, focused in the mind nature. This means an aligned personality with theDiscipleship1, 172:have done this, then swing back into the mind nature and, focused there, proceed with the work ofDiscipleship1, 174:due study of them, will you write a paper on the nature of true alignment. In this way, you willDiscipleship1, 176:as it sweeps through all the aspects of my nature. May that power strengthen my will to serve. 2ndDiscipleship1, 178:point also will emerge in time and that is the nature of the adjustment you will have to make toDiscipleship1, 179:of the forces warring within your own nature and in your particular environment. It is not theDiscipleship1, 180:pointing out that as the vehicles of the lower nature are on the same line as the soul influence,Discipleship1, 182:with your astral body and your emotional desire nature. It is very potent and of long persistence,Discipleship1, 183:consciously to do so? These relations are of a nature different to those existing between you andDiscipleship1, 184:be the result of shyness and of an inarticulate nature which longs and seeks for the companionshipDiscipleship1, 184:process. It may be the result of a critical nature, for it is the critical mind which separates andDiscipleship1, 185:have four rays out of the seven active in your nature and because those rays which are apt toDiscipleship1, 188:thought-form, my brother, no matter how lofty in nature, and can result in a pronounced glamor andDiscipleship1, 188:can constitute a glamor of a most handicapping nature. I thank you for what you have done in ourDiscipleship1, 191:your magnetism be astral and feed the emotional nature of those you contact? Animal magnetism isDiscipleship1, 192:vital and active person, with the mental nature remaining outside the lower alignment. I told youDiscipleship1, 193:- May the love of the soul control my lower nature, and guide me in the way of love. 3rd month -Discipleship1, 195:This point may be regarded by you as in the nature of a criticism. From my point of view andDiscipleship1, 195:of a hindrance to your progress; it is in the nature of a stone or rock over which you mightDiscipleship1, 197:the light of the soul, for it gives you a mind nature which can react easily to your second rayDiscipleship1, 199:others need it? I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what manner does light aid thisDiscipleship1, 199:in which the light has poured through me? The nature of the soul is light. Experience of this lightDiscipleship1, 200:me? What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if the light is toDiscipleship1, 201:out, therefore, in your case in the mind nature) and Active Intelligence. It will be apparent toDiscipleship1, 202:your inner attention in two aspects of your nature: the soul and the brain, through the use of theDiscipleship1, 203:build up a closer group rapport and is in the nature of a special service which you are renderingDiscipleship1, 205:it with greater safety than can your emotional nature. This fact, coupled with the wisdom and loveDiscipleship1, 208:Time has to be grasped by you in its cyclic nature and in the inevitable swing of the pendulumDiscipleship1, 214:space of six months build them into your very nature, thus aiding the work of closing the solarDiscipleship1, 214:you need not further unfold that aspect of your nature. Build up your physical body throughDiscipleship1, 216:greatly developed in you by your first ray lower nature which renders you easily impersonal - ifDiscipleship1, 219:your soul ray is the second ray, for your basic nature is essentially love-wisdom. Your personalityDiscipleship1, 222:with disastrous results (oft of a psychical nature) upon yourself. Your emotional nature has beenDiscipleship1, 222:psychical nature) upon yourself. Your emotional nature has been the clearing-house for all thisDiscipleship1, 223:you to express but it is hard for your emotional nature to handle it. Is this not so, my friend andDiscipleship1, 224:at the same time, so wounding your sensitive nature that I shall do more harm than good? And, I askDiscipleship1, 226:the realization that the deepening of your love nature was, for you, the next step in yourDiscipleship1, 226:who could not well intensify his divine love nature, not his astral emotional love nature. But youDiscipleship1, 226:love nature, not his astral emotional love nature. But you need to comprehend always the reason forDiscipleship1, 227:you rightly feel) you do know somewhat of the nature of love. It is, however, one thing to love,Discipleship1, 229:crises for yourself. They are not of a physical nature, nor need they be emotional. But they shouldDiscipleship1, 229:expansive crises in the various aspects of your nature which I ask that you watch and register andDiscipleship1, 232:of the temporary and relatively unimportant nature of any one particular life. You had, up to theDiscipleship1, 235:of the soul and not to that of the lower desire nature, no matter how fine or aspirational. I seekDiscipleship1, 239:of glamor has been to feed your devotional nature, to emphasize your development, your training,Discipleship1, 240:my brother, because I sense the tension of your nature and your bewilderment at the situation - oneDiscipleship1, 242:regard the past cycles as simply preparatory in nature. The objectives before each of you are toDiscipleship1, 242:may be of value and in no department of your nature can you cause hindrance. We are working towardsDiscipleship1, 244:of your soul (as it vitalizes your sixth ray nature) . You must begin to handle it wisely if youDiscipleship1, 245:the [245] results of your work with your own nature. If you can accept that which I have to say inDiscipleship1, 245:Arrive at it through a deepening of your love nature as it includes others and excludes your ownDiscipleship1, 245:it includes others and excludes your own lower nature. I say to you: Work with detachment and,Discipleship1, 248:your consciousness in the love aspect of your nature, the energy which flows through the heartDiscipleship1, 248:of men. Then for fifteen minutes ponder upon the nature and significance of love. After ponderingDiscipleship1, 249:must be integration with a view to its essential nature, its dominant need, and the work to beDiscipleship1, 254:thus aiding in the work of "sweetening" your nature, if I may use such a banal word. As this rayDiscipleship1, 258:very different thing, my brother, and mental in nature. I would ask you to make a careful study ofDiscipleship1, 261:Know yourself to be, in truth, the One whose nature is spiritual detachment and isolation (notDiscipleship1, 264:of your vibratory, magnetic capacity. The soul's nature is love and love is the great attractiveDiscipleship1, 265:enquire, therefore: Does the love aspect in my nature draw people to me personally so that I canDiscipleship1, 269:equipment and every aspect of their physical nature, the whole man in the threefold world of humanDiscipleship1, 270:definite after-effects of a relatively permanent nature in the lower bodies? During the next fewDiscipleship1, 273:will be forthcoming. I have little of a personal nature to give to you at this time. With you asDiscipleship1, 273:would I say to you at this time of a personal nature: Rest much this summer; be much out of doorsDiscipleship1, 274:been established between Your inner, psychical nature. Your soul. Your brain. This should beDiscipleship1, 286:you a great stimulation of the entire psychic nature during the past six months, due to the closeDiscipleship1, 304:divine self inspire me," and feel your entire nature vitalized by the spiritual energy, pouringDiscipleship1, 308:you sound the O. M. and visualize the emotional nature pouring itself forth in aspiration towardsDiscipleship1, 309:what the soul sees and knows. 1st month - The nature of contemplation. 2nd month - The necessityDiscipleship1, 311:life's way, and a greater realization of the nature of the whole. Learn, therefore, to include moreDiscipleship1, 314:is applied primarily to the astral-emotional nature, to the desire life, whatever those attachmentsDiscipleship1, 314:involves not only the detachment of the desire nature from that which is familiar, desired andDiscipleship1, 315:you with a deeply loving and understanding nature and a power to include, which is a major asset;Discipleship1, 319:astral body has enabled you to express the love nature which you brought to a fairly high point ofDiscipleship1, 323:your soul. Study all you can find out about the nature of the sixth ray. Your point in evolutionDiscipleship1, 327:over-stimulates other and lower aspects of the nature, and, therefore, removes itself further andDiscipleship1, 327:discouraged by any discoveries anent your lower nature which you may make. Should you discover lackDiscipleship1, 330:of transmutation is turned towards their lower nature in disgust, self-pity or hurt [331] pride.Discipleship1, 332:reason, stimulating the astral-emotional nature, via the soul. In these two statements, you and R.Discipleship1, 332:Her distress is deep seated in her love nature. Yours is not so deep seated as it is not fed soDiscipleship1, 332:If my reference to the buddhic-astral nature of your life direction is not clear to you, take theDiscipleship1, 335:to every problem and situation of an emotional nature and every glamorous, personality reaction andDiscipleship1, 335:could make lengthy application of a practical nature to this occult law but I have indicatedDiscipleship1, 338:It will be the best method for your first ray nature and will enable you to preserve your spiritualDiscipleship1, 339:realities, when reflected in the emotional nature, evoke aspiration and develop faith. The focus ofDiscipleship1, 339:astral body. Your problem is to swing the mind nature into greater activity without (at the sameDiscipleship1, 340:higher intuitive mind and the astral-emotional nature) can be bridged, thus letting in theDiscipleship1, 342:and from conjecture of too analytical a nature until I have had time to demonstrate to you theDiscipleship1, 349:and by a determination to discipline the lower nature so that it may become a true channel for theDiscipleship1, 350:with its task of integration, and learns the nature of that quiet spirit which is free fromDiscipleship1, 350:others in love. I will now indicate to you the nature of the five rays which condition you at thisDiscipleship1, 350:ray mind gives you the enquiring, questioning nature which is one of your outstandingDiscipleship1, 350:which flows through you, via your emotional nature, is rightly directed by your soul. Being on theDiscipleship1, 352:to you, I advised you strongly to consider the nature, qualities and attributes of the rays whichDiscipleship1, 352:of your fifth ray mind has determined the nature of your mental approach to problems and to people;Discipleship1, 352:life expression and which would round out your nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmlyDiscipleship1, 353:planned in connection with your fifth ray mental nature, and I would ask you to do it with care...
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